1. Killing Floor

    Erika Wennerstrom !!! Am I Right?

    I am a fully bought-in fan of Erika Wennerstrom. Her solo and Heartless Bastards work contains some of the best recent folk story telling and her band always rocks the mood. A volcano of soul coming out her mouth and she's a really good guitar player too. I love a lot of music from a lot of...
  2. Nick Fanis

    Fly Over

    A new track I recently finished. Hope you enjoy it!
  3. KATT

    Different Sides (of the Same Coin) - Soulful country rock?

    Here's the debut song by my good friend, Ben Selleck, a UK solo artist with a sound that's been described as a mix between soul, country and rock. I'm pleased to say that I was privileged to play guitars and bass on the song and also mixed it. And of course, I played a Telecaster for the main...
  4. TokyoPortrait

    The Teskey Brothers - Full Concert

    Hi. I see the Tesky Brothers have had a little bit of love on here. This is a full concert, with orchestra backing. Not sure when it was recorded, but it was uploaded 22 Dec last year, so quite recent. Kinda soul / RnB-ish, if you're not familiar. Very good quality video, sound & general...
  5. Killing Floor

    Mary Wilson

    Just Mary Wilson, that's all. So sad.
  6. dkhump711

    Tulsa time!

    Hello from Tulsa! Home of The Cain's Ballroom! Been watching the forum for awhile and a lot of knowledge here about everything. Looking forward to exchanging information about many subjects but mostly Telecaster, Strat, Fender amps etc. Also own a Martin Streetmaster and Cordoba Fusion. Been...
  7. black_doug

    Al Green!

    A highlight from his best-selling album of the same name. And a master class in RnB guitar from the late great Mabon “Teenie” Hodges.

    Soul Guitar Course- 15 Sassy Old School Licks by SethJohnsonGuitar

    Hello out there! Want to add some more soulful/funky licks to your collection? Please share if you know anyone who might enjoy this. Purchase my "SoulGuitar-15 Sassy Old School Licks Course" as advertised on my YouTube Channel and Website. I include the backing track, real-time and slow-time...
  9. Fiesta Red

    RIP, Roy Head, 79

    RIP to the great blue-eyed-soul, rockabilly, psychedelic rock and country star.
  10. photodude

    Video of my shimmering clean & funky 2019 Tele Hum & Peavey Delta Blues

    I love this combination so much, I had to start a new YouTube channel. The tone is so clean, and classic. Would appreciate your comments on the channel (if possible),not trying to make any youtube money (will never happen anyway). I'm actually interested in what everyone has to say about this...
  11. fendrguitplayr

    Midweek Backing Track - Funk/Soul

    This week is a short but funky one. Have fun with it! I'm adding a 2nd backer - for those that want to jam:
  12. Little Jay

    My latest release: Eva La Voix (jazz, blues, soul, Americana)

    Finally we did it! We recorded 10 tracks in the studio with my band Eva La Voix (artist name of the singer). I wrote (almost) all the music, lyrics by Eva. We are working on bringing out the album but made two 'official' videoclips for promotion and there's a live footage compilation with...
  13. GoldDeluxe5E3

    Tower Of Power on the Tiny Desk

    Check out the grandpa gettin' some at 3:05 -
  14. Backbeat8

    Albert King Tuning Tone etc

    I just read up a bit and I realized he actually played upside down. He played left handed, but used a right-handed guitar, so all of his bass strings were on the bottom. He also allegedly used a CFCFAD tuning and apparently he was known to drop his "low" string as low as C, so then that would...
  15. Lama876

    Linnon - Sometime

    At the moment working with an amazing singer \ songwriter with dark soulful female vocals and unique style, Linnon Think this track almost done and should be ready after a few tweaks, Just let me know if you would have any thoughts
  16. coolbreeze475

    Burton Street-My song I wrote

    Burton Street is a street in Grand Rapids Mi. I gave a bit of a description of the song on my youtube page so for the sake of not sounding like a broken record, but I did leave 1 thing out and that is I used a 40 dollar Washburn strat style guitar because of the video being outdoors I didn't...
  17. pbenn

    The Split: new neo-soul band from Ottawa

    Thought it was an unheard Otis Redding track (Attitude) when I heard it at the liquor store this afternoon. Their site has five tracks and some info. CAN'T GET ENOUGH —

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