1. itsGiusto

    Does anyone actually like or use bright switches/caps?

    Okay, the title is hyperbolic, I'm sure lots of people like them and use them. Can anyone tell me why you like them? When do you choose to turn on the bright switch vs just turning up the treble or tone knob? In what situations do you use the bright switch, what do you get out of it, how does it...
  2. itsGiusto

    Cabinet with DPDT switch to switch speakers?

    I have a 2x12 cabinet. I want to use only one speaker at a time in it, but switch between them sometimes. Would it be safe to attach the speakers to the input jack by means of a DPDT switch? I assume it would be fine, but would I have to turn off the amp or put it into standby before flipping...
  3. itsGiusto

    Plexi mod: putting 270k vs 470k mixer resistors on a switch

    The goal would be to switch between JTM45 and JTM50/1987 specs. Has anyone ever tried this? Is the effect pronounced and worth trying? Or too subtle to be worth it?
  4. itsGiusto

    Useful Plexi mod: switchable bright cap on volume pot, or switchable treble peaking cap on 470k mixer resistor?

    I feel like adding a mod to my 1967 Plexi clone using a push pull pot. I guess I'd like to try to reduce some ice pick highs for a sweeter clean tone sometimes, as well as a more robust distortion. Currently the high treble channel 1 volume pot has a 100pf bright cap. I also have a 500pf treble...
  5. J

    Greasebucket tone with switch

    Has anyone here tried this modified greasebucket circuit? I'm trying to come up with a circuit that will allow me to switch between a "normal" tone circuit (with a 50 nF cap; this guitar's stock tone circuit) and greasebucket. The corresponding value of the other cap should be around 28 nF (...
  6. J

    Switchable Treble Bleed Circuit

    So, the idea behind this mod is to switch between no treble bleed and two different treble bleed circuits. I think that I'll need a DPDT on-off-on switch to achieve this but I am not entirely sure if my wiring is correct. Here is a WIP wiring diagram adapted from a stock pre-CBS Duo Sonic...
  7. Retriarius

    Fender S-1 switch, Tele coupler issue

    I have the S-1 Switch with the Tele knob, so there's a coupler to push the actual button inside the knob. When I assemble it, the coupler sticks. The button pushes just fine with a fine screwdriver, so the switch is good, but the coupler is just getting stuck in the shaft. It won't pop back...
  8. SecretSquirrel

    Help with wiring 3-way selector + 2-way Serial/Parallel switch

    I could use some help, I can't seem to get this right! :confused: On the guitar I'm trying to rewire, the body is thin, so I have to use slide switches or mini-toggles that fit depthwise. (I'm going with slide switches.) The pickups are two identical single-coils. One volume control, no tone...
  9. R

    wiring diagram

    Hi guys, got an itch to deviate from standard two pickup - standard three way switch and tone control layouts and go to two pickup - standard three way switch with tapped bridge pickup to wire bridge to jack, bridge to tone control and the neck pickup to jack. Anyone else wired this way today...
  10. R

    wiring diagram

    Hi guys, got an itch to deviate from standard two pickup - standard three way switch and tone control layouts and go to two pickup - standard three way switch with tapped bridge pickup to wire bridge to jack, bridge to tone control and the neck pickup to jack. Anyone else wired this way today...
  11. 41144

    Middle Pickup position.

    Simple Q, does anyone by default use the middle pick-up position on either a Tele or for that matter a Strat (regarding Strat I do mean middle not 2 or 4!)? Personally... Tele is neck everytime unless I want to use, Fuzz in which case I'll use Bridge , Strat is Neck and or pos. 2. ie Would...
  12. itsGiusto

    3-way switchable NFB - Why extra 100ohm resistor?

    On Ceriatone's Plexi 101 layout, their new all-switchable modded plexi, they have a 3-way NFB switch: I also came up with an almost identical way of doing a switch like this without having seen this layout yet - one resistor across the lugs, and another one across the right two lugs so when...
  13. RavageTheEarth

    Fender Mustang Dual Humbuckers Wiring MADNESS! HELP!!!

