1. hotcoffeenochill

    NAD: 1964 Fender Tremolux

    Howdy, y'all. Not necessarily brand new, I've had her for a week or so now. Picked up this "player" grade (replaced output transformer) 1964 Fender Tremolux. The power and choke look original and seem to be 63. Either way, a transition era Tremolux, blonde cosmetics but black panel and circuitry...
  2. Bobchill

    The Rarest Vintage Fender Amp, NEW VIDEO!

    A fascinating story was waiting to be told: the legend of the 1961 Tremolux 6G9, the rarest Fender guitar amplifier; a little-known piece of the Fender history finally with abundance of detailed information.
  3. dwindover

    Classictone vs. Mojotone vs. APD 5e3 OT's

    Hey all, Most of the amp parts companies seem to build replicas of the 50246 OT for their 5e3 Output Transformer. I've used the Classictone (RIP), and it's fantastic. I wonder if anyone has compared the Classictone 18022 to the standard Mojotone (Heyboer), APD8022H (supposedly a replica of the...
  4. T

    1962 Blonde Tremolux Piggyback with 12" spkr cab

    I got this amp some time ago and as I've read many sites on the history it appears that the 12" speaker cab was not as common as the (2) tens or the single Tone Ring 10" speaker. So, my 12" has a recessed mounting baffle that has spaces on both sides providing a port. So what does the "tone...
  5. AlbertaGriff

    Speaker mix and match advice

    As posted in another thread, I am about to build a Mojotone 5F11. I ordered the kit without cabinet or speaker, as I have a cabinet already (with a 12" baffle instead of the 10"). So my question here is how should I mix and match my current assortment of 12" speakers? Or should I go ahead and...
  6. donrichfan

    Tremolux Clone - Fixed or Cathode?

    Happy Friday, Lemme first start off by saying that I have searched this site for info., and I think I may have pieced together an answer to my question, but not 100% certain. I have acquired a used Vic Trem d' la Trem. I asked the previous owner whether it's fixed or cathode--5E9 or 5G9. He...
  7. RadioFM74

    NCD: Mojotone 2x10 cab for my BF Tremolux

    New cab day! After searching high and low for an old BF Tremolux cab, and failing in my quest, I pulled the trigger on a repro cab. Transport costs to Europe make it a bit pricey, and I am still kicking myself for not seeing that there was an "aged grill cloth" option. But I am very pleased with...
  8. RadioFM74

    Fulldrive users: is the FD good for clean BF amps?

    Hello everyone, I love the classic “Tubescreamer-into-cranked-BF amp” tone, but I’ve realized I’m not going to get it with my own Tubescreamer clone (an EHX East River Drive). At the last gig I’ve realized that I’ll basically never run my amp (a BF Tremolux) hotter than on “5” on the volume...
  9. RadioFM74

    Replacing Power Transformer on Vintage Amp: Anathema?

    Dear all, as some of you may recall (including revered amp experts such as @Silverface @moosie @BobbyZ @keithb7 …… who were gracious enough to chime in on my NAD thread) I have recently become the happy owner of a ‘64 Tremolux Head. I love it. There is only one hassle (well, two, but the...
  10. X

    Tremolux problem

    Hello! I have recap this amp, have news 6L6. Every was ok but today suddenly starts to make this... Any idea???
  11. Piotr

    Butchered BF Tremolux - anything worth salvaging here?

    A BF Tremolux appeared a few hours by car from my city. It has been butchered and in my opinion is not a good deal. However my amp knowledge is very limited, so I'd like to let you have a look and maybe share some thoughts. Some info from the seller: - it is in working condition, - the trafos...
  12. EC_Tremolux_Schematic