1. B

    Hey fellow Tele appreciating personnel 🙂 advice needed please?

    Hello everyone, some help would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any ideas or info please - I'll put a poll up in case people dont have time to give their explanation but here is the dilemma I face. I own a MIM fender tele player in butterscotch, a fender tele thinline modern with p90s and a...
  2. C

    Modding Squier Affinity Tele (Another hotrails post)

    Hi, sorry if y'all are sick to death of this kind of post. Can't quite find the answers I am looking for. So this is the Squier Affinity Tele and I have just bought this seymour duncan hot rails for the bridge. I want to know - - How do I tell if my pots are 250k or 500k? I keep reading that I...
  3. A

    Body stamp dating

    Hey guys, admittedly I'm a bit of a novice with vintage fender so I could use some help. I got this tele body at an estate sale from a guy who roadied pretty heavily in the 60s-80's, and lived about 5 miles from the original fender workshop. There was a table of maybe 8 bodies and 12 necks...
  4. U

    3 Different Jazz Styles on Tele

    Would be interested to know which style people would prefer from these short 3 different Jazz styles on a standard Tele.
  5. BackwaterJunction

    Sunny Sunday = Guitar Picture Day

    The sun's out, I've been having a lazy weekend, and it occurred to me I've never tried to get a matching set of pictures of my guitars. A bit of running in and out of the house later, and here's the results... The Telecasters Chord 'Telecaster' - my first electric guitar. It's been upgraded in...
  6. TyPierce

    For Sale MJT Esquire Tele - CAR Nitro, Brazilian board, Cavalier, Mallory, Kluson - PRICE DROP!

    Selling a freshly-built Esquire/Telecaster. Playability is excellent, and the tone gives you that classic Fender Tele tone but with more beef and a modern bridge. Specs include: - Body is an MJT finished alder body by Guitar Mill in Candy Apple Red nitro lacquer. This CAR is gorgeous! Body...
  7. TyPierce

    For Sale Cabronita parts - Allparts USA Swamp Ash body for $200 shipped!

    Selling off some excellent Cabronita parts that I was collecting for a build but decided to stick with shorter scale lengths. Allparts Swamp Ash body - Brand new TBAO-CN body from Allparts. These are normally $450 but my loss is your gain - Asking $200 shipped to the lower 48. DecoBoom Redtail...
  8. A

    Telecaster for metal

    Hello all, This is my first post so I'm very sorry if this has been posted before. I have a situation with my guitar, got my first fender guitar a year ago, a player series which I have modified a bit to fit my necessities (and refinished), I put a pair of vintage noiseless pups in it with a 4...
  9. KrenarCilku

    Fender Player Series Telecaster

    Hey all! I've been having an itch to own my very first Fender. Yes, I have never owned a Fender guitar before! I spotted this Fender Player Series Telecaster in Polar White with the Pao Ferro fretboard in the used market, reached out to the seller and we agreed on 450€ including shipping...
  10. Disconnected

    New member

    Hi all. I am an occasional reader of this forum and as of few days ago for the first time owner of a Telecaster. I have been a guitar player for 30 plus years. At start, mostly Ibanez and for the last 15 years Strats, Xotics, Suhr and occasional LP. Have two amps, Silver Jubilee and a Two Rock...
  11. B

    If A Signature Telecaster Was Named After You...

    If a signature Telecaster was named after you, what would the specs be? Let's be specific and build this guitar down to the colors if you wish.
  12. B

    Best Currently Produced Mexican Tele

    What would you guys say is the best currently produced Mexican Telecaster? Also, is it worth it or just go a little bit more for an American made one? Thanks!
  13. J

    For Sale Fender Jerry Donahue Telecaster *Price Drop $1050*

    Selling my JD tele. It's in very good condition especially for it's age. All original. Darn near Excellent condition. Sounds amazing and has a nice large V neck that is really special which is why everyone loves these teles. Very slight wear. Body has normal little dings and scratches. The nut...
  14. F

    Binding A Raised Center

    This forum has been a great deal of help to me over the years, but this is my first post. I have a question I can’t seem to find the answer to. I have always wanted to bind a guitar with a raised center. My body style I normally build has a 1/2” tall center portion on the top, and 1/4” on the...
  15. J

    For Sale/Trade Price Drop Telecaster Parts Guitar

    This is my 24th parts build. I don't know why I keep doing this...I have too many telecasters but I just love them and love seeing how they come together. Anyway... - nitro-finished swamp ash body by MJT-alum BloomDoom. This will age very quickly. Some checking already evident plus a few little...
  16. themovierad

    NGD - J Mascis Tele

    I swapped out the bridge, threw locking Hipshot tuners, and swapped the pick guard out. I like this guitar a lot…
  17. B

    Your #1 Telecaster

    Let’s talk about your #1 Telecaster. What makes it your workhorse? Any upgrades? Please give details and show a picture if available. Thanks!
  18. GuitarTalk

    “NGD” RARE 1971 Telecaster Custom (Double-Bound, Maple Neck)

    Thought I’d share a couple photos of this beauty before she moves on to a friend of mine now that I have acquired a blackguard. This one is CLEAN and weighs only 6.9lb… exactly the same weight as the blackguard to the gram. Pretty hard to find a non-bigsby, double-white bound 3TSB… especially...
  19. J

    Tele Pickup Journey, so far... Goldilocks...

    Hi everyone. I have a 2018 BSB Classic Vibe (China) that I really like, but wasn't that happy with the Alnico 5s fitted as standard. So I fitted: 1. Fender Texas Specials - 'too hot' (9k bridge) and lost some of the Tele dynamics; 2. the original Classic Vibe Alnico 5s (bridge 5.9k) - 'too...
  20. d0sk3y

    My new Squier Esquire FSR LPB with upgrades :)

    Hi all, just thought I'd post this, since I think it's relevant. This is my new FSR Squier Esquire in LPB, which I've upgraded the bridge and bridge pickup on. Parts were taken from a Fender Baja '60s Tele, which I've handed on to a friend for a very interesting Bigsby-Filtertron custom build...
  21. GuitarTalk

    My 1953 original Telecaster “Blackguard” (Photoshoot)

    Here’s my fave shot of my 53’ blackguard with its original ash tray and gig bag. Took it out of the studio for a photo shoot today… new screen saver!
  22. KrenarCilku

    Neck tints on Telecasters, which one do you prefer?

    Alright, I need to know what the general consensus about this topic is. Do you guys like the vintage amber tint necks on telecasters or the really pale maple necks? For some reason, I just can't fall in love with any telecaster or strat for that matter that has the pale maple neck and...
  23. E

    Keith urban Tele

    Does anyone know the brand and model of the Tele style guitar Keith Urban is playing in the music videos for " God Whispered Your Name" and Wild Hearts"? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  24. H

    Looking for some advice on how to wire my Modern Player Tele

    Hey everyone, I have a question that I'm suspecting is bit unique, since there weren't any other posts for this exact question. Soon, I'll be upgrading my Modern Player Tele, which currently has the stock HSS configuration. I'm looking to swap the bridge and neck pickup, and take out the...
  25. thrilliant

    Thinline telecaster twang?

    I love everything about how a solid body telecaster sounds - the tightness of the neck pickup, the chime of the middle position, and mostly the twang and bite of a bridge pickup. I just bought a thinline telecaster because I love the look of it - butterscotch blonde with a black pickguard and...