1. BrandonIke

    Any ideas on this Squier? toploader body

    Been a while since I've been on here! Used to be on all the time a years ago, it's good to be back. I picked up this toploader loaded body the other day (for free off FB) and am kind of stumped as to what it may be. The guy thought it was a Squier but if so I really don't know what model it...
  2. KrenarCilku

    Which Telecaster Would YOU Choose?

    Hey guys! Just did a video shooting out 3 telecaster and wanted to share with y'all! It would be interesting to hear, what are you looking for in a tele? Cheers!
  3. C

    Modding Squier Affinity Tele (Another hotrails post)

    Hi, sorry if y'all are sick to death of this kind of post. Can't quite find the answers I am looking for. So this is the Squier Affinity Tele and I have just bought this seymour duncan hot rails for the bridge. I want to know - - How do I tell if my pots are 250k or 500k? I keep reading that I...
  4. d0sk3y

    My new Squier Esquire FSR LPB with upgrades :)

    Hi all, just thought I'd post this, since I think it's relevant. This is my new FSR Squier Esquire in LPB, which I've upgraded the bridge and bridge pickup on. Parts were taken from a Fender Baja '60s Tele, which I've handed on to a friend for a very interesting Bigsby-Filtertron custom build...
  5. thrilliant

    Thinline telecaster twang?

    I love everything about how a solid body telecaster sounds - the tightness of the neck pickup, the chime of the middle position, and mostly the twang and bite of a bridge pickup. I just bought a thinline telecaster because I love the look of it - butterscotch blonde with a black pickguard and...
  6. Sune Andersson

    Squier Paranormal Offset Telecaster Owners Club

    A couple of weeks ago I bought me an Shell Pink Offset Telecaster, and I am really impressed of this guitar! I know there’s a lot of guitar players interested in this model. Let’s get together here and show off our beloved Squier Offset Teles! I have already changed the tuners (staggered Gotoh...
  7. yegbert

    block saddle sizes

    In my experience, and from an aesthetic perspective, the 10.5mm-wide block saddles on some Squier teles are undersized in their width; for the bridge (distance between intonation screw holes) they are on. The fretboard and nut width will support the slightly wider 10.8mm-wide saddles. StewMac...
  8. KrenarCilku


    Hey y'all! I've had this itch for a fender scale length guitar with a P90 pickup in the neck position. I saw my CV Telecaster laying there and I decided to go for it! Here's the video of the project where you can also get to hear it, it was a ton of fun! : What are some cool mods you have...
  9. Telecaster88

    NBD: Squier Mini Precision (short scale) with pickup height question

    I've been playing six-string for 35 years, but last year picked up my first bass -- a Gretsch Jet Jr -- WHICH I LOVE. But six or so months ago I damaged a couple nerves in my strumming arm, and since then any guitar without contours is more or less painful for me to play. I can play my Strat all...
  10. WrayGun

    Mustang Transmogrification

    Well, I recently picked up a Squier Mustang for cheap, and I kinda dig the overall petite size for playing in my easy chair, I’m not really loving the preset switching thing. I’m thinking that it would be easy enough to remove the stock wiring harness and replace it with a simple...
  11. KrenarCilku

    Most Underrated Amp Brands

    Hey guys, hope you're all doing well and staying safe! I got a Vox AC10 C1 Custom on loan from Vox a couple of months ago for my YT channel. I was really excited but didn't know what to expect. I've always thought that Vox did that jangly thing and that's about it. oh, was I wrong! From the...
  12. charlieBravo

    What is this hump?

    Opened up a Squier from 89 and saw this hump and unused cavity in the body's pickup routing. Any idea why they are there? Just curious.
  13. D

    Vintage barrel saddles on a modern affinity bridge?

    Hi, I am trying to upgrade my 2020 squier affinity tele, as I want a better telecaster but have a sentimental attachment to this one, so I dont want to buy a new one. I have had this question that I havent found answered anywhere on the internet: would it be possible for me to swap out my...
  14. tonyfractal

    D ACTIVATORS set vs SD Pearly Gates set on a J5 Squier?

