silverface faceplate

  1. InstantCoffeeBlue

    Source for SF jewel light washer

    Morning, A while back while chasing a faint but somewhat annoying buzz in my '75 Princeton, I noticed my amp is missing what appears to be a washer of some type between the faceplate and the pilot lamp, causing the faceplate to vibrate on the right side. Unfortunately, the '68 Custom amps don't...
  2. Bobchill

    1968, what happened between the Blackface and the Silverface era? NEW VIDEO!

    I just released this short video about the transitional era of the Fender Twin Reverb amplifiers at the end of the 60's, the period of the so-called "Drip Edge" Silverface models; I hope you enjoy!
  3. satellitedog

    Looking for Silverface PR faceplate/control panel replacement. Info on og. production process?

    Hi folks, I started a thread on having a Princeton Reverb clone built in the Glowing Bottle section, but I ran into an awkward problem. I can't find any replacement faceplates, and originals are not plenty as spare. Two of the old recommendations around here for custom faceplate production...