1. LuvMeATele

    Adding series switch to Tele

    I know this has already been discussed here, but I have a slight variation. I want to use one of these, with a 3 way switch, to run the middle pickup in series with whichever pickup is selected (99% of the time it will be the bridge for solos). 2 questions - first, will these work? They are a...
  2. B

    SSS wiring help

    Here are the sounds I want. 1. Bridge & Middle In Series 2. Bridge & Middle in Parallel 3. Bridge & Neck in Parallel 4 Neck & Middle in Parallel 5. Neck Controls - Master Volume, Tone on Bridge & Neck only I’m imagining there are two ways to do this and I’m wondering what the best/easiest...
  3. tzumb

    Telestrat 4-way with phase, 2 volumes and master tone

    Hi everybody! I have been going at this for days, read fora, tried lots of stuff but I can't work it out. Will someone please help me with this? I'm wiring a strat pickguard with a tele-ish config (hence I'm on the tele forum. if you want me to move to the strat forum that's fine. Just let me...
  4. G

    Wiring Mod for H-S Tele

    Hi everyone, Decade long lurker, first time poster. About 7 years ago I built a Richie Kotzen inspired tele and found this forum super helpful just browsing the existing posts. I now have a wiring idea that I can't find the answer to anywhere, and I'm hoping someone here can help me out...
  5. V

    Nashville Deluxe series/parallel wiring with different brand pickups

    Howdy, I bought a nashville deluxe power tele, but I want to change the stock TexMex pickups and change the wiring to fit my needs. Because I often play higain and distortion, the pickups squeeled like a pig so they need to be changed with a set that is wax potted or noiseless. The nashville...
  6. 41144

    Professional series disappeared!

    Anyone any clues regarding Fender Professional series. - GB - website not showing any at all! I doubt that link will work outside the UK?
  7. newmindsets

    Tele Deluxe Wiring

    Hello all, I recently acquired a reissue 72 Tele Deluxe. I had the pickups rebuilt to vintage spec by Brandonwound pickups, so they have 4 wires. I have 2 CTS push pull pots which I've been trying to set up as Series/Parallel with Series(Fatter sound) being on when the pot is pushed in, and...
  8. itsGiusto

    Good mods to do with 4c humbuckers?

    For my Les Paul I'm planning on using two push-pull pots to coil-split, and one to phase-flip the bridge. So that leaves one additional push-pull DPDT switch. What are other good mods to try? Here are a few I'm considering: 1. Run neck pickup coils in parallel instead of series. Sounds like it...
  9. hotrodchamp

    Champ thought experiment: one guitar, into both inputs

    Hello all. Long time lurker. New poster. Is my latest brain fart a bad idea? Is it even electrically sound to do? What would happen if I did the following: 1) Wire my Telecaster to have independent volumes for neck humbucker and bridge single connected separately to a stereo jack. 2) use a...
  10. solarpanelasses

    6 prong toggle switch 2 pickups

    Hey yall, I am putting a jaguar pickup into the middle of my danelectro dead on 67 and am trying to pull something off along the lines of an on middle, on bridge, on both schematic. Is this doable with a standard six prong toggle? Or do i need to go with my other plan of putting them both on...
  11. merseymale

    That tele 4-way mod on rotary switch?

    Does anyone know how to do the four way selector switch put on a rotary switch? I’ve seen a variation but it seems to be wired backwards in some way… 1)With the tone knob turns right towards the floor height once the bridge pick up on its own 2)The next position, turning the ‘tone knob’...
  12. SoundMineFX

    4 way tele with tapped quarter pounder and no extra switches

    Hiya, y'all! Longtime lurker, first time poster here. I recently bought my dad's old E-series Squier tele back off my friend and have been doing a few minor mods to it in order to make it my main guitar in one of my bands. (Pops passed away a few years back, and I think playing this guitar out...
  13. orange_crush

    Tele Series Wiring

    Hey everyone, this is my first post! I'm trying to finish a project I've been working on. Basically I'd like the Bill Lawrence 5 way tele wiring, but in position 3 I want to put a push pull switch to have both pickups in series. I've had it wired to the Bill Lawrence wiring no problem but I'm...
  14. P

    How good are Fender Player Series Teles?

