twin reverb

  1. Spox

    The Trashwomen

    Did a search and they've been mentioned a few times but not for a couple of years and no thread of their own. I really miss the late John Peel who introduced me to stuff like this. A vintage Jaguar through Twin Reverb, that Fender/Fender twang. They formed to do a one off gig of Trashmen covers...
  2. Paul-McShartney

    Twin Reverb Buzzing Issues

    I was wondering if you guys can help me isolate the noise issue with my 65' Twin Reverb Reissue. Things I've noticed with nothing plugged in the amp: -buzz gets louder as I turn up vibrato channel volume, and lesser so when I turn up the normal channel -buzz gets significantly louder and in...
  3. itsGiusto

    Restored vintage 72 Twin Reverb sometimes gets into weird buzzing mode

    I restored a vintage SFTR earlier this year. I've really been very happy with it. On a rare occasion, however, it just randomly starts making a really loud buzzing, about as loud as the guitar sound. This comes on suddenly sometimes after I've been playing for 45 min or so, not gradually. The...
  4. itsGiusto

    Left Twin Reverb on for potentially weeks

    I just found out that I left powered on my vintage 1971 twin reverb I have been working on. It was on for days, maybe even weeks *facepalm*. It was on, but in standby. It seems like it works fine right now, but it's there anything I should do to verify? Can I tell if there was any extra wear on...
  5. itsGiusto

    1972 Twin Reverb - transient issue involving static sound, and strange smell

    I'm writing once again about my 1972 Twin Reverb that I recently acquired, fixed up, transplanted into a new cab, and blackfaced. I've solved the rattle (see, but very shortly after fixing this, I...
  6. itsGiusto

    Need help tracking down buzzy rattle in 1972 Twin Reverb

    Hey all, I recently bought a used 1972 Twin Reverb, and I spent last month restoring and blackfacing it. I bought the amp used, and it came with (and currently has installed) 2 Weber 12f150 speakers. It has a new replacement MOD reverb tank that I just installed. The amp sounds good, except for...
  7. HD28

    Is Power Additive in Series And Parallel?

    It seems like the interweb answer is yes and no. In guitar and amp circuits, regarding resistors, is power (watts) additive in both series and parallel? In guitar and amp circuits, does Ohms law E=IR equally apply as does P=I^2R? If you use E=IR the answer appears to be no if voltage remains...
  8. itsGiusto

    Does reverb on restored 1972 Twin Reverb sound correct?

    Hey, I've recently completed restoring, modding, and blackfacing my 1972 Twin Reverb that I bought recently. It mostly went well. However, in listening to the reverb sound, I'm not sure if it sounds correct. This is complicated by the fact that I'm not 100% sure how it's supposed to sound. So...
  9. itsGiusto

    (Silverface) AA270 - Other alternatives for 0.002uf capacitor from reverb circuit?

    I've been fixing up a AA270 Twin Reverb, and getting it to AB763 specs. One difference is that there is a 0.002uf capacitor from the grid of the reverb recovery triode (V4B) to ground on the AA270, bypassing the 220k resistor. There is no such cap on the AB763 specs. See...
  10. itsGiusto

    At lowest speed, 1972 Twin Reverb tremolo peters out

    See my previous post here: I added a 250pf cap from pin 1 to 3 of tube v5 to stop the tremolo ticking. It worked really well, but then I noticed that if I turn the tremolo speed...
  11. itsGiusto

    How quiet is it possible to get a SF Twin Reverb's tremolo "tick"?

    I'm working on restoring a 1972 Twin Reverb. When the tremolo is on, it formerly made a very loud tick. I moved around the wires a little bit to get this slightly better. Contrary to what RobRob says here (, moving the V5 pin 6...
  12. Stringbender58

    Silverface Twin Reverb hum and low audio output

    I have a Silverface Twin Reverb 135Watt that my friend left me. It has a more than noticable hum and really reduced output volume. May be separate issues or linked together. I have replaced resistors that were defective. Tubes test the same in my old tester same as my two running bassmans...
  13. itsGiusto

    Why does a Twin Reverb have later breakup than a Super Reverb, and how to get it to sound closer?

