1. T

    [alternate WIRING - MOD] presentation, stereo/TRS wiring for my tele-babes and some other technical talks :)

    Hi guys 😎 This post is gonna be half technical talking, and half presentation post as I realised I still haven't do so since the time I signed-in back in the days... For the technical part, I'm about to re-think my two Telecaster's wiring schemes to stereo wiring : main idea is to have both...
  2. mrjlkelly

    VOX AC30 CC2 custom foot switch

    Greetings y'all, The Vox AC30 CC2 has your standard TRS latch foot switch to turn on/off Reverb and Tremolo. I've got the amp reverb always on and a RV6 on my board for extra reverb when I need it. Unlike a lot of people I actually really like the tremolo on this amp but I don't have anywhere...
  3. D

    Question about Stereo

    First time poster here and newbie when it comes to stereo rigs. I've have a couple of pedals that I would like to have the option to run in stereo at the end of my chain. Specifically, a JHS emperor into a Strymon Flint. I know the Emperor has stereo output when using a TRS splitter cable, and...
  4. T

    Boss Rv-6 Expression Pedal

    Hi, I was Wondering if anybody has any experience with the boss Rv-6 it would be good to know if i can use any expression pedal with this unit, specifically one from loopi pedals, also do you know if you have to use a trs patch cable or will any patch cable work for this? Thanks!