    Hi guys there is a guy who sells these 2 sets used like new, at a very good price (3000 Mx Pesos around 150 bucks per set). So after watched a lot of videos seems to me that the Di Marzio Activators are noisy with that high output. I play hard rock and pop, so looks like the Pearly are the...
  15. L

    Affordable Tele Recommendation

    Hey guys, I have a budget of $600 and I want to buy an affordable Tele. But something different. I was thinking something like P90 pickups. My friend bought a Cabronita and really liked it. I watch and read reviews and found this Modern Thinline Tele...
  16. yegbert

    GFS firebird

    Has anyone here tried, and care to comment, on the GFS firebird neck pickup? I’m interested specifically in the KP Mini 59, Vintage Wound AlNiCo neck pickup. I’m thinking of trying one in my Squier Custom. I currently have in its neck position, one of the Duncan Designed P90s that they put in...
  17. A

    Looking for hum-cancelling tele pickups, feeling a bit lost

    Hey everyone! I got my first telecaster (Squier CV50s) a few months ago and I love it to bits but as someone who has primarily played with humbuckers for the majority of my guitar-playing life I'm finding the hum and various other alien abduction noises the single coils pick up a little...
  18. stale facet

    Replacement Tuners/Tuning Machines for 80s/90s Neck

    Are there any drop-in replacements that match the original look and hole pattern of the tuners on late 80s-early 90s Squiers? Sometimes called "hexagon" tuners, like this (this is an example, not my neck): Maybe I'm missing an obvious parts source. Looking for replacement tuners for a new...
  19. F

    Squier Tele beats Tele Professional?

    I'm looking for more Teles. Frequenting guitar stores, playing various models. The other day spent some time in a shop playing two Professional Teles and one Tele Player. Wasn't impressed with either. Then, on a lark, grabbed a lowly Squier Affinity Tele (price tag $299...
  20. J

    CV50 Bridge - should it stay or should it go

    I have converted a CV50 BSB tele into an esquire - replacing the electronics, bridge pickup, pickguard and saddles. I put Rutters brass saddles on, and I really enjoy them. Essentially, the only thing on the body that hasn’t changed is the bridge. I don’t necessarily have any problems with it...
  21. BackwaterJunction

    Removing a Squier Decal?

    Don't shoot, I would never replace it with a Fender decal! I like my Squiers just how they are, and I'm not even sure I'd go ahead with this anyway. But given most of my guitars get tinkered with, either by me or by someone vastly more qualified (usually the latter), I wondered about swapping...
  22. Tiago

    NGD: Squier Bullet Strat in Lake Placid Blue

    I’d like to thank/curse you all for the Jack Pearson mentions in multiple threads. I have a complicated history with Strats. Somehow, all the ones I had come through over the years never quite clicked with me. A few years ago, a friend of mine with a store tried to sell me a black Bullet and I...
  23. jas24

    NGD - Fiesta Red Squier Classic Vibe 60s FSR Strat

    It turns out I can’t go more than a couple of months without buying a new guitar… I’ve never been a Strat guy, but installing Monty’s Danish Pete (DP51) pickups in my Tele, with a Twisted Tele in the neck made me wonder if I’d actually quite like a Strat too… So in the space of a a few months...
  24. BackwaterJunction

    NGD and Initial Review - Squier CV Thinline in BSB

    OK, it's not technically NGD as that was yesterday, but I wanted to get to know it a touch more before posting. Sue me ;) So I took myself to Andertons yesterday with the intention of looking at the newest CVs. What had particularly caught my eye was the striking Candy Apple Green limited...
  25. J

    Lefty Tele Prewire Kit?

    I recently got a used Lefty Squier CV50 BSB, and I didn’t get along with it at first after so much time with my Strat. But man, the bridge position on that thing was insane, and now I don’t want it going anywhere. I was thinking of upgrading the wiring kit in there before installing some...