1. Fretting out

    What time do you eat thanksgiving dinner? why eat so early?

    when going to relatives we always eat Around 2 o clock (in the afternoon of course) Just seems early to me, this is on my fathers side, I asked him why they do it that way, he just says he doesn’t know they’ve always eaten early What time is your supper?
  2. Fretting out

    The turkey WILL have its revenge!

    I saw @Obsessed ‘s thread about leftovers but this turkey story couldn’t even wait to be leftovers My experience starts in the wee hours after thanksgiving To preface: for a fat man i usually don’t eat that much The meal which I ravished was a decent sized plate of turkey,taters,stuffing and...
  3. Fretting out

    Share your turkey/main dish!

    i didn’t see anything like this so figured I’d start Ours this year is a good ol’ deep fried She just came out because we eat our thanksgiving dinner at dinner time around here Have a happy safe thanksgiving everyone
  4. mrsongbird

    “The Thanks I Get” Thanksgiving Saturday Jam

    Some friends and I taking on this great Wilco b-side for a Thanksgiving Saturday Jam! Hope you enjoy!
  5. JL_LI

    Thanksgiving Flights

    I made reservations from JFK to LAX two days ago. I waited until the money was available. Surprisingly enough, American was cheaper than Jet Blue. Prices to Ontario, closer to my ultimate destination, were way too high. When I booked, a few of the flights showed "only three seats remaining...