1. BoGibsonCA

    Classic Series Telecaster 72 Custom - Where to find fit Specs?

    Hey there, I'm looking to change the neck on a Classic Series 72 Custom - where can I find neck, tuner, nut measurements to ensure that anything I buy will fit?? Sorry for the basic question, but I'd been a Gibson guy for so long, now so in love with my American Elite, Squire Classic Vibe and...
  2. Sociopanda

    Tele highway one texas neck specs?

    Hey guys, im a bit confused in regards to the specs of the highway one texas tele. Im in the process of gathering some parts to build a partcaster and i just saw a nice used highway one texas neck for sale. I know it has been refretted and i know all the specs exept one thing. Im confused as to...
  3. waltschwarzkopf

    Specs for this tele please - may be my first tele!

    Hi guys, I'm looking into buying a tele, which will be my first. I prefer to buy used, so I looked in the classified and this came up: "Fender Telecaster 60th anniversary MIM Very little used Telecaster from the Fender company, about 40hrs of playing hours." That's all I have! Any advise...
  4. Backbeat8

    Getting lost in the Details

    I think we can easily become way too fixated on a certain spec such as "Radius" or Fret Size, this would be the definition of "getting lost in the details". The truth is, that if it is a good instrument, and you are a good player, then you should be able to find a way of bringing the music...

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