    Hi ladies and gents, I have a Squier Mustang HH and I'm installing a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates 4 conductor humbucker in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan '59 4 conductor humbucker in the neck position. I'm using a Fender Mustang pickguard with TWO 3-way slide switches (each one has 8 TERMINALS)...
  14. R

    1970 Fender Twin Reverb with Ground Switch in Middle Position & Death Cap Present - Still Dangerous?

    Hi all, I've recently read various forum posts, and website articles regarding the "death cap" that was used in many vintage amps. After all my reading I am still unsure whether or not my 1970 Fender Twin Reverb is safe if the ground switch is in the centre/middle position, assuming that the...
  15. H

    3way switch change problems - Morse telemonster project

    Hi guys, Ive got problem. Ive got guitar with wiring and "style" inspired by Morse's telecaster. It was working perfect till the day 3way switch died... After replacing switch with new one there is a lot of problem / conflicts that I dont know how to solve. Old switch was Hosco YM-30, new one...
  16. itsGiusto

    Modded 5f1 to have switchable tone knob - has crackling and weird distortion

    I built a Mojotone 5f1 tweed champ a few years ago. I just modded it with a push-pull tone knob, so that when you pull the knob, the tone knob gets added into the circuit. The tone knob is using the 5f2a tweed princeton circuit as inspiration. Here's a schematic in which I've photoshopped my mod...
  17. Binx

    Capacitor Selector Switch

    Hi guys, I ran across this article and thought it was kind of a cool idea: https://www.electricherald.com/tonecap-selector-mod/ I know it's not a varitone or tonestyler (though I have always been a varitone fan, even though some of the positions are useless, a few give some cool options I...
  18. itsGiusto

    Voltage rating on ss/tube rectifier switch?

    Sorry, this might be a dumb question. I'd assume that we'd want the switch to be rated at whatever voltage the rectifiers puts out in DC (450 for a 5E3)? The only reason I'm confused is in Robrob's site, it says you can use a 250v switch, so I thought I'd double check...
  19. ElectricKaibutsu

    Neck cutting out. Bad switch or shoddy soldering?

    Hi everyone, I bought a used Squier CV 50's BSB. I've been slowly doing work on it so it has spent most of the last year in pieces. I finally put it all back together with a new P90 in the neck. Now I'm having an issue where the neck will cut out when the switch is in the neck position. If I...
  20. Fiender

    Need Help With Metallic Noise Coming Through Pickup

    Hey everyone, hope you're having a great Sunday. I'm having a little bit of trouble with my Telecaster's bridge pickup, a DiMarzio Tone Zone T. It seems to be picking up a metallic noise from within the guitar. I think it's the spring from my 3-way switch because that noise can be heard when I...
  21. Okmeekguitars

    Super Switch wiring help

    Wrong thread
  22. J

    Diagnosing LP problem, pickup? switch? pot?

    Hi Everyone, I've got a 2006 Epiphone LP that's been acting up and just never got the chance or time to look into it. I've got a minor operation coming up that's going to make me stay home and take it easy so I figure it might be a good time to tackle it as I'm sure i'm going to soldering...
  23. Gimme_your_bigsby

    Is my switch the issue?

    I have a telecaster that me and my dad assembled about a year ago, we wired everything according to the diagrams that apply to our hardware. Everything worked as it should for a good while. However, at one point the neck position on the switch would kill all output. This was annoying to me but...
  24. samuelmorrissey

    Switchcraft toggle switch ground - help!

    Hi gang, Been experiencing some trouble with the ground terminal on a brand new Switchcraft toggle switch. So I thought I'd take the issue here and see if any of you technical guru's can help me out. So, I've done a good few wiring jobs before and have become pretty efficient with a soldering...
  25. itsGiusto

    Marshall plexi build: Post PI coupling caps on a switch?

    I'm considering trying to build a hybrid amp between a JTM 50 and a Marshall 1987 ('68 specs). If possible, I'd like to be able to achieve both amp sounds and have all necessary differences between the amps switchable. I know it would add a lot of switches to the amp, but I don't mind. I...