1. Fireball519

    Maggie does it again!

    So most have seen the pics of a custom painted Strat my beautiful, sweet, loving, talented wife Maggie painted for me. Today she struck again! I've been wanting to personalize my tele by adding a clear pickguard with a drawing under it (aka Jimmy Bryant.) This is what she came up with for me. I...
  2. S

    LyxPro Telecaster Action Issue *Help*

    I have a Lyxpro telecaster. Knowing its a cheap knockoff, im not expecting too much, but honestly just want a tele-style guitar to play without hurting the wallet, since I'm getting a better guitar soon. Got it for $88 on Amazon. Pickups are crappy, but Playable. Neck is nice for the price...
  3. T

    Warmoth Neck for Tele

    I'm ordering a custom Warmoth neck, but I'd like it to have a bone nut which they don't offer. Does anyone know if Warmoth necks take a nut with flat bottom or with curved bottom? And any recommendations of brand? I can't get a response from their customer service.
  4. TyPierce

    SOLD MJT Tele neck w/ Brazilian Rosewood and Kluson Deluxe tuners

    Selling a fantastic Telecaster neck - I've had this on a couple Teles, but I've learned that I'm just more suited to Gretsch/Gibson scale guitars so I'm moving this along to a new home. Specs are as follows: Musikraft neck finished by Mark Jenny in nitrocellulose lacquer Maple w/ Brazilian...
  5. L

    For Sale Ron Kirn, custom one-of-a-kind Tele, old mahogany, curly maple, Fralin P-90's, T-Tek - have to let it go!

    Custom Ron Kirn Telecaster, virtually unplayed, old mahogany, curly maple neck, Fralin P90’s, T-Tek bridge Grab a beer, or a cup o’ joe, and enjoy my little story here! My dad had this huge mahogany board – he was going to make a table or cabinet or something. All I know about it was that it...
  6. revlimitbounce

    New Warmoth build - sanding Q

    Hey y'all: Building my next guitar (a working axe, not a trophy piece or wall hanging; this thing's gonna be gigged) which has a semi-hollow Tele body, mini-humbuckers, mahogany back with a carved, quilted maple top. Been researching to friggin' death all the online smarts (and NOT so smarts)...
  7. AAT65

    NGD - American Original 60s Lake Placid Blue

    I decided in the end I couldn’t pass it up - I nearly bought an AO 60s Tele when I bought my Jazzmaster, and I’ve thought about it ever since, and said several times here that the AO 60s is the best current production Telecaster that Fender make. Since they seem to have just about dropped off...
  8. ChipOnly

    For Sale MJT Telecaster

    Excellent tele made with top notch parts for sale. Would love to sell locally in Chicagoland or Central IL, but happy to ship too. Looking to come away with $1100 net. It features Arcane 67 Allen Hinds signature pickups, Fender pat pending relic bridge and brass compensated saddles. CTS...
  9. MrClint

    Caribou Slobber

    A celebratory blues jam with my first batch of home brew: Cheers!
  10. D

    Amp recommendations

    Looking for recommendations for a portable amp that I can use for gigs in relatively small rooms. I'm currently recording with an Epiphone Triggerman, a great amp, but it weighs a ton. Primarily using a standard Tele (Mexican), 12-string Gretsch, and a vintage Strat, in that order. If the amp...
  11. C

    Modding Squier Affinity Tele (Another hotrails post)

    Hi, sorry if y'all are sick to death of this kind of post. Can't quite find the answers I am looking for. So this is the Squier Affinity Tele and I have just bought this seymour duncan hot rails for the bridge. I want to know - - How do I tell if my pots are 250k or 500k? I keep reading that I...
  12. NorthStateSirL

    AntiCaster - first tele style custom kit build.

