1. J

    Upgrades for Squier Affinity Telecaster to sound like heavy rock/grunge/metal?

    I have this Squire Affinity Telecaster and I want to replace the stock bridge pickup with seymour duncan hot rails and the neck pickup with lace sensor blue pickups. I want to get a very nice, polished clean, shimmering tone on the neck, not too muddy (for radiohead ok computer vibes hehe) and...
  2. V

    Planning to upgrade the pickups/electronics in my Classic Vibe 60s Tele; Any suggestions?

    I'm looking to upgrade the pickups and electronics in my CV 60s Tele and was wondering if anyone here has any suggestions? I play mostly classic rock (Steve Miller Band, Skynyrd, CCR, etc) and also some blues along the lines of BB King. So I like a sound that can do well clean and sweet but...
  3. ultrasun

    Semi-NGD: Black Top Tele modded!

    Hi, Last winter I was asking for advice here to you guys, as I was considering some mods for my 2011 Black Top Tele. Here are the results a few months after getting the guitar back (in April 2021). I bought it really cheap 10 years ago, and rapidly swapped the pick-ups for The Creamery...
  4. N

    CuNife Wide-Range in Neck of MIM Player

    Hi all, apologies if this has been covered before (though I couldn’t seem to find thread if so), but I want to replace the stock single-coil neck pup in my 2020 Mexico Player and with a CuNife wide-range reissue humbucker. (Humbucker will be mounted to pickguard.) Can you tell me: What else will...
  5. lj89

    Twisted Tele VS. Bareknuckle True Grit

    Hey guys, I have a MIM Fender Baja that I was advised to upgrade the pickups on with some Bareknuckle True Grits. So I bought a set and changed them out and almost sold the originals. Before I did I looked up what the stock pups were in a Baja and realised these were custom shop twisted tele...
  6. R

    Upgrading Fender Player Tele pickups

    I bought a Fender Player Tele a few months ago. I couldn't justify the American-made, and honestly liked how it played. But I do want to upgrade the pickups. I wanted to see if people had thoughts/preferences. I play in a country band, so want to keep the "classic" Tele sound. Currently deciding...
  7. D

    Is a 2011 MIM Fender Telecaster Worth it?

    Hello, New here so sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot but like the title says I'm itching for an upgrade I'm looking at a 2011 MIM Tele for around 450 used. Now I currently have a Squier Bullet Strat the black limited edition one I think (same color and design but I bought it second hand...
  8. Steve Holt

    Baby Tele Build

    I started this in the bad dog the other day but thought I'd move the real build over here as it seems a better place. Making a tiny telecaster in preparation of my first child, because I want to it to be born with a guitar in its hands.. Stewmac has a pretty good kit, and I trust their...
  9. Mauma

    Is it worth upgrading 2011 AM STD MIA pickups?

    Hi there! I have an American Standard 2011 Made in Usa Telecaster with their stock pickups inside (As a matter of fact that's not really true because I added the base plate to the bridge pickup). I'll be upgrading all the wiring just for the fun of it and was wondering if it's worth to upgrade...
  10. GopherWater

    Advice on speaker upgrade for Traynor YGM-3

    I just picked up a '72 Traynor YGM-3 Guitar Mate Reverb. It's exactly what I was looking for in wattage, size, etc. but it has an old Utah speaker in it that I'm not liking much. It sounds stiff and muddy with this big round midrange hump that I can't dial out. I love everything else about the...
  11. londoran

    FENDER Lite Ash Telecaster - hardware upgrade

    Hi all, I'm thinking of upgrading my Korean Fender Lite Ash Telecaster from 2008. I haven't modified it so far, but I'd like to change it for my needs. I've chosen Di Marzio pickups - Chopper T for bridge and Area T for neck. Now I need to choose bridge and locking tuners. Could you recommend...
  12. N0ne0324

    How should i do :P

    I love metal and rock,but i can only own 1 guitar (ruled by family,and small place) I love my Fender Telecaster Standard MIM but it's sounds too soft for metal so i am wondering should i upgrade the bridge pickup instead?or just sell this lovely tele for and metal guitar? So hard too consider...
  13. M

    MIC Affinity, upgrade or go for a CV50s?

