stevie ray vaughan

  1. Fiesta Red

    What Blues Needs…

    I love Stevie Ray Vaughan. His music. His playing style. His tone. His singing voice. The instruments and effects and amps he used has affected my instrument choices (along with a million other blues and rock players) down to this day. His battered-Strat-and-black-bolero-cowboy-gypsy image—too...
  2. H

    The love and adoration for the Fender Super Reverb

    Where does it come from? I feel like Fender SRs are held in much higher esteem than many other BF/SF amps, and as such they sell for much more $$$. Is this amp so desired mostly because of the Stevie Ray Vaughan hype?
  3. TokyoPortrait

    Blues in 4K - YouTube Channel

    Hi. Just discovered this. Thought some might be interested. Seems to be related somehow to the Texas Blues Alley channel (which I now vaguely remember looking at in the past). I found it following this sidebar suggestion. Pax/ Dean
  4. R

    Texas Flood - SRV Bio

    An interesting new SRV book has come out - Texas Flood: The Inside Story of Stevie Ray Vaughan, by Alan Paul and Andy Aledort. Jimmie and Double Trouble contributed introductions, etc. Lots of info about recording and gear is included. (He brought 32 amps to the sessions for In Step!) I...
  5. FattoneTele

    SRV Tone

    Has anyone gotten a Stevie Ray Vaughan tone on their teles? I know lots of his tone came from his incredible hand strength and his Popeye forearms but has anyone had any luck?
  6. VoodooGuitar

    SRV amp guide

    Hey guys, did this piece a couple months ago with a heavy focus on SRV's amps... i know his gear has been beaten to death, but i wanted to put it all together in a concise article... Cheers! JP
  7. VoodooGuitar

    New guitar blog, Ampeg Mesa Simo SRV etc.

    Hey everyone, recently started a blog focusing on amp histories and origins, with some musician profiles as well... A Joke Named "Boogie": Early Years of Mesa American Muscle: the Ampeg SVT...