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  1. J

    Upgrades for Squier Affinity Telecaster to sound like heavy rock/grunge/metal?

    I have this Squire Affinity Telecaster and I want to replace the stock bridge pickup with seymour duncan hot rails and the neck pickup with lace sensor blue pickups. I want to get a very nice, polished clean, shimmering tone on the neck, not too muddy (for radiohead ok computer vibes hehe) and...
  2. naneek

    pickup route question - humbucker to single coil

    I have a tele with a standard humbucker route in the bridge. I am converting it to single coil. I have pickups in a tele form factor and one in a strat form factor. I'm disabled so unfortunately I won't be doing the work myself any more. I'm just trying to figure out which of the parts that I...
  3. The Real Jake

    P90 in a Tele Neck

    Tele Enthusiasts, Got a P90 in the Neck of your Tele? I myself am looking for a p90 in the neck that won’t over-power a standard Tele bridge pickup. Why not post a pic and/or tell us all about it?
  4. H

    Big Single Coil Pickup?

    Hey all, new here, thanks for having me I have a Yamaha SuperJam 800 that I'm trying to replace the pickups on. It's a tele body, with a HB neck with a coil split and a single coil bridge. HB happens to be G spaced which is sorta weird but that's neither here nor there. My issue is, the SC...
  5. GasMask52

    Sexy looking 60s guitar, analysis

    What's on going everyone? Here to visually share my latest purchase - As soon as I saw her the first time I fell in love (never happened before with a guitar, it felt weird), so I bought it. This is an original , italian Eko Kadett from ~1967 , as you can see it has a bigspy-ish bridge , 3...
  6. R

    Fender Pure Vintage ‘52 pickups

    So the Fender American Original 50s Telecaster has what are described as “two Pure Vintage ‘52 single-coil pickups”. Are these any good?
  7. C

    Your opinions on pickups?

    So as some of you know, I just bought a 2010 Tele American Special and from the spec sheet it says that it comes stock with Texas Special pickups. I'm not overly fond of these pickups and I have a pair in my kit Tele I built, so I was wondering if you seasoned telecaster vets have any...
  8. T

    Shielding S1 w/single coil-ground concern

    Hey folks- After reading about how to shield and why and why not etc., i shielded. Tape. Foolishly (i think) i taped over the "Ground Lug to Control cavity" screw (after removing it), thinking i was connecting the shielding to the ground by screwing OVER the copper tape into the original hole...
  9. Festofish

    Single blade strat pup recommendations.

    Hey all! I’ve always loved the look of single bar pups but I’ve never used any. I’m in need of some direction. I’m looking for a set or individual pups for my Schecter Strat. Stocks pups are ok but lack clarity on the 2/4. Bridge is also very bright. I don’t need a bright chimey strat sound. I...
  10. J

    Grounding a Tele Bridge Pickup or Tele Bridge Plate due to noise/buzz

    Hello, I have a couple of Squier Classic Vibe Telecasters. One is a CV 50s and one is a CV Custom (60s). The bridge pickup is picking up noise from my hand (our bodies are noisy) when the bridge is selected and my hand is hovering over it and I am not touching the strings. This does not...
  11. Festofish

    Help finding my next strat-like wood and wire.

    I need a strat! Haven’t had one, or any trem equipped guitar, in years! I am not brand loyal. I’d love modern tuners. Modern saddles would be nice but no biggie. I’m looking at new or used for $600 or less. Three single coils if possible. Really like the Tribute Comanche from G&L. I’m open to...
  12. K

    humbuckers to sinlge coils

    hi guys i own a tele special edition hh seafoam pearl, i want to change both of the pickups to single coils, is it possible? I know i’ll have to change the bridge but i want to know if the new bridge will cover the whole humbucker space Thank you!
  13. A

    Standard Tele Bridge (single coil) on a 72 Thinline RE

    Hey guys! I decided to mod my 72RI Thinline (out of pure boredom). Mainly, I decided do replace the wide-range pups with a PAF humbucker for the neck and a Broadcaster single coil for the bridge (the great battle). I'm aware that the '72 string spacing and mounting holes don't match the...
  14. Backbeat8

