volume pedal

  1. D

    Looking for help with Morley Volume Pedal

    Hey all, I acquired a Morley volume pedal through reverb for my son for Christmas. When we hooked it up, we noticed three issues and I'm wondering if anyone else has had this experience. 1. Pedal travels about half-way before the volume starts to increase 2. There's a tiny bit of volume even...
  2. S

    Volume pedal or Clean boost.

    Hi, So my ongoing search for the magic solo tone continues. I'm close but can't quite get the right mix live. I really like the base tones i get from my pedals etc but need a lift for solos. Do you guys and girls use a single pedal for solo tones or just lift your base tones volume add some...
  3. P

    birds and stones? trem pedal to tame deville volume pot?

    Hey all, I've been working on taming my blues deville. Planning to deal w/ the linear volume pot issue w/ a volume box or EQ pedal w/ volume in the effects loop (as well as V1&2 tube swaps). But I'm also thinking about getting an inexpensive tremolo pedal, and I see one some folks like here...
  4. CyrusF

    Pot Value/Taper for Passive Volume Pedal?

    I've been looking around at volume pedals, and thinking about DIYing a compact one for my board before I commit all that space to a full-sized unit, but I'm not sure where to begin for pot values. I want it to be low-z, to go after my drive pedals, before my time based stuff. Has anybody messed...
  5. joshjarratt

    ISO Custom Pedal Mod

    The want: convert an Exotic EP Boost pedal into a volume pedal of sorts (i.e. Insert guts into treadle style pedal). I have my EP boost on 24/7. Flat for backband rhythm. 10 o'clock for lead rhythm. 11-1 o'clock for solos. Dimed for drunken folly or when I forget to turn my amp up loud enough...
  6. tfaux

    Mission VM-1 volume pedal

    Anyone use a Mission Engineering VM-1 volume pedal? Thoughts? Thanks, Tom