super reverb

  1. 72_Custom

    Would You Sell Two Silver Panel Amps to Buy One Black Panel Amp?

    Context: I've officially hit that point where I have too much stuff. I don't want to imply that what's best for me is what's best for everyone, but I've realized that I'm happier with fewer but nicer things. I play out frequently, but mostly take smaller solid state amps for their weight...
  2. J

    79 super reverb woes strange distortion

    I have a 79 super reverb UL amp that I picked up on FB marketplace a few weeks ago. It was super cheap but also needed some work. It did play when I got it. It gets loud but had some hum and a weird distortion on bass notes. Almost like a ghostly trashy fuzz pedal in parallel with the clean...
  3. itsGiusto

    Why is B+ low in my Super Reverb, but preamp plate voltage is normal? Can I run a GZ34 without making preamp plate voltage too high?

    I posted this deep in my NAD thread, where it got a little drowned out. I thought that maybe I'd get more advice if I promoted it to its own thread: My new Super Reverb seems to be an AB763, however, it came with a 5U4 tube, not a GZ34 like it should if it were stock. I took some voltages in...
  4. itsGiusto

    NAD: 1968 Super Reverb

    I've been on the lookout for a good deal on a super reverb for 2 years now, and one finally came up locally for $500. It was selling for so cheap ostensibly simply because the original tolex, back panels, grill cloth, reverb tank bag, and speakers are gone. But the amp is fully functional. I've...
  5. itsGiusto

    Should I pull the trigger on an early 70s Super reverb?

    I've been casually keeping my eye open for a Super Reverb for a year now. I'm looking to find one at a good price, and I don't urgently need the amp, since I have two other Fender SF amps I love. One Super Reverb came up in my area for $1200, which includes a Calzone flight case (that the guy...
  6. T

    Vintage Super Reverb Maintenance/assessment

    Hi all, I recently acquired a black panel super reverb, intending to put some money into it to use it as long as I possibly can. From the transformer codes and stamp on the tube chart it seems to be 1965. Beyond that, I don't know much about the insides to know whether it's been modded or...
  7. TokyoPortrait

    How Soon Is Now - Johnny Marr Live (let's play count the amps)

    Hi. This popped up yesterday. Some right proper guitar action going on too. Pax/ Dean
  8. H

    The love and adoration for the Fender Super Reverb

    Where does it come from? I feel like Fender SRs are held in much higher esteem than many other BF/SF amps, and as such they sell for much more $$$. Is this amp so desired mostly because of the Stevie Ray Vaughan hype?
  9. K

    Considering A Tone Master Super Reverb

    Well now I’m curious. I primarily play at home and church and use a 68 Custom PRRI. I love the amp, it is super responsive, and I trust that the amp will work with regular maintenance years from now. But, power scaling on the Tone Master line is really cool. I got to play through the Super...
  10. H

    1992 Super Reverb?

    I found someone selling a supposed 1992 fender super reverb. I don't think that fender actually produced SR reissues in 1992, did they? This amp has a black faceplate, but the rear chassis certainly looks modern, with an IEC plug, a 1/4" footswitch plug instead of RCA plugs, and the serial...
  11. HD28

    Silverface Super Reverb Operating Temperature

    My 1969 super reverb silverface ab568 has been put all back together and I’ve been playing it a lot. The chassis is hot. I mean hot! Hot like a 1968 Chevy 250 in-line 6. The ground switch and the on/off and...
  12. HD28

    One Owner 1969 Super Reverb AB568 Restoration

    I acquired a 1969 Super Reverb silverface, no drip edge, original foot pedal and cover, amp from the son of the original owner, an accordion player, in rural Manitoba, Canada. No one has been under the hood of this amp except me. There are no apparent problems with this amp except 51 years. I...
  13. HD28

    1969 Fender Super Reverb SF Circuit ID

    I am going to look at a silver face no drip edge SR on Friday and would like some help from y’all in trying to ID the circuit inside it without removing the chassis. If that’s possible. Serial number on back of chassis is A 423(6 or 5)1 The number on the reverb transformer is 606-9-23 It has a...
  14. G

    Super Reverb vs Quad Reverb

    Okay, lets talk this through. Aside from the fact that one is an oversized twin and one is an oversized vibrolux, and the other obvious differences, what are the difference between these two. Especially from a tonal standpoint? I have never seen a Quad in person but I do own an '18 SRRI. Maybe...
  15. itsGiusto

    Why does a Twin Reverb have later breakup than a Super Reverb, and how to get it to sound closer?