    Your Ideal Tonewood Combo

    What is it? In my exploits I have determined that an Ash Body, combined with a Rosewood board is my ideal. Ash body (especially with a thin paint coat or nitro-- usually the case since its Ash for looks) + Maple board sound way too harsh and bright for my liking, this is over many guitars...
  15. Peckhammer

    New T-Style Build Complete - Humbucker and Single Coil

    Just finished a build, mostly, and figured I'd post some details for those who are thinking about mixing a humbucker and single coil in a telecaster. The body is very light swamp ash. The neck is 12" radius, 25.5 scale mahogany - the last of the stock I had bought from Tommy at USAGC before...
  16. hotairguitar

    Hey hey :)

    Hey guys I just signed up and since I'll be asking dumb questions I may just open with da disclaimer first lol Just a bored retail worker who happens to listen to rock, can't really tell an E from a G, nor a potentiometer from a saddle, but I love Buddy Guy's, Van Halen's, and Eric Gales'...
  17. D

    Tele Bridge w/ Modern American Hardtail Mounting Holes

    Hey folks, I've been reworking a Fender Blacktop Baritone Tele for a while now. It started with a HSS configuration, with an American standard hardtail bridge. I swapped out the pickups for an EMG 85/FT combo (I know...), but it just doesn't feel like a tele without that single coil in the...
  18. AndyP4

    Single coil hum in Greenwich Village question

    I have just moved to Manhattan island and at my appartment my telecaster pups are humming louder than the notes played themselves! I am curious as to if the whole of nyc will be like this or if its probably just my appartment. Where i come from, occasionally i would find the odd venue that had...
  19. P

    I am looking for the perfect Telecaster pickups

    I recently bought a used MIJ late 90's '52 reissue Tele. While it looks wonderful and feels like a perfect fit on my hand, the p/u's are not exactly fulfilling my tonal desires. Since the guitar was made 20 years ago in Japan, the reissue is not exactly an exact "copy" of the original...
  20. naneek

    bridge pickup for a pinecaster tele

    Hey everybody, it's been a while since I've posted. after a few years of being unable to play, I'm finally able to pick up my guitars again. I'm looking for a bridge pickup for a homemade tele pinecaster I built in 2012. My price range is under $100. I've been hesitating on a harmonic design...
  21. Eljuglar

    Replace a "Wide Range" with a single coil

    Hi! Two years ago I bought my first telecaster, a Squier Telecaster Vintage Modified Custom which comes with a "Wide Range" humbucker on the neck and a Duncan designed single coil pickup on the bridge. When I first played this guitar, I fell for the sound that the neck+bridge position gave, but...
  22. djmd14

    Tele-style rewiring question(s)

    Hi all - new to this forum but not to guitars and/or electronics. I am about to rewire my custom built tele-style guitar. It currently has a three way toggle switch with two single coils (P90 neck and single coil, ashtray style bridge), one volume and one tone for the magnetic pups, as well as...
  23. Paully

    I'll take "RWRP" for 1000 Alex

    Hi, thanks for checking out my thread. I've got what's probably a simple question for all you guitar gurus. I've googled the living daylights out of the question and haven't been able to find a definitve answer. First a run down on my guitar: SSS Rose Mariposa Vintage Pick Ups 1 Volume 2 Tones...
  24. logankolarick

    Feedback... the good kind.

    I'm talking about the feedback squeal you get if you put your guitar next to the face of your amp. You know what I'm talking about. Humbuckers do it well, but single coils don't. (well they do make a noise, just not a pleasant one.. Try for yourself :)) Why is it that single coil pickups can't...
  25. callasabra

    Where are all the Les Pauls???

    I have been regularly playing worship music for about a year now and the vast majority I see are Fenders (teles, jaguars, strats, jazzmasters, etc), and some Gretsches. Of these, the pickups are almost always singlecoils. Why? I play an SG with dual Humbuckers. I have seen maybe one les...

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