1. A

    Body stamp dating

    Hey guys, admittedly I'm a bit of a novice with vintage fender so I could use some help. I got this tele body at an estate sale from a guy who roadied pretty heavily in the 60s-80's, and lived about 5 miles from the original fender workshop. There was a table of maybe 8 bodies and 12 necks...
  2. itsGiusto

    Should I add rubber feet to 1972 Princeton reverb?

    I hate those metal feet, and I'd like to have big ol stable rubber feet. But I'd have to, of course, pry off the metal feet and drill a small hole for each rubber foot. Is it blasphemous to do that? I doubt I'll ever sell the amp, and it's already not original. It has a replacement speaker...
  3. T

    Vintage Super Reverb Maintenance/assessment

    Hi all, I recently acquired a black panel super reverb, intending to put some money into it to use it as long as I possibly can. From the transformer codes and stamp on the tube chart it seems to be 1965. Beyond that, I don't know much about the insides to know whether it's been modded or...
  4. R

    Grandma got a Gibson Les Paul. In 1953.

  5. V

    What is this weird buzzing coming from inside my amp? Video link in post

    I recently picked up a vintage Lab Series amp (solid state) and have noticed a weird buzz coming from inside the amp, not from the speaker. The sound essentially mimics the input from the guitar and almost sounds like a cross between bees and a very distant reverb effect on the guitar tone or...
  6. bruceisashredder

    Beltone AP-12 Dilemma

    Hey guys, I just picked up an old Beltone AP-12 ('58-'62) amp at my local music store. It had been sitting there for about 6 years on consignment, but nobody was interested. So I finally broke down and bought it. The pots were slightly dirty when I first played it, but when I took it home and...
  7. GreenMagicMan

    Trying hard to get noise from 60s maybe Hoshino, maybe Teisco Hy Lo pickups. WIRING HELP!

    Hi fine forum folks: Guitar is "Hy Lo" branded. Could be earlier Hoshino built. Could be Teisco. Two single coil single wire pickups with two slide switches and V T pots. Obviously I need help. It took me 3 days to figure out how to wire up a single EMG active bridge pickup from scratch with...
  8. R

    Golden Nugget in a Blast from the Past

    Greetings fellow guitar lovers. I found an interesting clip on YouTube. I have never saw or heard of this guitar. Looks like the inventor may be a long lost relative of Junior Brown and his guitsteel. Ha!
  9. Pig-ital modelling

    Pig-ital modelling

    The pignose may be regarded as a one trick pony but it sure plays well with others.
  10. 0

    70s Sunn Tube Amp - History? Cool…right?

    I have an old 70s (I believe) tube amp that I played a bit on in high school 20 years ago with a pedal. It was fun! I just dragged it out of storage and may fire it up again. Anyone know about the history of Sunn tube amps and their worth? Not looking to sell, but curious. Thanks!
  11. Bobchill

    The Rarest Vintage Fender Amp, NEW VIDEO!

    A fascinating story was waiting to be told: the legend of the 1961 Tremolux 6G9, the rarest Fender guitar amplifier; a little-known piece of the Fender history finally with abundance of detailed information.
  12. black_doug

    Is This The Les Paul You’ve Always Wanted?

    A ‘59 that has had one owner.
  13. TeiscoTheMan98


    It's been a long time coming. I'm the former Johnny Teisco that posted that vintage Teisco ET-200 a few years ago. I came back to showcase the one and only dream guitar that I've coveted for a very long time. The Teisco Spectrum 5. This one's a 90s reissue. I've had this very guitar shipped all...
  14. D

    Vintage Blonde Extra Pics

    Hello Tele Enthusiasts I'm so much enjoying my new FCS '60 Vintage Blonde Telecaster. I've dialed in this guitar with a nice intonation and setup. I've added a Cavalier Fat Lion in the bridge. It is my preferred tone for playing blues-rock and blues music. Well, here are a few more pics of...
  15. G

    Help me ID this aftermarket P Bass body

    Howdy. I have this P Bass body that I wonder if anyone would know the builder? This was from an older custom build. The quality looks good as in USA or Japan. As you can see it says "MAY 98" in the neck cavity. Since I took the picture I removed the foil and shield paint from the bottom of...
  16. C

    Help me with my new telecaster!

    Hey! So I’ve just gotten this telecaster that was sold to me as a 1971 with some unoriginal parts like pots , pups, and bridge . The guy said finish was original but I’m honestly sure . That’s the question I first had , but now I have people telling me it’s not a 1971 telecaster body because it...
  17. B

    Recollection Road love

    Anyone else love this YouTube channel!? A lot of brands and chains I've never heard of but some I have. Always interesting nonetheless ;)
  18. Terero

    Replacing vintage frets on 7.25" radius

    Hi All, I'm pretty hard on frets, but usually they last a few years. I have a 72 Thinline RI that I love to bits, but I am starting to wear out those frets rather hard. I was thinking of replacing them with SS frets, but my guitar tech thinks I should go the next size up. I'm assuming that...
  19. Strowbri86

    Odd sized pickups/rings for vintage bass ?

    Hey all, I just got mostly terrific Kent (Matsumoku, Japanese) hollow body bass, most likely from the late 60s. The body and neck are superb. The feel and weight and shape are exactly what I have been looking for. I need to replace the floating bridge as the posts are bent and so I can't get...
  20. GoldDeluxe5E3

    This Video Makes Need to Keep On

    Mark Knopfler live on a Holy Grail. If you ever want an example of the true voice of a Vintage Les Paul, this is it:
  21. itsGiusto

    1969 Twin Reverb arrived with cracked baffle board - need advice

    I bought a 1969 SFTR a few days ago for $775 + $80 shipping and $50 tax on Reverb and it just arrived. My excitement turned to disappointment when I saw that the baffle board had major breaks in it. I think that this should be a major dealbreaker, but I just wanted to get the forum's opinion on...
  22. G

    a vintage classic? Or a fake!?

    Hey everyone I've come across a telecaster, in what I believe is arctic white, very road worn, rusty screws and chips etc. However, the neck plate has "revolution rock' engraved, which after googling is the Joe Strummer series and it looks nothing like this guitar. Everything is making me...
  23. D

    Restoration VOX '62 AC15

    This beauty belongs to a friend of mine. He looked for parts for 2 years, some of the board components and the replacement pot came from a damaged AC30 he saw that was being parted out. The preamp tubes were specially selected by Gregg Levy of Hi Test Guitars. He bought a sh*tload of EF86 tubes...
  24. IMG_20201130_175012_0


    This was my grandfather's, not sure the value of it but, it sure was a nostalgic trip
  25. LesPaulGuy75

    What kind of guitar is this?

    I need help trying to identify this guitar. Anyone have any idea what it is and the Era it came fro