1. Spox

    Which band tshirt are you currently wearing?

    I had the same four or so tshirts on rotation throughout winter because they were constantly under a fleece. Today I went into the tshirt drawer(s) and chose Nile from the In Their Darkened Shrines 2003 tour which I think I bought at their merch desk on the following tour, the sneaks. It has a...
  2. S

    King Crimson 2017 tour

    Has anyone caught this show? I just found out I'm seeing them in November, and I'm pretty psyched!
  3. dakotaplaysgtar

    Pelican Case for Pedal Train Pro? - Any help?

    Hey guys I work with a band as a guitar tech and my guitar player I look after uses a pedal train pro, but the roadcase its in is extremely heavy and is always overweight. Anyone know of a Pelican case that would fit a pedal train pro board? Hoping to get this board under 50 lbs so its not...