    The conventional wisdom on the web is that the TR and SR are waaay different, and that the SR will break up at 4 on the volume knob, and the TR doesn't break up anywhere on the volume knob. But the differences between them seem to be fairly small: Diode rectifier vs GZ34 4x6L6 vs 2x6L6 power...
  16. O

    Kit build for pedal steel guitar

    I am debating between Mojo’s Princeton kit, and the Super Reverb kit. This would mainly be for pedal steel guitar. Ill be doing a head, and a 15” speaker in a separate cab. I’m thinking of modding a Princeton, deluxe trannys, etc, etc, to get more power and clean head room. or.. A super...
  17. G

    Sparkly Clean amp settings

    I try to learn something new everyday. So here is what I am attempting to learn today. My main amp is a '65 Super Reverb Reissue. It's a great amp, but I want to hear if there are any other super reverb fans out there, and how do you set your amp to get that sparkly clean tone that they known for.
  18. 22donster

    Tele straight into a cranked super?

    Havent been able to do this since gigs were a thing. Working nights is also good, none of the neighbors are home. I need some sort of twang shelter. Who cranks their amps at home? Any tips for noise reduction? I think my super was on about 8-9 here
  19. tah1962

    Need help dating a Fender Super Reverb

    Yesterday I was gifted a Fender Super Reverb. In researching production dates, I’m finding some conflicting information based on transformer codes, and the chassis code. I thought I’d throw it out to the amp guru’s here on TDPRI. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below are pictures of the...
  20. jonhart

    Attenuator for Super Reverb?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into getting an attenuator to drop stage volume a bit and maybe for messing around at home. I don't plan on cranking the amp, just trying to get it working a bit and keep the volume reasonable. I own a couple 4 ohm 50 watt heads and two Super Reverbs. Is there anything...
  21. U

    Shipping heavy vintage amp from Australia to UK

    Hello! I have had a beautiful silverface 1974 Super Reverb amp for over twenty years. It's pretty much my only real amp and I'm in love with it. I've been in the UK for many years and it's been hanging out in my family's houses and garages for too long. I'm now thinking about how to ship it...
  22. micadoo

    SF Super Reverb tubes redplate in amp but not out??

    Hi, long time lurker, first time poster, so please be gentle. I'm working on a friends 70's Fender Super Reverb. He's had it for about 3 years, but "it always sounded kind of crap" so he says. I opened it up to see someone had put in a BF type adjustable bias. All Electro's have been changed...
  23. attilamarton

    Super Reverb Clone w/ 6x10 speakers

    Hi TDPRIs, I'm planning to build a Super Reverb clone from TADs BFSR kit (this one: and I'm already way into planning phase, when I just came across with the Super Six Reverb...
  24. scout2112

    BF Princeton on steroids - reverse engineering the Lil' Dawg WonderDawg

    Since I'm interested in trying my own DIY AB763 amp, I reverse engineered Lil' Dawg's WonderDawg amp based on the pictures in this thread by comparing them with the original BFDR and BFSR schematics. A little old-school deleting, cutting, pasting, and whala... came up with this diagram. It...
  25. zingy

    Surf cover - Knights Of Cydonia (Muse) (Fender JM, Super Reverb, Tube Reverb)

    I didn't think this would ever make it (took quite a bit of convincing to even do this cover, let alone record it), but here it is, our surf instrumental cover of Knights Of Cydonia (I'm playing rhythm guitar). Fender Jazzmaster, Fender Super Reverb, Fender Tube Reverb, a Strymon BlueSky reverb...