1. XrelishX

    Ideas 5e3 cab and volume

    Greetings, I am finally ready for my first Tweed but just a tiny bit worried about volume. I do own my home and have a bit of space but I don't always want to bleed my ears. If I bought a combo is there a mod that would still let my 5e3 do what it needs to do while dropping some power or volume...
  2. thegaijin

    Fender 57 custom champ. Thoughts? Stew Mac kit?

    Happy weekend to you all. I’ve been thinking about buying a 5 watt amp, most likely a Fender 57 custom champ, and wanted to ask those who own one a bit more about them. Most of the reviews out there are positive, as reviews tend to be, and listening to the tones Julian Lage gets out of his is...
  3. theprofessor

    Back to basics - 5f1

    I started building amps for fun a few years back with a 5f2a, yielding a thread of epic proportions for such a small amp. I had a lot of questions, and folks were kind enough to pitch in. I hope that, despite its absurd length, that thread has been helpful to others. I then went to a 5e3 tweed...
  4. Axis29

    In Praise of the Mighty Tweed Bassman (A Long, Sordid Tale)

    I own a few amps, and I've traded and bought in and out of a bunch of amps over the years. For years, I had dreamed of owning a tweed Bassman, but never really stepped up to bat... I was perfectly willing to go with a Reissue. Every one I'd heard sounded good. Plus, I knew I'd never own a...
  5. itsGiusto

    Looking for opinions - IEC receptacle vs power cord on tweed-style chassis

    As you all know, I'm building a Revibe, which has a "tweed-style" chassis: the power cord and tubes all stick down into the cab, and are behind a panel. See this picture for a Revibe layout example: For most amps, I would not hesitate to ditch the power cord and instead mount in an IEC...
  6. Ajs91

    My perfect yet impossible "unicorn" Tweed Amp Head

    I dream of a tube powered tweed amp head from Fender or (more likely) a boutique amp builder or (even more likely) some evil tone genius electrical engineer. This amp head would have an analog reactive attenuator switch on the back which would let people dial in the tone they want at lower...
  7. heatx

    '57 Custom Custom Champ Reissue - P2P Modified by Franklin Amps

    When I was in the market for a 5F1, I was considering purchasing one of the P2P wired Champ clones that Frankyn Amps puts out, but ultimately went with the Fender because of the name. Simple as that. After receiving the Fender, I was running into weird sympathetic vibration issues with the amp...
  8. Baron13

    Proluxe biasing new Tung Sol 7581A

    I wanted to try the 35 watt 7581A tubes in my Proluxe. Bias trimpot will only get me to 54%. Is it recommended to lower the value of the 27k resistor in the bias circuit to get things a little hotter? Plate voltage is 386 with copper cap wz34 and 392 with JJ GZ34. Thanks
  9. BluegrassDan

    Original December 1959 Fender Bassman: Process

    A client reached out to me about his newly acquired, original December 1959 Fender Bassman. Althought it had new JJ tubes, he did the right thing and did not turn it on. I started looking it over and pondering the age old questions: conservation vs restoration. The amp is just about entirely...
  10. hotcoffeenochill

    Speakers in a 2x10

    Howdy, I’m having a 2x10 built to pair with my Mesa Boogie Califorina Tweed head. I’ve been running it through a 1x12 with an Alnico Cream and love the sound but I also want to have the 2x10 option. I play mostly Neil Young/CCR-type stuff. I am definitely including an Alnico Gold as I’m a big...
  11. Haloskater24

    Best Drive For a Tweed Amps?

    Any Favorites? I use a barbershop with my 5E3 clone and it works great! Feel free to drop any recommendations.
  12. heatx

    '57 Custom Champ "75 Years" New Weber Speaker?

