swamp ash

  1. Bongoslade

    NGD - Partscaster, Swamp Ash with Roasted Maple Neck - and it's all mine

    i just bought a new Telecaster last week and i am thrilled with how it sounds - but - more importantly - it looks amazing…! Swamp ash body finished in what they are calling Sienna Sunburst - so sort of a cherry burst to me from photos i’ve seen of other cherries. Here is some data that was...
  2. Tele-Meister

    Wudtone Honey Finish

    Hey everyone, Did any of you guys ever finish your guitars in this particular finish? I’d love to see some pictures to get a better idea of what to finish my swamp ash Telecaster body in. There’s two pictures on the Wudtone site of this colour, and they look great, however I’m still left...
  3. finallyelectric

    Please help, new build, new pickups, newbie

    First - You all have been so nice already, I really appreciate it. Second - If this needs to go to a different forum, please excuse me. I thought it might be a little too general for "pick-ups only" Third - There is so much info regarding pick-ups on the forum. I've done a ton of research here...
  4. Killing Floor

    Perfect Haircut

    What makes a perfect haircut? Edging, layering, blending, color, shaving. Just kidding. What makes a haircut a Perfect Haircut is when the shop has their own beer! Here’s to day drinking and a “buzz” cut at Birds. What’s great about your salon or barbershop?
  5. PartyOnAlec

    Building a tele with my dad - both long-time guitarists but first time luthiers. Our Considerations.

    Hey everyone! Been reading this forum religiously for the last few weeks and I've learned a ton (I think). My dad and I have talked for ages about building a partscaster tele, and the time has finally come! I want to run through the plan we have, as well as questions I've come up with along the...
  6. GunsOfBrixton

    One last one and done.

    So, I have come to the conclusion that I don't need any more guitars (actually trying to off load a few) and I don't have anyone in mind to build one for as a gift but I do want to build at least one semi-original design. Not planning on straying to far from the tele-verse but just enough to...
  7. Jdemartini

    The Meteora is ready!

    Hi folks, after an unusual year the Meteora is ready, this was my first build from scratch. The body shapes comes from the Meteora from Alternate Reality, and the headstock from the Starcaster with a twist. body: 2 piece swamp ash. Neck: 1 piece mahogany. Fretboard: Pauferro, 20 radius...
  8. Butch Snyder

    Tex Mex Pickups in Alder vs. Swamp Ash

    I was wondering what you guys' thoughts would be on a set of Tex Mex Tele pickups in an alder body Tele vs. a swamp ash body Tele. Both have maple necks/fretboards. Both have vintage style ashtray bridge assemblies and vintage type Kluson tuning keys and bone-type nuts. What would be the...
  9. O


    Yes she is a true pandemicaster. Dolly is put together to counterbalance my good friend Kaj at Kaj's guitarshop in Enschede NL from going insane. She is literally put together from parts laying about the shops workbench area and some of her bits even came from the dumpster behind the shop...
  10. KeepItSimpleTele

    Cabronita Partscaster Build

    I regretted selling my old Squier Cabronita. It had sounded muddy to my ears in the neck pickup, but the bridge just growled with my Traynor YBA-1 Mod 1 amp. I had replaced the pot with a 500k one (which helped de-mud a bit), but maybe it was the Basswood? Anyways, I have been learning and...
  11. anguswoodhead

    Need Help Valuing My 1998 Fred Stuart Custom Tele Please

    Greetings - my first post.... Trying to work out what price to ask for this…. Feb 98 Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Fred Stuart Model - (see Signature on back of head stock) 1st photo See 2nd photo of original new guitar in case. Then 3rd photo of mods done by previous owner I’ve had Matt’s...
  12. Marn99

    Swamp ash board foot weight

    Hey everyone, I have my eye on this real pretty swamp ash body blank that has a board foot weight of 2.35 pounds per board foot. Now I know that the definition of ideal weight is fairly subjective, but is this a good weight or should I aim for something lighter?
  13. S

    How to Tell if Grain Filling Worked

    I'm trying to build my first guitar and have read up on the process as much as possible. I routed a swamp ash tele and put oil-based grain filler in it twice (after I sanded smooth with 220 grit) I scraped it off with a credit card across the grain before it dried and then sanded the...
  14. Dfree

    Water based dye on Warmoth body?

    So I'm testing dye and lacquer finishes on some Ash, and getting encouraging results when I notice that Warmoth recommends that no water be used on their bodies! Has anyone used water based dyes on these bodies and had good or bad things happen? I'm going for an extremely vivid color, and the...
  15. 06-DSCF2297


    Double Cutaway
  16. Blackguard 1950's Concept

    Blackguard 1950's Concept

    6.8 lbs total. One piece Swamp Ash W/custom contours. Fralin pups, V-Neck by AllParts. Nitro finish