1. Activateclint

    Amp watts vs OT ohms vs dBs

    So let's say all things considered equal: 10 watt tube combo 12" 8 ohm speaker. 8 ohm (1 tap) Output transformer Vol knob maxed = 100db How will the same speaker in 4 and 16 ohm (missmatched on the 8ohm output) effect output watts and percieved volume? I've seen 5 watt amp heads (for example)...
  2. Spox

    Last Song Which Had You Crank The Volume?

    Not long home and this came on the ipod whilst walking and I put the volume to max and when it finished listened to it again. It takes me back almost forty years to when I first heard it. What's the last song which had you reaching for the volume control to turn it up?
  3. Churchjack

    Super Reverb Reissue -- a 45-watt Princeton?

    And, the thread title says it all. I'm hooked on my 6 month old SW tweed Princeton Reverb Reissue, and I want MORE. I wanna get that sound only louder. Is a Super the solution? Would running 2x12" speakers make it louder? I'm just ruminating at this point, but would welcome all suggestions...
  4. B

    Recording live in the studio

    Hi All, Im going to be recording some guitar instrumentals ( blues ) with my trio in a couple of months. We are thinking about recording it live with all of us ( amps also ) in the same room. In the past when I have recorded I have often used my Sf Deluxe reverb which would be in an iso box or...
  5. Stefan

    Volume drop on Blues Junior

    Tonight I went to band rehearsal with my new Vintera Telecaster (I normally play a Gretsch 6120-55VS). We did about ten songs and then tried the push button on the volume knob to see what it sounded like on one song. Suddenly my amp - Blues Junior (tweed) went silent so we stopped playing. The...
  6. Mauma

    Telecaster Bridge Pickup lowers volume on tone change

    Hi! I have an AM STD MIA Telecaster from 2011 60th Anniversary Model Name: American Standard Telecaster® Model Number: 011-0500-(Color #) and 011-0502-(Color #) Series: American Standard Series Body: Alder Bridge: American Tele with New American Standard Bent Steel Saddles and Stamped Brass...
  7. itsGiusto

    Vintage Princeton Reverb volume fluctuations

    My Princeton Reverb is having volume fluctuations. It'll be normal, then maybe get quieter for the next few minutes, then get loud again in a small burst, then quiet again, etc. Does this mean the vintage RCA per tubes are on their way out? Or something else? I hope the work I did on it...
  8. ButterScotchPH

    Attenuator and Vibrochamp

    I have a Fender Vibrochamp XD that sounds best when it's really loud. Too loud for my family. Can an attenuator keep the nice sound at a lower volume for this 5 Watt amp? I'm considering to buy this one
  9. DaveG_NJ

    Really low volume on Lead channel dimed (Rivera Clubster)

    Hey so I bought a demo model of a Rivera Clubster Royale Recording 2-channel amp (25/12W) and while the clean channel is amazing, I'm getting like no volume out of the lead channel. The clean channel will blow the doors off with volume at 3. On the lead channel, with everything dimed, it's about...
  10. Polderpatat

    Is a tube amp something for me?

    Where to start. I have 2 amps an AMT Stonehead which is a marvelous little amp and a Mesa F50. The AMT gets icepicky at a certain volume. The Mesa however, seems to have such a big potential in power (for lack of a better description) that every confident hit on the strings blows the volume...
  11. chas.wahl

    5F2-A volume & tone pots: audio (log) or linear taper

    As I assemble parts for a 5F2-A (Tweed Princeton narrow panel) build, I am confused about the best taper to use for volume and tone control pots. Based on recent research: Vintage Fender schematic is non-specific, but their layout shows "LIN." for both volume and tone. Weber kit layout and...
  12. merseymale

    Tele with NON-master Tone Pot?

