soldering help

  1. D

    Soldering Tele kit, no clue whats happening

    Hello all! So I bought this dumb little tele kit from like a year ago and am still messing around with it. I actually had it completed it once, but: I hated the stain I used, so i decided to repaint it, AND the hole they routed out for the bridge pickup was not in the right...
  2. M

    Re-soldering Texas special neck pickup. 4 way switch. Low/no output.

    Hi all, I was doing a scratch plate change on my partscaster which has CS Texas Specials in it. I've been using this guitar for years with zero issue with the wiring, but as I was changing the scratch plater, I managed to knock off the yellow wire off the neck pickup. I re-soldered the yellow...
  3. JuneauMike

    Soldering Instruction

    I posted these on someone's build thread a while ago as kind of an afterthought. It was really helpful in making me more confident with a soldering station. So I thought I'd make it its own thread for future reference. I deleted the extraneous information from the NASA manual and just got to...