1. Spox

    Last Song Which Had You Crank The Volume?

    Not long home and this came on the ipod whilst walking and I put the volume to max and when it finished listened to it again. It takes me back almost forty years to when I first heard it. What's the last song which had you reaching for the volume control to turn it up?
  2. LeftyBlues

    Transcribing the right notes at the wrong places.

    Hey yall, Back on my transcribing kick, trying to figure out Blackbird particularly rn. Like usual, I can figure out "ahh this is a B note here" and then I find out its not the correct place to play or maybe the treble note is right but the bass note isn't. Also note that I use Transcribe...
  3. 41144

    Songs for our times ...

    I'll kick off with ones that surely need no video(s): All things must pass Somewhere over the rainbow Keep your sunny side up :) PS. My Sharona with an addendum to the title ... not permitted! PPS. Anyone know if words in a thread title automatically become "tags" ... think they should do?
  4. flowwrito

    Song That Inspired You To Start Playing?

    if there was a song that inspired you to start playing guitar, what was it? For me, it was "Say it Ain't So" by Weezer.