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  1. G

    Seymour JB vs. DiMarzio Super Distortion: Go!

    I need a pair of humbuckers for my Mustang build, each with a 3-way for parallel/series/split, and it's come down to either JBs or Super Distortions for some mid-heavy, distorted sound. My preferred pedal for such is a RAT, with occasional EQ and comp use, so which bucker should I bite the...
  2. buting

    500K Potentiometers for Seymour Duncan Hot for Tele STL-2?

    Hi everyone! I have a Yamaha Pacifica 311MS with a Suhr SSV neck and a Seymour Duncan STL-2 bridge. It currently has 250K pots, but I am planning to install 500Ks as I find the SSV dull sounding. I am quite happy with the STL-2. It sounds big and muscular, but adding a bit of brightness will...
  3. GreenMagicMan

    Original vintage Seymour Duncan '59 Bridge in the neck. What a pickup! Sure would be nice to hear it and it stay working...

    Hi all: Well, two years later I finally changed strings and did a disassembly of my 'mystery mahogany explorer'. Still no clue what it is. No Identifiers anywhere. When I bought the guitar the neck pickup was DOA - seller said so in ad as well, and hadn't looked further into it. After taking...
  4. Delta Blues

    Fender Brad Paisley Signature Model Pickups VS Seymour Duncan Le Brea Pickups

    Okay, a lil' background first. I’ve owned two Brad Paisley signature model silver sparkle telecasters. The pickups in them were the factory Fender custom-wound '64 Tele bridge pickup and Twisted Tele neck pickup. These pickups through a Deluxe Reverb with a WGS Veteran 30 installed, were the...
  5. Butch Snyder

    Seymour Duncan APTL-1 vs. APTL-3JD

    So, the Duncan Alnico 2 Pro Tele Lead pickups vs. the Duncan Jerry Donahue Tele Lead pickup. Which one do you like better and why? Creating a poll for fun.
  6. manybikes

    Seymour Duncan playing a schecter

    I have a 1971 Tele with a factory bigsby (just so ya know why I am here) Anyway several years ago I was posting about my Seymour Duncan 35 guitar and someone posted a pic of Seymour on stage and he was playing a Schectoer C1 Elite (orange quilted maple top which I also own). Others even...
  7. A

    Mini Hambuckers for a jazzy sound

    Hi, everyone. I have a Mexican Tele 2020 Player Series, and I’m about to install a Duncan SM-2b on the neck position, for a warmer, jazzy sound. Will I get those cool low frequencies? Any thoughts? Thank you.
  8. M

    Tele humbucker esquire wiring?

    Hello, I'm making a tele with a single humbucker (Seymour Duncan Hot Rails bridge) and trying to wire it like a quasi-esquire. Just like in the diagram, both position 1 and 2 are not connected to the tone-pot. Since Hot Rails are known for being darker in tone compared to other tele buckers, I...
  9. S

    Seymour Duncan Secret Agent “review”.

    The Secret Agent is in and I really liked it! I couldn’t find anything about it online so I’ll share my experience and I’ll try to be as detailed as possible. I recorded the video using my phone and it was quite loud in the room so the sound is not great. That was the first few minutes of...
  10. itsGiusto

    Oddity on Seymour Duncan 4C wiring diagrams for coil splits + phase switch

    I want to put both coil splits and a phase switch on my 4C Seymour Duncan humbuckers. On a lot of wiring diagrams I've seen on Seymour Duncan's site, I'm noticing something strange: For the neck pickup, when in coil split mode, the red and white wires aren't being shunted to ground, they're...
  11. RavageTheEarth

    Fender Mustang Dual Humbuckers Wiring MADNESS! HELP!!!

    Hi ladies and gents, I have a Squier Mustang HH and I'm installing a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates 4 conductor humbucker in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan '59 4 conductor humbucker in the neck position. I'm using a Fender Mustang pickguard with TWO 3-way slide switches (each one has 8 TERMINALS)...
  12. itsGiusto

    4c Seymour Duncan Humbuckers - Which wires to use for coil splits?

    I have a set of Seymour Duncan humbucker pickups. They seem to have 4 wires, a black one, a red one, a white one, and a green one. I'm not certain if these colors or their meanings vary among manufacturers. I want to wire my pickups so each is splittable, and I can put them out of phase with...
  13. CarolCorn

    Gettin new Tele pickups, just stuck on deciding on the two...

