1. Don Rich Rules

    Playing "Crazy" many years ago with friends, bar gig

    Hello all. I found this video on the old interweb today. From 2.19.10 First off I've lost a 140lbs since this video was made. So please no fat guy remarks. I'm using a Fender American Standard Telecaster with Duncan Vintage Stacked humbuckers, into a Analogman TS9 with the Silver mod into a...
  2. marcflores

    I suddenly don’t like my Tubescreamer anymore

    I bought my TS9 second hand at a pawn shop. It was in great shape, and for a year I loved it. I was playing a strat and used a Fender patch on my Boss Katana. Then I got an actual DRRI and sounded even better. Now I’ve got a Vox AC15 and am playing a Reverend Eastsider T (a Tele, basically)...
  3. M

    Secure a broken TS-9 PCB?

    i was lucky enough to pick up a TS-9 reissue that the owner said wasn’t working. I got the switch to work and cleaned the pots and I love the pedal. However, the top left corner of the PCB is broken off where there should be a hole for the single screw that holds it in place. Looks like they had...
  4. Tele Vince

    Buffers - better buffer first have any effect on worse buffer later in chain?

    I have 11 pedals on my board. Pedal 1 is buffered (Ibanez TS9DX). Pedals 2-4 are true bypass. Pedal 5 is a Boss SD-1 (which is buffered). Pedals 6-10 are true bypass. Pedal 11 is a buffered delay (TC Flashback with buffer switched on). After experimenting with removing a few pedals at a time, I...
  5. N

    Mid hump overdrive with little tone loss??

    I love a mid hump in my overdrive. Say what you want, but I can't get enough of that tone. I also hate loosing the nice bass and crystal highs I get from my amp when I kick on an overdrive. I just switched from a Fulldrive to a JHS Moonshine. The moonshine isn't as nasty as the Fulldrive was...
  6. Doghouse_Riley

    A Tale of Two Tubescreamers

    Let me preface this by saying last December I got back into playing guitar after playing bass for the last 25ish years. I bought a new TS9 at the beginning of the year. I liked the sound fine but after awhile I decided to try modding it. I did the 2 resistors and a socketed JRC4558D chip. I...

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