1. M1dnightrider

    Mixing different power tube brands/ nos and current production

    Hi everybody, got a question I’d like you all to relate your thoughts/experiences on. What I’m wondering is, if one were to mix a single holy grail type power tube (mullard xf2) with something modern, say a JJ or similar, what would be the result in terms of how it affects the tone(assuming they...
  2. W

    Supro Delta King 10 tube rolling

    The Supro Delta King 10 (aka Blues King 10) has one 12AX7 and one 6V6. Easy enough to tube roll for an hour. I did just that. I make no claims as to how these tubes might sound in other amps, of course! But I really love the cleans and edge of breakup on this amp. Stock speaker. TL;DR: the...
  3. stonetone

    Dean Markley CD-120 Not Well!

    Glad I found this forum, hopefully somebody can help! I’ve had a Dean Markley CD-120 for a lot of years, that’s been nothing but faithful. I decided to clean her up, and realized the stock 12” Magnum had a rip in it, and was beyond weathered. I purchased an Eminence Man o War 12” 8 ohm 120...
  4. burgrluv

    '74 Princeton Reverb...not in the same league as my tone master?

    Recently got to spend some time with a '74 princeton reverb that I converted from a bastard head to a combo. Brought it to the space, cranked it up, and's sounding a bit stiff/flat, lacking that spongy and elastic feel i'm used to hearing in American voiced amps. Break up is still...
  5. Hey_you

    Can't help it. I like loud sounds

    played at this volume about one hour. Hearing protection was used! One day I'll get outside and open 'er up.I couldn't be in the same room without ear plugs.
  6. golfnut

    is this the beginning of the end?

    I've been searching for an inexpensive practice\backup amp for my 67 Pro Reverb that is light and easy to grab and go. Among some of the candidates were the Blues Jr IV and the 68 Custom Pro reverb as well as one of the Tonemaster amps. The Tonemasters weren't high on the list of considerations...
  7. Tenderfoot

    NBAD: New Bad Amp Day

    [Brand New] Fender Limited-Edition '65 Princeton Reverb 12W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Tweed This came in today but it doesn't work because the rectifier tube was installed into the 1st power tube position and the power tube into the rectifier position (note: all preamp tube filaments lit up...
  8. itsGiusto

    Left Twin Reverb on for potentially weeks

    I just found out that I left powered on my vintage 1971 twin reverb I have been working on. It was on for days, maybe even weeks *facepalm*. It was on, but in standby. It seems like it works fine right now, but it's there anything I should do to verify? Can I tell if there was any extra wear on...
  9. Activateclint

    Fender 68 DRRI, Pedals, Speaker, tubes, mods?

    Hi all I have a lovely 68 custom deluxe reverb on the way and wondering on what others have done in terms of speaker options, drive pedals, mods, tubes etc to play with tones. I may have all the tones I desire but just curious. I play a 52 tele reissue with a SD mini humbucker in the neck. Got...
  10. R

    I'm Roger. I am new here. Iposed to tell you all about my gear and I.

    Here goes: I am Roger, 54, guitar, bass and keys. My best band was 'Marble'. Album: 'Starlite Storage' 2001. There are some freebies online if you look it up online. I live in Ventura County now, used to live in the SF bay area and was raised in Chicago, where I had a decent band at 13. I gave...
  11. JustABluesGuy

    Tube recommendations for a Fender Greta

    I am looking for recommendations for replacement tubes for my Fender Greta amp. It takes one 12AT7 and one 12AX7. I’m not interested in boutique or NOS tubes. Only modern production tubes. Thanks in advance!
  12. JustABluesGuy

    Used tubes

    There are some used tubes for sale near me. Any advice on about how much to pay for unknown and untested tubes? Are there any special tubes I should be looking for besides the obvious ones. It looks like there are a lot of them, so how much should I offer for a large quality of unknown tubes?
  13. A

    VoxAc15 C1 Buzz/Hum

    Hi all, new here. I have a humming issue with my amp and it's only gotten worse over the past few months. The hum/buzz is affected by the tremelo which I've turned up to demonstrate in the video link below. Is it needing new tubes?
  14. drew1d

    6n2p tube heater vs 12ax7

    If my 12ax7 socket heater is dc rectified, can I use a 6n2p tube?
  15. itsGiusto

    How to balance Plexi clone while working on it?