    Last year I picked up a 88' Fender MiJ Tele and it has become my favourite guitar right away. Now I need another one just for backup guitar - does anyone have any experience with Teles from Player series? Worth the money?
  15. H

    Wiring diagram wanted - series, PTB, one DPDT switch, 5-way

    Hi Everyone, I'd like some help (and I hope I'm going about this correctly) wiring a Nashville-type 3 single pup Tele in a way I haven't seen posted yet. I'm a relative NOOB but I'm done a little woodwork and a bit of soldering over the years. I'd like to use Phostenix' (as seen on his...
  16. Binx

    Dpdt switch?

    Hi, I am working on putting together ideas for another build, and wanted to mess around a bit with some fun wiring options. Was thinking of doing an on/on/on switch for series/parallel/split. But I really don't want to use a mini dpdt switch, which is all i can find. Does anyone know if there is...
  17. 41144

    New MiJ range - UK/Europe?

    Hi ... Anyone feel Fender are taking the Mickey with their new MiJ offerings ... For example see ...
  18. W

    Squier Classic Vibe Duo Sonic 4-way HELP !!!

    As I want both parallel and series in my Duo Sonic, is there any way that I can mod it to have 1. Bridge only 2. Bridge and Neck Parallel 3. Neck only 4. Bridge and Neck Series? I have modded my tele into 4-way, but wondering if it can be possible for Duo Sonic also. I only see 3-way toggle...
  19. cborgman

    2 pickups, 2 volumes, 1 tone, series & HOoP... Please check my wiring (drawing)

    I think I've got it but the more I look at the drawing the more I get confused! LOL So I took the first (blue) diagram and added another volume... did I do this right? In case I totally screwed this up or someone has a better way I've included a blank layout. Thank you!
  20. wierzbowski

    Crazy wiring idea

    Im always trying to get maximum versatility from my Tele and I have a new idea which may or may not be feasible. I did not find anything when searching the forum, but I was wondering if it would be possible to wire a 4 way switch like this: 1. neck pickup 2. both pickups in series 3. both...
  21. djmd14

    Tele-style rewiring question(s)

    Hi all - new to this forum but not to guitars and/or electronics. I am about to rewire my custom built tele-style guitar. It currently has a three way toggle switch with two single coils (P90 neck and single coil, ashtray style bridge), one volume and one tone for the magnetic pups, as well as...
  22. suburbansound16

    Tele 5 Way Wiring

    Hey there! I was wondering if anybody has a diagram on how to wire a 5 way blade style switch (regular or super) like this? 1) Bridge 2) Bridge + Neck, parallel 3) Neck 4) Bridge + Neck, series w/ bass cut 5) Bridge + Neck, series I've found similar but I'm really looking to do these exact...
  23. U

    Idea for series/parallel + coil tap wiring: feedback please?

    As someone relatively new to guitar pickups and their tonalities, I want a setup that lets me test humbuckers in series, parallel and split coil all in the same guitar. I couldn't find any exact wiring for what I had in mind, so I came up with this and thought I'd share (firstly to get feedback...
  24. skidders

    64 vintage reissue Tele or 2017 Pro Series Tele?

    Can anyone with one or both of the above give me their opinions on these two models please? Bottom line is, it's for me to try but any advice would be gratefully received. I'm leaning towards the 64 reissue - my current Tele is a 10 year old America Standard - I'm wondering if I'd miss the extra...
  25. J

    Wiring two humbuckers w/4-way switch & series/parallel push/pull pot

    Hello everybody! I decided to register since I've been just lurking around the forum for about three years now. So far I've been able to find answers to my questions without starting a new thread but this time I did not. Here's my problem: I have a Squier Classic Vibe Tele that I'd like to...