    Hi folks, as a little disclaimer i'm not a native english speaker so if I make any mistake please forgive me (and if you want to point them out and correct me i will love you even more!) I own a Chinese Affinity Tele which is my first and only electric guitar. When I bought it, I had no clue...
  14. J

    Upgrading a Squier Affinity

    I got a Squier Affinity Tele (Butterscotch Blonde) about a year ago. It’s a 2016ish line. I love the feel and playability, but I want to upgrade the pickups. I still want the twang but add a little bite for rock. Anyone have suggestions for aftermarket pickups. (Also, does anyone have info on...
  15. B

    Squier Affinity Telecaster Upgrade

    So I've been thinking of upgrading my 2 pickups with Bridge: Seymour Duncan Hot Rail Neck: Fender Gen 4 Noiseless Pickup Is this possible? and do I need a professional to set it up for me?
  16. australicaster

    Is my HWY1 tele pre- or post-upgrade??

    I have a highway one tele and whether it's a pre-upgrade or post-upgrade is proving difficult to figure out. I'm not sure exactly when the upgrade took place. By my judgement it seems it's mostly likely from june/july of 2005 but there are some seemingly conflicting specs. Here are the facts...
  17. TokyoPortrait

    Andertons - Modding a Squier Bullet Stratocaster with Better Stuff

    Hi. I thought this was interesting. I think I agree in principle with Lee Anderton - basically, buy the guitar you want, don't buy cheap and try to upgrade it to the guitar you want. But possibly only with regards to those with minimal or no experience at tinkering. For those who like to...
  18. OwenHu99

    What to upgrade for better intonation

    I have a stock 2016 or 2015 mim tele that has very poor intonation. I've had proper set up done to it but I still can't stand the intonation (compared to my Larrivee OM02 acoustic that has perfect action and intonation). What components should I upgrade to get a better intonation? Thanks! P.S...
  19. Bobchill

    60's threaded saddles should not be overlooked

    The fully threaded saddles fitted on Telecasters from late 50's to late 60's usually don't have a great reputation among players. They are thinner and somewhat cheaper when compared to the brass saddles from the early 50's or the steel saddles from the mid 50's. I have a 1967 Telecaster with...
  20. rphunt2002

    Red Squier Telecaster upgrades

    content removed
  21. L

    Speaker suggestions for Marshall DSL40C

    I recently upgraded from a DSL40C to a DSL40CR and now am downgrading back due to switching issues on the CR. The C comes stock with Celestion Secenty 80 speaker, while the CR comes with the Celestion V-Type. Overall, I like the sound of the CR better as it sounds much smoother. But, I do feel...
  22. P

    The Upgrade Process Begins

    Much as I like my MIJ 70s R/I Tele, I've fallen out of love with the pickups. By comparison to others I've heard, so I've just ordered a new set of pickups from a company whose acquaintance I made at a recent guitar show in the UK. They're going to wind me a set that has a more robust bass...
  23. L

    Upgrade to MIM standard a good idea?

    I’m working on upgrading my whole rig. Getting some mods done to my AC15 and grabbing some new pedals. As for my guitar, sometimes the tone sounds sort of cheap and off, though it’s a standard MIM tele. For better tone, is it worth it to get new pickups or other components for this type of...
  24. Danny72

    Suggestions for pickup upgrade for 72 Tele Deluxe re-issue?

    Hi all, I have a 72 Tele Deluxe re-issue. I already did the standard mods to it; changed pots to 500k, upgraded to the orange caps. I even put a Bigsby on it. I love it. Now it's time to upgrade the pick ups. They're sounding tired. I want a nice vintage tone. Basically I'd like to...
  25. Veeseaczar

    Best Pickup Upgrades for a Squire Standard?

    Last year I picked up a vintage blonde Squier Standard. I was about to do a national tour, and after recording I learned that a Tele just sounded really good for what I needed. This Standard is really really great. The neck is as straight as can be for a budget, 7 year old guitar. It plays...

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