1. superbadj

    FYI: $549 Fender Player Tele/Strat LPB (black friday sales) Just in case you find yourself in need of one.
  2. J

    Help choosing Telecaster

    I’ve been looking at every T guitar for months. I really had decided to get the new Fender Road Worn 50s model because I like the specs and nitro finish, but the more I think about it I think I’d like building my own. I want a light ash body, MJT to nitro finish it, and then probably a road worn...
  3. D

    Tweed Deluxe vs Tweed Champ

    Hey guys/gals, I was just hoping to open a conversion about tweed amps and guitars. Little bit of a ramble below, apologies. I just bought my first American made guitar. It is a used Les Paul Studio Deluxe 2 from 2013 (I am long time Tele guy and will never sell the MIM I have had and modified...
  4. J

    Building your own CS Tele?

    Hello all, If this post is in the wrong place please let me know. What I’m interested in is buying a plain wood Tele body and sending it somewhere to be nitro painted. Does anyone know where Fender sources their wood from for CS builds? Or where I can get comparable or even better? Same with...
  5. birdawesome

    Ever regretted a CS purchase?

    Just curious if there’s anyone out there that has ever bought a CS guitar and ended up regretting it / having some buyers remorse? If so, what made you change your tune? Did you custom order it and realize you wanted other specs during the waiting period? Was it a team build that you maybe...
  6. Spox

    J.Mascis Guitar Collection

    I am only five minutes in and thought I would post a link due to the Tele at about 2.30. The purists/non modders should not click.
  7. tomtama

    For Sale Maricopa Thinline Telecaster **** PRICE REDUCED ****

    **** Price reduced **** For sale is a one of a kind thinline telecaster hand built by Maricopa Guitars in 2018. I'm asking $1600. Free shipping to the CONUS. The guitar is in excellent condition with NO dents, dings, scratches, or buckle rash. The frets are in excellent shape. It does show...
  8. T

    Strange but true

    I do hope this is a new topic: we all know that Jimmy Page recorded many Led Zeppelin tracks on a Tele when common belief would be that he used his famous Les, are there any other artists that are typically known to play other guitar models, that actually recorded tracks in the studio...
  9. T

    HELP Fender Tele Vintera Deluxe 70s string spacing too wide?

    Hi, I have one of these: The problem: The High E is falling off the neck worse than other guitar I've owned. I've done the unscrew the rear bolts and push/pull on the neck but that has only made a minor difference. I love the sound but every single one I saw in the shop had the same issue...
  10. B

    Tele Serial Number Question

    Hi all. Hoping someone with a good level of knowledge could help me out with this. I have, what I believed to be, a Fender MIJ 50th anniversary telecaster whcih was produced around 1994. I bought this a few years ago but never really looked into the serial number of it. It plays good so I've...
  11. yagguh

    Finished my second partscaster! Super happy with the result.

    Hi folks! Just finished my second telecaster build. Here are the specs: Woods - Fret Dressed WD Neck 12" Ebony Fretboard Neck - Custom built contoured ash tele body by USA MADE GUITARS on reverb Hardware - Custom CNC'd ebony stained walnut pickguard - Gotoh in-tune bridge - Custom CNC'd...
  12. BrandonIke

    Any ideas on this Squier? toploader body

    Been a while since I've been on here! Used to be on all the time a years ago, it's good to be back. I picked up this toploader loaded body the other day (for free off FB) and am kind of stumped as to what it may be. The guy thought it was a Squier but if so I really don't know what model it...
  13. grandt

    No Electricity Tele Build Challenge

    Hi all! Hope you're having a great day. Yesterday I have started a new big project - to build a guitar with no electricity, which means no router, no bandsaw and not even a digital caliper. So far I've carved the truss rod channel with a chisel and here's a video of the process that I took...
  14. frettchen

    I need info on this USA Telecaster

    Hi! A guy offered me in trade his USA 60th anniversary Telecaster (US10.. Serial number). The official Fender s/n lookup identifies the following guitar: "60TH ANNIVERSARY TELE MN BGB" From what I can see, it should be 2011/2012 production. I never heard of them, anyone is owning one of them...
  15. diab soule

    Marmalade. a tune i recorded a while ago.

    I made this song after buying this lovely Fender Baja Telecaster and was so amazed at how good it sounded, i couldnt stop playing. Thus this 6 minute opus into twang. enjoy.
  16. C

    American Original 60’s tele LPB will binding age?

    I have a newer American Original 60’s tele in Lake Placid Blue. I find the pickguard and binding really bright white. Would the binding and guard get more cream/yellowed/aged ? I believe the finish is gloss nitro. Or is this a newer type of nitro finish that won’t change colour on the binding?
  17. B

    Please Help Me Build My 1st Partscaster

    I’m might be going out on a limb here, but I figured there’s no harm in trying. I figured I should build a partscaster. Now here’s an idea I had…I know this might be weird, but I figured I’d ask TDPRI members if you have any telecaster parts to spare. I think it would be cool to own a...
  18. likeasong90

    Help with wiring (1 humbucker + 1 vol 1 tone pots + selector as killswitch)

    Hi, TDPRI people! First of all, I just registered but I have been visiting this site for years, lurking and learning quite a bit from you all. Thanks for the massive knowledge repository you've made of this site! 🤗 I have an issue that I haven't been able to sort out even after reading loads...
  19. KrenarCilku

    Which Telecaster Would YOU Choose?

    Hey guys! Just did a video shooting out 3 telecaster and wanted to share with y'all! It would be interesting to hear, what are you looking for in a tele? Cheers!
  20. MTPoteet

    Listen to this.....

    Don't be scared. I'm not a waltz type of a guy so I don't know where this came from, but, it's all music! Let me know what you think. For some contrast listen to Chocolate Chip Pancakes on the Soundcloud link below
  21. R

    Fender FSR MIJ Mahogany Offset Telecaster (P90 neck) wiring diagram / Tele + Humbucker neck

    Hi all, I was unable to find the diagram I needed for this setup, so I made this diagram to show how I solved the issue I was having with using a dual-ganged volume pot for 2 different values of volume control (one for each pickup). It would be even more beneficial for a guitar with a tele...
  22. B

    Your Favorite Telecaster Tones

    Can you guys give examples and links to your favorite Telecaster tones? I'm talking about the wide range of tones that a Telecaster can produce. Even unusual tones are welcome. I would just like to hear all the possible tones this guitar can achieve. Also, if you have your own, please share...
  23. B

    Hey fellow Tele appreciating personnel 🙂 advice needed please?

    Hello everyone, some help would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any ideas or info please - I'll put a poll up in case people dont have time to give their explanation but here is the dilemma I face. I own a MIM fender tele player in butterscotch, a fender tele thinline modern with p90s and a...
  24. C

    Modding Squier Affinity Tele (Another hotrails post)

    Hi, sorry if y'all are sick to death of this kind of post. Can't quite find the answers I am looking for. So this is the Squier Affinity Tele and I have just bought this seymour duncan hot rails for the bridge. I want to know - - How do I tell if my pots are 250k or 500k? I keep reading that I...
  25. A

    Body stamp dating

    Hey guys, admittedly I'm a bit of a novice with vintage fender so I could use some help. I got this tele body at an estate sale from a guy who roadied pretty heavily in the 60s-80's, and lived about 5 miles from the original fender workshop. There was a table of maybe 8 bodies and 12 necks...