    Hello all, I'm mainly a lurker here on TDPRI, but I've learned a ton and enjoy the conversation. Just wanted to chime in here because I haven't been able to find this mentioned anywhere. I picked up a brand new '57 Custom Champ last week and noticed, after pulling the amp out of the box, that...
  13. Lancer X

    RobRob 5E3MM Deluxe Micro Mod build progress thread

    I've been planning this build for many moons, but just now able to get started. For those unfamiliar, I am building one of Rob Robinette's many excellent Fender amp modifications. (He's @robrob here - major thanks to Mr. Robinette who's already helped me out with power supply selection.) In...
  14. Killing Floor

    Shōji Ueda

    Is there or has there ever been a photographer like Shōji Ueda? Every so often I become compulsively obsessed with his work. It's stark, vast, beautiful, wanting, thought provoking, there's a sense of sad wanderlust, but also hope. Is it just me? Anyone else here rek-o-nize the impact of...
  15. smuc

    22W Tweed Bassman

    Well, after a while of fiddling with the amp, I have finally finished my tweed Bassman head. Really happy how it sounds. Don't have the possibility to record the amp through a proper cabinet (which is a shame because through the cab it sounds amazing), so I am putting a few clips recorded...
  16. F

    5F4 mods?

    Hi guys, longtime lurker, first time poster here. Seems like you guys are much more knowledgeable about tweed circuits/modifications than anyone else on the web, so I figured this would be the best place to inquire about them. I have a 5F4 clone that's going to the tech next month for a...
  17. mondo

    5E3 layout sheet

    I sketched a blank template of the “Tweed Deluxe” layout to print extra copies for ease of illustration. It’s helping me as a learning tool to map out different grounds, B+, voltage nodes separately. If anyone would like to use this feel free. I will scan a copy and post a PDF later. You can...
  18. T

    5e3 hardware?

    Built me a mojotone kit and I've built cab based on the modulus/blues alligator plans. A few hiccups, ie I have the plans but not instructions. My questions re hardware: the screws? how is the baffle attached to the fascia? Wood screws? T nuts? How bout the back panels? What do u...
  19. theprofessor

    Leo Fender: Amp design and harmonic content

    I thought it would be fun to post this for discussion: As is well known, not all "Fender" amps -- even from the pre-CBS "golden age," sound alike. Not even close. And I think we all know that Leo Fender, like most others in his age but perhaps to an even greater extent with him, was looking for...
  20. B

    NAD 1954 Fender 5C7 Bandmaster

    Hi all, About a week ago, I started the following thread regarding whether I should buy a used 5B3 Deluxe I walked away from that deal...and ended up with this instead - a 1954...
  21. S

    Blues Jr Tweed v3 observation

    I have a Blues Jr Tweed v3 which I have hardly played. Today I spent a few minutes with it and got some decent fuzzy blues sound out of it. You have to turn all three tone controls up to 8-10, the regular volume to 10, the fat on, and then adjust the master volume. Just letting you know, it...
  22. Sylas Wojo

    Critique My 5F2A Build

    In this thread I'll be posting my Princeton 5F2a build, feel free to give me advise, tell me if I'm doing something wrong, what I could do better... Here Ill be documenting my process, so stay tuned!
  23. B

    Am I In Over My Head? - Buying a Vintage 5B3 Wide Panel Deluxe

    Hello, This is my first post on the forum, but I've been lurking for a long time now. I've loved reading these threads over the years, so thank you all. I'm seriously considering buying a vintage 5B3 Fender Deluxe for around $2K. It appears as though the circuit is unchanged and has the Jenson...
  24. D

    advice on princeton reverb silverface

    Hi! I've come across a '73 princeton reverb 4 hours drive from me, and I'm not sure to carry it home. Here in Europe prices are higher than US ones: around 2000 euros. Do you think it worths? I already own a '74 vibrolux reverb and 5f1 modded champion 600. Do you think it will overlap with any...
  25. M

    1955 5e1 Champ question

    Just got a 1955 5e1 champ. Looks to be all original. The tube chart and chassis are both stamped "EK" - Nov 55. The speaker however is stamped "6EV-34; 465-639" - An oxford from what I believe is around September 1956. The question is: Would this have been normal for the factory to hang on to a...