    The conventional wisdom on the web is that the TR and SR are waaay different, and that the SR will break up at 4 on the volume knob, and the TR doesn't break up anywhere on the volume knob. But the differences between them seem to be fairly small: Diode rectifier vs GZ34 4x6L6 vs 2x6L6 power...
  14. itsGiusto

    GT-6L6-GE power tube?

    The vintage Twin reverb I just bought came with GT-6L6-GE tubes. I can't find this model on the tube bias calculator: What's the power rating that I should use for bias dissipation calculation? Is it 30w like the 6L6GC?
  15. D

    [NGD] Fender Telecaster 1967

    Bought a friend to my 1967 Fender Twin Reverb. They sound amazing together.
  16. itsGiusto

    Pulling 2 tubes from Twin Reverb (or any amp) - is it safe?

    The conventional wisdom is, if you want to cut the power in half for any amp with 4 power tubes, pull two tubes, double the impedance of the speaker you hook up, and rebias the amp. However, a thought occurred to me. By doing this, there's significantly less current draw on the PT, meaning the...
  17. Nozebleeds

    NAD - 1971 Silverface Twin Reverb

    I scored the bargain of a lifetime. Bought off an amazing jazz guitarist who has toured with George Benson. While trolling marketplace I saw the listing and immediately contacted them to secure the amp for.... (drumroll) $500 AUD!! And it makes noise (beautiful noise not the crunchy bad...
  18. itsGiusto

    1969 Twin Reverb arrived with cracked baffle board - need advice

    I bought a 1969 SFTR a few days ago for $775 + $80 shipping and $50 tax on Reverb and it just arrived. My excitement turned to disappointment when I saw that the baffle board had major breaks in it. I think that this should be a major dealbreaker, but I just wanted to get the forum's opinion on...
  19. itsGiusto

    Mid-70s Twin Reverb vs Early-70s - Is the MV the only difference?

    I'm still interested in buying a Twin Reverb - certainly the price is much lower to buy a master volume one post-1972 as opposed to a non-master volume one pre-1972. I'm quite comfortable making modifications to amps, so if all that's required to put it back to earlier specs is to detach the...
  20. Z

    Twin Reverb AB763 (intermittent/one-time?) grounding issue

    Hello. I’m working on a Fender Twin Reverb AB763 that might have a grounding issue… that’s intermittent? It happened once. Here’s the situation. I’ve done some general work replacing old electrolytic capacitors, testing it, finding a few other faulty areas. It came to me with a grounded power...
  21. Cysquatch

    Going to check out a 73 Twin Reverb tomorrow

    Found a CL ad for a '73 Twin Reverb for $399 that I'm gonna go check out at a pawn shop tomorrow. I know people don't love the master volume around these parts, but that seems a solid price for that amp if everything checks out on it, and I'd have it blackfaced anyway. But, speaking of...
  22. Bobchill

    Speaking of speakers... NEW VIDEO!

    I just released this new video about speakers found in vintage fender amplifiers. Also, I tested a couple of current Jensen reissues in my old Twin. I hope you enjoy! The Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM speakers found in vintage Fender amplifiers over the years were essentially made by...
  23. Vespa_One

    Gassing for Twin, talk me down

    I've been very pleased with my Fender Mustang 3 V2 but my dream amp has always been a SF Twin Reverb although I've never played one. I crave lots of clean headroom and legendary Fender cleans. I'm in a new band (Reggae) and looking to start gigging soon. Amps are trending smaller these days...
  24. Vespa_One

    Which Fender Twin do I want?

    Let me preface this by saying I've only played a red knob "The Twin" so I have little experience. I can get a nice sound out of it. BUT, my dream amp is silver colored on the front! Sad that I want to buy an amp on looks alone but thats where I'm at! My dream amp (based solely on looks) is a...
  25. D

    NAD Twin Reverb Reissue

    Woohoo, I just scored a 65 Twin Reverb Reissue for $450 plus a little .22 ammo in trade. Seems to be a heck of a deal, sounds good, tad bit of hum on the reverb circuit and stinks like old cigarettes, but otherwise seems pretty good. One strange thing I was going to ask you folks about, it...