1. T

    What a '62 Strat would look like brand new (4K)

    Hi guys, For all the vintage 50's-60's strats I've seen over the years, I don't think I ever saw an old (period-correct, from the era) "brand new" one where it was perfectly preserved for decades, the old guitars are always beaten down. So, I decided to make my own 62' Strat as if it had just...
  2. D

    For Sale: 91-92 Fender Strat MIJ ST-54 Now 800 shipped!

    Hey y’all! Great strat up for sale! This is my favorite, but I have a sentimental attachment to another one that won’t let me move it! Killer vintage soft v neck on this one. It plays great, currently set up with bridge flush to body. Check out the listing for more details. New to this forum...
  3. Front Appraisal Pic

    Front Appraisal Pic

    1969 Fender Stratocaster. Original except for 5-way switch installed 1978
  4. yagguh

    A month in the making, Partscaster #2 is finally done! "Moby"

    Build process is in imgur link. General Specs: Wenge Neck ($100) 22 Jumbo Frets - Leveled and Crowned Locking Tuners ($32) Graph Tech Nut ($12) 2 Piece Alder Body ($156) Custom Dual-Tone Relic Poly Finish ($12) Handwound Kiyst HSH Pickup Set ($50) Gotoh EV510 Tremolo ($125) Master Volume and...
  5. Disconnected

    New member

    Hi all. I am an occasional reader of this forum and as of few days ago for the first time owner of a Telecaster. I have been a guitar player for 30 plus years. At start, mostly Ibanez and for the last 15 years Strats, Xotics, Suhr and occasional LP. Have two amps, Silver Jubilee and a Two Rock...
  6. S

    Autosplit bridge pickup in position 2, add neck in positions 4/5 on Nashville Tele

    Hi everyone, I’m here to see if anyone smarter than me can confirm that this pickup wiring concept will work before I take my Tele to a professional tech. 🙂 I’m basically going for a Nashville Tele with a Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack in the bridge, and true single coil Strat pickups for the...
  7. DerGrass10

    Is this legit?

    This truss rod is concerning me. The frets and tuners look good. It's listed cheap so assuming it's not a boomerang I might grab it anyway but just wanted a second opinion. Thanks.
  8. gb Custom Shop

    Hardtail Strat Build

    I'm a sucker for hardtail strats, so I built my own. Completed it tail end of 2021. I was originally going for a gold top finish for the body...but my spray gun had a mind of its own and and gave it this cool effect instead. I'm not the greatest photographer, but kinda looks like this up...
  9. J

    Trouble wiring the bridge

    So I took a part this guitar a year ago not knowing much about setting up guitars. Didn’t take any pictures at the time and having regretted it for a quite a bit of work, I now figured out most of the wiring. I am left however with one single conundrum, which is that, what seems to be the...
  10. S

    Strat vs Tele question

    Please consider me a total naive idiot. I've had a MIM telecaster with a humbucker at the neck and a single coil at the bridge for 20 some odd years, and I find the sunburst ugly as heck, but I love the sound and feel of this guitar – mostly play the neck pickup, it was a...
  11. C

    Strat Won't Stay Still

    Hi all, I've got a nice HW1 strat that I've had for a few years and have loved but recently am having issues with it. We all know that when seasons change so do guitars and I did my setup same as any time. The difference is, it refuses to stay how I set it and seems worse every time I redo it. I...
  12. JustPlay

    Tele nylon build

    Hi to all: I’m wondering if anyone has experience with building a new guitar - or converting an existing one - to create a nylon string tele or strat using a piezo in bridge? I know the nut width will be narrow compared to a traditional type nylon / classical guitar. And other tradeoffs. If...
  13. Tele-friend

    Jimi Hendrix's guitar for sale

    In case anybody has 7-10M € burning them in their pocket, you can buy Jimi's guitar ;) Here is a video promo, before guitar goes to sale:
  14. pbenn

    1954 Strat in film noir “Tight Spot” (1955) "Mississippi Mac" band appears on the hotel room TV in several spots. Sunburst Strat is only electrical instrument in this trad band doing a telethon. There is a solo at 1:26:18. Best shot of the Strat forearm contour is the early one at 28:16. 28:16...
  15. itsGiusto

    Strat comparison - Details on '95 MIJ vs 03' MIM pickups?

    I have two strats, a white MIJ from '95 or '96 that I bought used in 2011, and a black MIM from '03 or 04' that was gifted to me a few years ago. I've always liked the MIJ, and thought it sounds pretty good. I haven't played the MIM too much, but thought it was fine. The other day, I...
  16. KikiBanks

    Second attempt at digital designing, thoughts?

    Got bored and drew something up, so sorry for little detail or scaling of hardware.
  17. JRtele

    NGD: 50th Anniversary Fender American Deluxe Strat

    Well, after buying and selling strats for the last few years trying to find one that worked, and putting together an MJT, my search continued until this came up for a very reasonable price this morning. Not a blemish or ding on her, pretty good for an ‘04. Seller was located about two hours...
  18. K

    Bill Lawrence 5 way mod on my Tele. It came out great.

    I'd previously posted a query about installing a middle pickup in my Tele to get a "Strat" sound - and one of the folks replying recommended that I instead try the "Bill Lawrence 5 Way Tele circuit". It sounded like a great alternative (no routing, minimal $$$). It took about 2 hours all...
  19. jrintheemaking

    Guitars with String-thru Bodies besides Tele

    Hi, I’m looking string-thru electric guitar that isn’t a Tele or a hardtail Strat, hopefully that is easily modifiable too. I have plenty of Teles and a couple of Strats so I’m not interested in T or S type guitars. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks
  20. K

    Tele pickups in a Strat VS. Strat Pickups in a Tele

    I want the sound of the tele neck and bridge pickup, and I want a Strat middle pickup, with (at least) 5 way switching. So - that leans itself to a Nashville Tele, right? To be perfectly honest - I want one guitar that can sound like Mark Knofler and do country blues like a Tele. Well has...
  21. jrintheemaking

    Converting Tremolo Cavity to Hardtail

    Hi, I know there are different feelings about this topic, but for me the Tele’s string-through body makes a big difference in tone. And it doesn’t come down to Pickups, because I have 4 different Teles with different pickup configurations and they all sound amazing. I have a Cooder-style Strat...
  22. R

    Space under strat copy bridge, is it normal?

    Hi, Do you think that this is normal or not that there is a space under the bridge of a strat like that? i know that i had a squier bullet strat and the bridge was not like that, it was well screwed without space under it.
  23. whoanelly15

    NGD! Almost an Oswald 62 Strat tribute

    I tried my hand for the first time on a full finish from bare wood for this Strat project. Body from WoodTech. I could have done more to shine it up but decided that hand-buffed was good enough and that the duller finish worked well with this color. It’s Reranch Fiesta Red nitro from rattlecans...
  24. Retriarius

    Nashville Tele Build - Which Pickups?!?

    I'm in the process of building a Nashville style Telecaster (3 pickups) from scratch. What do you guys recommend for Tele/Strat, mix/match, stock/after-market pickups? I know I want a great Tele bridge and neck (with a push-pull to put them together), but also a great Strat middle that works...
  25. LeftyBlues

    Finally Joined

    Hey yall, After lurking for a couple years, finally figured I'd make an account. I'm not very good with keeping up with social media/forums, but was looking for somewhere I can talk about topics in guitar BEYOND just gear. I've been playin since early 2019, so I'm still fairly new, but I put in...