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    1971 Punchy Telecaster Pickups. Our Best Tele Pickups for Rock. Tone Specific Pickups Forum.

    Although its nothing like a 1970's pickup, we call it the 1970 because this is the pickup they should have been making in the 1970's. We use magnets that are very similar to those used in late 60's but the way we wind these up give you more Punch, Sting & Volume than our much loved vintage Tele...
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    1951 Jazzy Telecaster Pickups. Our Best Tele Pickups for Jazz Tone. Review & Demo of Tone Specific.

    We worked for many years perfecting the design for the Best Tele Pickups for Jazz. We've had many pro players tell us that our 1951 Jazzy Telecaster pickups are the best Telecaster Pickups made & the they make all of the other pickups they've tried seem obsolete. Here is a video by Jay Leonard...
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    1955 Blues Tele Pickups Review/Demo. Best Telecaster Pickups for Blues from Tone Specific

    Check out the Tone Specific 1955 Blues Telecaster Pickups Set. These pickups give you classic Tele tone with a little more on the bottom and mids than what you might expect from an early 50's set. This set was inspired by a really terrific mid 1950’s set slightly tweaked for great Blues tone...
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    Tone Specific Guitar Pickups tdpri Forum Post

    Customers have been sending us e-mail over the past week or so telling us that we needed to pay attention to this forum. It seems that a couple of our competitors have made it their mission to spread rumors about us. This has influenced a few internet trolls to run with these ridiculous...