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  1. Shinrock

    Wet/Dry Setup for Gigging - Dry Amp Needed

    Time for everyone’s favorite game: choose me an amp! I’m running a two-amp setup for gigs in a wet/dry format, playing modern country and classic rock. All wet effects are routed to a Supro Keeley Custom 12. I need to (editor’s note: WANT to) find a dry amp to pair with it (taking only gain...
  2. Sgt_Schu1tz

    Traynor Custom Valve 40 no output.

    I recently picked up this amp for very cheap untested. The seller told me that it was squealing if it got bumped but it did turn on. Due to the low price I bought it without testing because I figured I could use parts off it if it ends up being a lemon. When I had time to look it over at home...
  3. acrosstheuniverse

    Help! Blues Deluxe Reissue Normal channel noisy, sounds like a thunderstorm!

    Hey everyone! Had a happy new amp day today, bought a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue brand new for cheap. It sounds lovely, but I have a feeling this might not be the amp for me. Two questions! 1) The normal channel is very crackly and noisy. 100% something's wrong. Sounds like there is a distand...
  4. Dreadneck

    Fender 75 amp issues again and again.....

    Hi! So I chose to start a new thread rather than reviving the old ones. I just replaced the PT that was smoked. The old PT was the stock model for EU market with 230VAC from the wall. Model number 013917. The replacement transformer I got is the drop in from Hammond, model 290YEX. The...
  5. 0

    70s Sunn Tube Amp - History? Cool…right?

    I have an old 70s (I believe) tube amp that I played a bit on in high school 20 years ago with a pedal. It was fun! I just dragged it out of storage and may fire it up again. Anyone know about the history of Sunn tube amps and their worth? Not looking to sell, but curious. Thanks!
  6. WrayGun

    Tremolo (Vibrato) Pedal

    Recommend me a trem pedal … I miss the tremolo from my old Ampeg Reverberocket 2 amplifier; you can let that be your guide. Something warm and natural, but kind of wide and very adjustable … if you can make any sense from that. oh, and not too $pendy if possible! Thanks yinz guys.
  7. K

    Considering A Tone Master Super Reverb

    Well now I’m curious. I primarily play at home and church and use a 68 Custom PRRI. I love the amp, it is super responsive, and I trust that the amp will work with regular maintenance years from now. But, power scaling on the Tone Master line is really cool. I got to play through the Super...
  8. Outatune13

    Need tube amp suggestions please. Or…

    My ideal amp would be just the single normal channel on the fender bandmaster with 6L6s. Don’t care about channel switching or reverb or tremelo. Very clean sound. Head or combo, over 20 watts, under 2k??? I play classic rock, smooth jazz, and use pedals for reverb and if i need distortion. I...
  9. golfnut

    is this the beginning of the end?

    I've been searching for an inexpensive practice\backup amp for my 67 Pro Reverb that is light and easy to grab and go. Among some of the candidates were the Blues Jr IV and the 68 Custom Pro reverb as well as one of the Tonemaster amps. The Tonemasters weren't high on the list of considerations...
  10. finallyelectric

    tube amp attenuator

    So my pickups are ordered and my first tele should be playable in my hands very soon. Now I need an amp. I found a 100w Vox modeling amp for real cheap in town off of Facebook to play with the old 60's Vox guitar from the closet that I managed to get into just-playable condition. It was way...
  11. slickBEawake

    Need small tube amp for home

    I like the Marshall tube sound and looking at the DSL5 or DSL15. Any advice , opinions or other options?
  12. Strowbri86

    Ice picky blues jr?

    I recently got a new Blues Jr IV. I've had a few through the years. After going through a bunch of amps I decided to go back to the old classic as it's always been the most tonally reliable for what I go for. Knowing the drill on this amp, I immediately swapped out the speaker for a Cannabis...
  13. crackercrumb

    Rickenbacker M-11

    Does anybody know how many times the M-11 circuit was revised? I'm trying to have a 1956 model rebuilt and the schematic doesn't seem to exist on the interwebs. the one on the Ric page is not the one I have. the phase inverter is totally different and some other things don't seem to jibe with...
  14. J

    I was Gifted a Quad 6005/6aq5 Amp please help me identify Thanks !

    Hello all ! So this is a cool story, I have bought a few guitars and amps from a local guy of in Buffalo, NY and a couple weeks ago I ran into him again as I was buying a Mesa 50 Caliber + he had listed. When I went to pick it up he remembered me and remembered I had kidney cancer a while...
  15. TelecastrMastr

    Attenuating Amps and 60 Cycle Hum

    Hello, friends. Hope everyone is doing well, and I wanted to thank you in advance for sharing your wealth of knowledge! This weekend I got to go into a studio and record some guitar tracks. I had Fender 65 DRRI running through the engineer’s Suhr Cab Simulator and it sounded GLORIOUS. We had...
  16. Strowbri86

    Favorite 6V6 amp?

    What are some of your favorite 6V6 (no others allowed!!) amps, UNDER 25 watts. Extra points for clarity, articulation, and depth of tone. Go!
  17. rcase6

    Gain Pot & Toggle to control Cathode Bypass

    Please help me wire the planned cathode bypass (25uf/1.5kohm on V1) so it can be controlled through the gain system and get rid of the crappy distortion currently in place. Image and schematic below:
  18. G

    Blackface vs Brown face vs Tweed

    Okay so I have been doing a lot of research lately in my search to possibly replace one of my three amps. I stumbled across a video of the Chris Stapleton signature reissue 62 Brown face Princeton. Before you jump in me, yes I know they are a different circuit, yes I know that amp is ptp as...
  19. B

    New Supro Delta King series amps (Blues King)

    Supro renamed their old Blues King amps and updated the cabs appearances to now be known as Delta Kings. Not sure if there is a price increase or not as they aren't for sale yet. Previous Blues King series:
  20. Shinrock

    Should I spend more than $1k on an amp?

    Age-old question: how much should I spend on a tube amp? Here's what I need it to do: I play regular gigs in both cover and original bands. I have to cover almost every genre of rock and country music (sans death metal). I play with both acoustic and electric drummers, loud and soft hitters...
  21. Kemtone

    Monoprice Stage Right 30 Watt Head

    I just bought a Monoprice 30 Watt head - Full tubes, quality cabinet and the tubes mount to the chassis - beafy toggles etc. The clean channel sound great; ran the volume full at both Hi and Low inputs and it was sounding good with just a little crunch. The Overdrive channel however sounds bad...
  22. A


    Currently I own a Crate V50 Palomino 212 combo. I really like the sound of it and the build quality is second to none, but it is too damn big. It comes in a 58lbs and I have a torn rotator cuff. I am currently a just bedroom player that maybe joining a band soon. I have around $500 and I have...
  23. Sylas Wojo

    Critique My 5F2A Build

    In this thread I'll be posting my Princeton 5F2a build, feel free to give me advise, tell me if I'm doing something wrong, what I could do better... Here Ill be documenting my process, so stay tuned!
  24. corbo

    Mesa Boogie California Tweed or Bassman LTD?

    Hey gang. Looking for opinions/impressions. I've been looking to buy an old-school tube amp that's very clean and musical with a good amount of headroom. I'll be using it mostly for clean sounds, and as a pedal platform, with any overdrive/distortion most likely coming from pedals. My styles run...
  25. B

    What to do with my Fender Hot Rod Deville

    So I bought a Fender Hot Rod Deville 2x12 for $100. Now don't get too excited. It looks like they had tried to turn the original cab into a 2x12 speaker cab, tried to put the amp in a head cab, then changed their minds and put it back together as a combo, albeit poorly. I was told that it didn't...

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