tube screamer

  1. Butch Snyder

    Best Overdrive for a Hot Rod Deluxe Version 4

    I love my HRD4 and I only use the clean channel. The drive channel is decent but doesn’t work well with my teleport. I have a Route 66 for comp and grit. I use the OD side for a little grit. I’d like to get a good OD pedal for strong overdrive. I have a BOSS DS-1. Don’t really like it at...
  2. Killing Floor

    NPD Browne Protein OD

    Well, it happened again. It keeps happening. I open my parcel box and there's a pedal. I've been wanting to try one of these for quite a while and finally pulled the trigger. I think my hesitation was that it's dual. But wow, super glad I did. The good news is I love it already, both...
  3. Festofish

    Finally added a Tube Screamer to the collection and......meh

    Kinda underwhelmed. It’s fine but I’ve got other pedals that do it better. Digitech Bad Monkey adds a bass and treble knobs. Tone city Bad Horsie is great for this too. I got the TS-808 in a group purchase when I bought my cousin’s loaded board. Way better than the Digitech Metal Master I also...
  4. M

    Secure a broken TS-9 PCB?

    i was lucky enough to pick up a TS-9 reissue that the owner said wasn’t working. I got the switch to work and cleaned the pots and I love the pedal. However, the top left corner of the PCB is broken off where there should be a hole for the single screw that holds it in place. Looks like they had...
  5. J

    Use overdrive pedal or clean boost instead of gain knob?

    Hello all, just a quick one here, I have a Bugera v5 I just purchased. Love the clean on it, great nice low volume clean amp. The gain sucks on mine, anything over 3 has horrrrrrible hiss feedback. My question is..... instead of using the gain knob to get a little dirt, little overdrive, can...
  6. K

    OS-2 or TS-9 and DS-1

    Hi, I have an Ibanez overdrive and a Boss distortion pedal. I want the dynamic overdrive for rhythm guitar and distortion for lead solos. My pedal board is full. Should I sell my overdrive and distortion to get the Boss OS-2? Again, I only play one or the other effect and it's not too often...
  7. nosuch

    What "tube screamerish" pedal?

    Going through a couple of overdrives lately I found out that a tube screamerish pedal is what I like best. I play into clean amps (own a vibrolux but often use backline amps like twin reverbs) pretty quietly and use mostly the neck pickup and middle position of my tellies. So the "bass loss"...
  8. N

    Blind Test: Tube Screamer VS Cheapest Clone (Joyo Vintage Overdrive)

    Hi guys, I think this will be interesting! I've been wanting to do this for a while now... I was surprised how close the joyo actually is to the real thing...honestly If someone told me these were both real tube screamers I would have believed it. Of course built quality and reliability ARE...
  9. N

    5 Ways To Use The Tube Screamer !

    Hi guys, I just wanted to make a recap of the most common ways to use the Tube Screamer because...because it seemed a cool idea just to have all these info in one single video! wait, let me rephrase that: it's because I don't have a life of course :D Jokes aside, I hope it is useful to you...
  10. Doghouse_Riley

    A Tale of Two Tubescreamers

    Let me preface this by saying last December I got back into playing guitar after playing bass for the last 25ish years. I bought a new TS9 at the beginning of the year. I liked the sound fine but after awhile I decided to try modding it. I did the 2 resistors and a socketed JRC4558D chip. I...
  11. T

    Worship Overdrive

    Hi, Im Looking For a Good Inexpensive Transparent overdirve, I'd love to get a morning glory but i dont have that kind of budget, I was thinking tube screamer mini, or ehx soul food, im open to other suggestions too, Thanks!