    I thought I would share my journey of my first build with this community and probably ask questions along the way. I’m a big fan of the deluxe tele look so that was my foundation. I have a PRS Starla that is super versatile and I love playing it. With that, it is important to me to experiment...
  13. T

    Packed- Telecaster Wiring with mixed pickups

    Hello all. Long time viewer first time caller.:) I might be the outlier here. I am a bit of a minimalist. I only want to own one electric guitar, instead of having many for different purposes. I have a SH Telecaster that I am fixing up. Humbucker is in the bridge. I am doing a full rewire of...
  14. B

    Your #1 Telecaster

    Let’s talk about your #1 Telecaster. What makes it your workhorse? Any upgrades? Please give details and show a picture if available. Thanks!
  15. J

    Tele Pickup Journey, so far... Goldilocks...

    Hi everyone. I have a 2018 BSB Classic Vibe (China) that I really like, but wasn't that happy with the Alnico 5s fitted as standard. So I fitted: 1. Fender Texas Specials - 'too hot' (9k bridge) and lost some of the Tele dynamics; 2. the original Classic Vibe Alnico 5s (bridge 5.9k) - 'too...
  16. hamilcaster

    Tyler Hamilton - "Movin' On" New Album - Americana, Rock, Tele, Organ, Some Twang Content Too!

    Released my second self-produced album on 4/13. I'm trying to spread the word and get some ears on this thing. I'm super proud of how it turned out and really want people to hear it. What do you think of it? Does it sound like anything? I'm always looking for likenesses to use as descriptors...
  17. GuitarTalk

    NGD 1953 Telecaster Blackguard

    First post on here, but have been lurking for a while. This is my 1953 blackguard tele. 6.9LB with strings. Ashtray and original leather Victoria gig bag not pictured here.
  18. E

    Keith urban Tele

    Does anyone know the brand and model of the Tele style guitar Keith Urban is playing in the music videos for " God Whispered Your Name" and Wild Hearts"? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  19. rze99

    Build: Aged Olympic White and rosewood board - Rexter / Fender / Gotoh

    Bit of an opportunist build this. And a while since my last. All used but decent parts so it is low cost. Mostly this is an existing parts drawer build with some bits I just picked up to complete. Kind of like a Journeyman light relic '60s Tele 63-64 style Body: Nicely lightly aged thin nitro...
  20. S

    Strat vs Tele question

    Please consider me a total naive idiot. I've had a MIM telecaster with a humbucker at the neck and a single coil at the bridge for 20 some odd years, and I find the sunburst ugly as heck, but I love the sound and feel of this guitar – mostly play the neck pickup, it was a...
  21. Fretting out

    1968 Mike Bloomfield telecaster 150,000 dollars

    While going through reverb I found this bad boy for sale thought you guys would find it interesting I believe it has some sort of letter of authenticity with it
  22. D

    New tele build, scratching head...

    I've been a strat guy for almost 20 years, but I just built my first tele. Allen eden body, all parts neck, gotoh tuners, everything else fender including twisted tele pickups. The head scratcher though is how it sound past the 12th fret. It's not quite a buzz it's more of a metallic like sound...
  23. C

    Bridge humbucker+bigsby?

    So I recently got a partcaster to f around with. It’s cheaper and already been modded a lot. I want to do the following and need some advice: Route space for a humbucker in the bridge position. Put a Seymour black winter in the bridge position. Then I want to put a bigsby on it, with the black...
  24. generic202

    Headless Travel Tele: Blasphemy!?

    Hi all, I just joined the forum to share my first Tele project. I hope to connect with some of you through this forum! To start, I was initially looking for an affordable Headless Travel Tele but couldn't really find one in my liking despite a boon in headless guitars in recent years. So I...
  25. Copy of ChY4iNnU0AAL1S2.bin.jpg

    Copy of ChY4iNnU0AAL1S2.bin.jpg

    @ Daniel Lanois Home studio "Kingsway Studios" in 1994. He lived there and let us use ALL his personal equipment. This picture is me with our record producer Gavin MaKillop working on tone with Dan's Tele Deluxe. Everything you imagine vintage was there, including Bob Dylan's acoustic!

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