    Hi! Can a Pickup 1st go just to one tone control and then into a shared volume? Is a tele with a master volume but one pickup only tone possible? I’d like to dial-in(preset?) some ‘warmth’ into the shrill Pup @TheBridge to take some edge off but am only familiar with three different set ups...
  13. S

    Boss Katana or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Both Volume and Master Knob

    Greetings, fellow players! It's almost a year since i bought my Katana 100w Head. I read everywhere that volume and master knob on Boss Katana might affect your tone, depending how you set them. Some say that you should maxed out the master for the best tone, some other say that you should peg...
  14. O

    new 5E3 build volume problem

    Just finished my second amp, first was a 5F1 with no problems. this one is a 5E3 using TubeDepot circuit board. volume on amp and on guitar must be at 11 or 12 for there to be a little bit of sound out of the speaker. I tested several things and found that all four 68k (correct according to...
  15. zoran

    AA764 issue with trem intensity knob

    hey gang i got a AA764 build i just completed, and the trem intensity knob seems to work like a second volume in reverse. with the knob rolled off all the way (at 0) i get full volume from the amp, but as i start turning it up the volume turns down, and at full intensity the volume is turned...
  16. Polderpatat

    Talk me out of/into a VOX AC30 (and some dB discussion)

    Hi, Although on forums much is said about the vox edge of breakup tones, crunch and the associated mega volume. How does it behave as a clean chimey sparkly pedal platform. But I'm allergic to ice picks, which can cause to occur more then I would like in my search for bright cleans. I don't...
  17. L

    Vintage taper pots?

    Hi guys! What does "vintage taper" mean?
  18. Pineears

    Knowledge/Skills/Equipment to TURN IT DOWN ?

    Potentially more places you can play if you can Turn It Down. Does your band have what it takes? Let’s say 90 DBa in the front row at 10 ft. Maybe you have to tell your drummer the wrong address for the gig? Take 3 speakers out of your guitar amp cab? Or face the humiliation and morph into...
  19. UKStratopastor

    Roland Cube 30x loud enough for band rehearsal?

    Bass, drums, guitar x2, organ... trying to find something for the other guitarist as he hasn't enough space in his car for his gigging amp! Will a Roland Cube 30 compete? Thanks in advance.
  20. D

    Vox AD30VT master volume problem

    I’ve got a vox AD30VT, I’ve had it a while and I wasn’t the first owner At first it worked fine and it’s a cracking little amp but recently the master volume knob “broke” and where as with most knobs there’s a point where it stops, my master volume now can go round in circles without stopping...
  21. T

    Tube 1 & 2 plate voltages and sound

    Hi there. I'm talking about a Twin Reverb AB763 replica. My vibrato channel is louder than my normal channel and I would prefer them the other way around. My measurements on the plates of TUBE 1 are PIN 1 :250VDC and PIN 6: 270VDC and for TUBE 2 they are PIN 1: 265VDC and...
  22. SmashMagnum

    Hot Rod Deluxe Pickle

    A friend of mine inherited a HRD last year, it supposedly worked “ok” for awhile. Recently it started buzzing and later going “full chaos mode”. I told him I would take a look at it, and when brought it home I found that he wasn't far off. The amp ran ungodly loud with no noticeable volume...
  23. BBill64

    Need speaker advice

    I didn't get any joy when I posted this over in Amp Tech so... Who can help me out? Weber and WGS recommendations aren't much good to me as they're too expensive over here. Eminence ones are cheaper but they have weird glued cones on some of them? Not a fan. Jensens are a good price but I...
  24. TickleMyTele

    Pro Junior volume "issue"

    After a tube swap, I have something weird going on. *Before the tube swap, everything was normal- they were just old stock tubes.* At "1" (all the way down) I can just barely hear really gainy guitar (bad gainy) sound coming through. As I turn up slowly, the volume with the gainy sound increases...
  25. S

    Balancing Pickup Volume

    Probably been asked/answered 50,0000 times. Sorry. I have a CV 50's squire tele which I like -very- much. I swapped the neck pup for a Seymour Duncan 'Jazz' full size humbucker and I like that as well. In fact, I like everything about everything except for the fact that the neck pup is soooo...