    I'm still debugging what I think is parasitic oscillation causing weird fizzy swirly distortion in my Ceriatone Plexi clone (without much luck). I need to have the board in the chassis exposed while working on it so I can do things like take voltages, listen to the audio at various points, and...
  16. M

    Complete Tube Replacement for Vox AC15C1

    I'm looking to do a total tube replacement for my Vox AC15C1 amp. I got the amp about a year and a half ago brand new and loved the amp when I first got it. However, it's been giving me staticky/popping sounds intermittently and the overall tone has seemed to decrease. The volume will also...
  17. Veltek

    New tubes needed?

    My Mesa Boogie is like 5 years old now, but pretty lightly used/played. But It is popping/clicking when it warms up. And when it is turned off/cooled down. Also if I don't let it warm up enough between using it and playing it, it will power off and back on (by itself) momentarily, then continue...
  18. 57fenderstrat

    What causes a loss of clean headroom

    hey folks, I’m still pretty new to tube amps. What are normal causes of your clean headroom lowering? My tweed deluxe headroom seems to be different latly, before I could almost never get any kind of breakup in my apartment. I had to have the volume at at least three and my guitar volume all...
  19. theprofessor

    Help with 12ax7 identification and GZ34 repair

    I recently got a small lot of 12ax7's, 12ay's, and a GZ34 for a good price, and I'm trying to sort a few things out. First, what each of the 12ax7's is. Secondly, how to repair the broken guide pin on the Mullard GZ34. Here's a photo of the 12ax7/ecc83 I'm unsure of. It's a short smooth plate...
  20. soggybag

    Looking for 36w mods

    I built this 36w TMB combo a couple years ago from a kit. It works and sounds okay. I’ve identified a few things I’d like to change. 1) it gets really loud after about 1/8th of the range on the volume pot. This applies to both channels. The TMB channel is especially touchy. What can I do...
  21. dcos

    Vox AC10C1 tube replacement

    Thinking of changing the tubes in my Vox AC10C1. It's always sounded a little on the bright/harsh side and I like a warmer tone. Any suggestions?
  22. Black guard FSR

    Traynor Custom Valve 40 Reverb Issue

    I love the tone of my YCV40 amp. but once it warms up, the reverb unit cuts out. Every time. It takes about 5 minutes, but the loss is sudden and complete. Always returns when the amp gets to rest or cool down for an hour or so. I wonder if this might be a faulty preamp tube? Anyone experience...
  23. TokyoPortrait

    Goodbye Ruby Tubes Day - 2 (Vox AC4HW1)

    Hi. First, apologies to Jonnyha, for plagiarising the subject line. Just too good to let it pass.* Anyway, while on holiday I ordered a “Vox AC4 Handwired Series Harma Retro Full Upgrade Kit” from Wafford Valves in the UK. It, along with some other goodies, was waiting for me upon my return...
  24. basdenchris

    When Tubes Go Bad...

    I'm sure this topic has been discussed at great length in fragments all over the forums, but I can't seem to find a good thread that centers around it. Though I feel like I've been a gear-addict for ages, until about a year ago, I wasn't gigging regularly. My amp(s) didn't get cranked up ever...
  25. M

    Sovtek 6l6wgc in a Hot Rod Deluxe?

    I just replaced my tubes in my Hot Rod Deluxe with Sovtek 6l6wgc tubes and biased them at 60. The amp is way quieter now, but essentially easier to control. I've read these tubes are rated at lower watts. I like the sound, but worry it may screw something up in the long run. Is there anything I...