    So I've been thinking of upgrading my Tele to something similar to a '59 model. Now I'm just stuck on the pickups. What I have on my mind is either a Lindy Fralin Stock Tele or Seymour Duncan Broadcaster. I'm pretty much just shopping for a bridge pickup for now, so if anyone has any knowledge...
  14. Power Grid Distortion

    Power Grid Distortion

    Seymour Duncan SFX-08 Power Grid Distortion
  15. Power Grid Distortion

    Power Grid Distortion

    Seymour Duncan SFX-08 Power Grid Distortion
  16. drf64

    What is this Duncan HB?

    I bought this used several years ago. I think it was sold as a Duncan Antiquity, but no signature. It appears to be a Duncan, but is it an antiquity?
  17. T

    Have any of you matched a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Tele Neck pickup with a Seymour Duncan Broadc

    I recently put in a tapped Seymour Duncan (SD) Quarter Pound (QP) Tele pickup in the neck of my Telecaster. I'm on the fence with it. I am not sure I want to get matching SD QP bridge pickup or go with something else with a totally different sound to complement the P90-like tone of the QP in...
  18. M

    Seymour Duncan P-Rails Bridge Telecaster Cabronita

    Hello! First of all, sorry for my English. I am a user from Argentina, looking for information to connect my new Seymour Duncan P-RAILS pickup. I have a Cabronita Telecaster with Seymour Duncan sh2 JAZZ neck position. And now buy SD P-RAIL Bridge position. The guitar has tone potentiometer...
  19. Drgonzo305

    "Storms eye" a sycamore and camphor and maple and sapele and ipe telecaster build

    Day 4 hello everyone I wanted to show my telecaster build it's my first ground up build so I thought a setneck carved top tele with a quartersawn sycamore body, camphor top and multipiece sapele and flamed maple neck with a ipe "ironwood" fretboard would be a good place to start, surprisingly...
  20. Drgonzo305

    2005 Squire telecaster custom....custom

    This is My squire telecaster custom o bought on Christmas day last year for a hundred bucks, I'm stuck on telecasters now, I chipped the paint when I was in screwing the the neck and the head of the screw snapped of and decided to refinish it, I was worried after reading what people said online...
  21. L

    A Duncan pickup that sounds like the Tone Zone

    My favorite bridge pickup is the DiMarzio Tone Zone. I put in a Duncan Sh11 (Custom Custom) into the bridge of an LP to go with an Alnico II Pro in the neck. Love the Alnico II Pro, but the Sh11 is just ok. Should have just gone with the tried and True Tone Zone - better clean and distorted...
  22. Butch Snyder

    Best "Duncan" Tele Neck Pickup to go with a Duncan Jerry Donahue

    So, I’m looking for a Duncan Tele neck pickup to go with my Jerry Donahue bridge pick up. The body is ash and the fretboard is maple. I have owned the Alnico 2 pro Tele neck pickup before and found it really mellow. I don’t remember what body that telecaster, at that time, watch. I am kind of...
  23. Dismalhead

    Strange combo - Seymour Duncan JB neck and Pearly Gates bridge?

    Hey people, I'm looking at picking up an old Gibson Sonex that already has an SH-4 JB neck pickup and an SH-PG1 Pearly Gates bridge pickup. Doesn't that seem backwards? I would think a PG would be in the neck and the JB in the bridge. Does anyone think this would be a good combination? I've...
  24. mrench01

    My 2003 Telecaster Mexi-Standard Hot-Rod Project

    Hi All, I haven't posted in forever. Not sure why but I decided to post up some information about my long term project. I bought this 2003 Sage Green Metallic Telecaster in 2003. It was the first Telecaster I have ever owned and I still have it. (circa- 2003, not my tele but exactly like the...
  25. J

    Old/New Guitar Day: Super modded Firefly ES-335

    For a long time now, I've wanted an ES-335. Who doesn't? Sadly, I'm a poor milennial, so I spent this year searching for acceptable alternatives. I eventually decided it would be worth it to get a low cost Chinese knockoff, and upgrade it to studio quality as best I could. It was about this time...