1. D

    For Sale: 91-92 Fender Strat MIJ ST-54 Now 800 shipped!

    Hey y’all! Great strat up for sale! This is my favorite, but I have a sentimental attachment to another one that won’t let me move it! Killer vintage soft v neck on this one. It plays great, currently set up with bridge flush to body. Check out the listing for more details. New to this forum...
  2. BackwaterJunction

    Sunny Sunday = Guitar Picture Day

    The sun's out, I've been having a lazy weekend, and it occurred to me I've never tried to get a matching set of pictures of my guitars. A bit of running in and out of the house later, and here's the results... The Telecasters Chord 'Telecaster' - my first electric guitar. It's been upgraded in...
  3. Fretting out

    NGD A.V 59 maple board!

    I just received this bad boy! Just the right amount of fingerboard rolling Look fender! You did it before, this is how a headstock should transition! Has just enough wear to keep it honest and not make me afraid to play it It’s got some nice checking I tried to capture but it doesn’t...
  4. J

    What type of strat do I have ?

    I’m new to strats I’ve recently bought a US made Stratocaster, the neck looks like a performer neck but I wasn’t able to look the serial number up, it dates to mid 2018, the body dates to the same period but it says American Special not performer, the pick-guard doesn’t have the push pull knob...
  5. d0sk3y

    My current guitar collection :)

    Hi everyone, this is my current guitar collection, minus a Vintera 50s modified Strat which is with my luthier at the moment :) From front to back, here they are: 2019 Fender Hybrid MIJ 50s Telecaster in Indigo - American Vintage '58 pickups w/ 4-position switch and 9.5" radius "baseball-bat"...
  6. River Dog

    Assembling a keeper guitar

    I have got fed up with my guitars, so I have decided to sell them and focus on just the one (for now). So, I have been assembling my keeper guitar. I decided on a vintage-style Strat for its looks, variety of tones, availability of parts and because most of my favourite blues guitarists use one...
  7. medic_90

    57 custom shop strat legit?

    I was browsing the vault at guitar center yesterday when a 57 heavy relic custom shop strat caught my eye. Not a huge fan of the relic treatment but this guitar had a lot going for it. The feel of the neck and buttery smooth frets we’re unlike any other strat I’ve played. I plugged it into my...
  8. G

    Stratocaster Jack Plate Screws Chrome or Nickel - HELP!

    Hello! The Fender Stratocaster jackplate comes with two chrome screws. On Custom Shop models, do they replace these two screws with nickel, just like on the pickguard? Or are the jackplate screws still chrome? Thanks.
  9. L

    PDF for a pawn shop 72 pickguard?

    I'm building a custom guitar inspired by a Pawn Shop 72 and I need to design a new pickguard because I will not use a wide range humbucker and I didn't found any pdf. I just found people that sell the pickguard, but I don't think that if I ask them they will give me the pdf for free
  10. charlieBravo

    What is this hump?

    Opened up a Squier from 89 and saw this hump and unused cavity in the body's pickup routing. Any idea why they are there? Just curious.
  11. W

    Why does my guitar intonation sound horrendous? [Audio & Reference Included]

    First thing first, here is a sample of what I'm talking about compared to a reference track of what I'd like my guitar to sound like. The clip goes: The reference Me playing the same thing unequalized Me playing the same thing EQ'd best I could The same reference again...
  12. WrayGun

    Strat vs. Taylor

    Okay, I’ll get some crap for this post, but … Imagine: a Taylor 410 acoustic (no electronics or cutaway), versus an American Standard Strat, with a few upgrades. Used resale prices are similar. I can have one or the other, not both. Both are really nice. Really, really nice. I’m strictly a...
  13. jrintheemaking

    Guitars with String-thru Bodies besides Tele

    Hi, I’m looking string-thru electric guitar that isn’t a Tele or a hardtail Strat, hopefully that is easily modifiable too. I have plenty of Teles and a couple of Strats so I’m not interested in T or S type guitars. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks
  14. jrintheemaking

    Converting Tremolo Cavity to Hardtail

    Hi, I know there are different feelings about this topic, but for me the Tele’s string-through body makes a big difference in tone. And it doesn’t come down to Pickups, because I have 4 different Teles with different pickup configurations and they all sound amazing. I have a Cooder-style Strat...
  15. R

    Space under strat copy bridge, is it normal?

    Hi, Do you think that this is normal or not that there is a space under the bridge of a strat like that? i know that i had a squier bullet strat and the bridge was not like that, it was well screwed without space under it.
  16. KeepPlaying

    Telecaster Note Attack vs. Strat/LP

    I have a telecaster and I notice that no matter what I've tried with the setup, it maintains more of a soft initial note attack (less transient) than my strat or les paul. The initial attack of the notes on the tele are more smooth/pillowy sounding than the punchy/sharp attack of my strat and...
  17. R

    Awesome Blues-Rock Lick (TABs Included)

    Hello guys, hope you’re having a great weekend so far! In today's quick tutorial I wanted to share with you an awesome blues rock lick in the key of D. Obviously, you can transpose it to any key of your choice and use it to jam along with your favourite backing tracks :) Thank you for...
  18. R

    John Mayer - "Last Train Home" | Guitar Cover with Solo and Tabs

    Hello guys! Hope you’re having a great week so far :) As you may know, John Mayer released today his brand new single “Last Train Home” and here’s my cover (including the solo) If you’re interested, you can find the link to the TABs of the song in the description of the video. Thanks...
  19. jrintheemaking

    Twisted Tele, Texas Specials, Telecaster and Strat

    Hi, I have an American Special Strat that had Custom Shop Texas Specials in it. I especially loved the sound of these pickups as I’m typically not a Strat guy. I also have an American Standard Nashville Tele with a B bender. The middle pickup of the Tele has a Texas Special Special in it, and I...
  20. Cosmic Cowboy

    Which Strat To Buy?

    My next guitar sounds simple enough. A Strat. 3 Single Coils, a floating bridge and a rosewood fretboard. Brand New. I value your opinions and could use your help. Outside of that criteria, I am open to any suggestions. I value your experience and appreciate any help I can get narrowing...
  21. Benrob91

    1996 MiJ strat - 50 Anni - Fake or Fortune???

    Hey guys, so I’d really appreciate some help on this one. Being sold locally is.a... “White Fender Stratocaster. Japanese made. Manufactured in 50th anniversary year (1996) and based on a 1970 model with large headstock. Has transitional Fender logo.” Asking around the £500 mark...
  22. Cosmic Cowboy

    Tele Vs Strat...The High E string Bends...and other nuanced differences

    The purpose of this post is to highlight some of the different playing experiences between playing a Tele and a Strat. Both guitars are virtually interchangeable for me, and I can do the same set with either guitar, but certain things are just different in my approach when playing. Among the...
  23. R

    Neural DSP - Soldano SLO-100

    Hey guys! Hope you’re all having a good week so far :) I made a quick demo/review of the most recent Soldano SLO-100 plugin from Neural DSP and decided to share this with you. There’s also a little comparison to the NI Guitar Rig plugin in this video and I’d like to know your opinion on...
  24. S

    Tell me something good :)

    Hey all. I decided to play along awesome "Tell me something good" by Rufus & Chaka Khan (this time performed by Vulpeck). I sang a few lines and played a little solo. Hope you enjoy it )
  25. Jay Jernigan

    New Fender Noventa Series

    Just saw the Sweetwater ad. I'm not enthused. Seems to be three different ways to move some P-90 type pickups. I'm just interested in everyone else's thoughts on the matter. No, I didn't transport the ad or provide the link because, honestly, I don't know how.