1. SonsOfMoog

    Jazz-abilly gig in Arlington, VA

    Hello all, I'll be playing a show with a 52 AVRI Hot Rot Tele and a hollow body Gibson 195. I'll be playing along with a drummer, Kent Stax of the punk band, Scream. He'll be playing a single snare drum with jazz brushes and sticks. Next month we'll be adding John Previti on upright bass. He...
  2. FatRosie

    Looking for affordable pedal for rockabilly/surf

    Has anyone tried Donner Revecho pedal? Would that work? Other suggestions? I'd be open to getting an affordable delay/rockabilly/slapback pedal and a separate affordable reverb/surf/drippy pedal too I suppose.
  3. K

    Suggestions for Rockabilly - Multi Effect Stomp Box

    I am an intermediate hobbyist, no gigging - I love my Tele and I really like playing Rockabilly. I just find having multiple pedals confusing. There's alway a cable making noise or a power supply causing hum. I'm sure I haven't invested enough in "good" pedals and equipment, however: Can you...
  4. Telecaster88

    Scotty Moore's 1955 Echosonic amp

    Just found this awesome article on the 1955 Echosonic Scotty Moore replaced his tweed Deluxe with. Lots of great photos and info. Thought I'd share.
  5. K

    5-15W tube amp for rockabilly hobbyist?

    I have a Monoprice 15w. It’s pretty good, but I’d like to invest in something that will get me that rockabilly sound - after I add my delay pedal. I’m mostly a hobbyist with a Tele. What I really want is a Deluxe Reverb/BassmanPeavey Delta Blues sound in a smAller amp. What small tube amps...
  6. donrichfan

    Anyone else gig this weekend?

    I consider myself fortunate to have been able to gig three times since June, and I'll possibly have another show at the end of this month. It seems like things in my neck of the woods are slowly coming around. Tonight, I got to do some barn burning in an actual barn and it was a ton of fun...
  7. H

    Looking for a Swing Jazz Guitar Teacher Online

    I've been looking to find a guitar teacher who can teach me Swing Jazz. Due to the Coronavirus, I'm limited to Skype lessons; and I haven't had any luck searching on Google. I'm hoping people here can give me suggestions. After seeing Brian Setzer play, it seems like that was the style of Jazz...
  8. fendertx

    Caught a great show

    So last night I was able to see The Reverend Horton Heat for the umpteenth time. What made it special was the rest of the lineup. Opening the show was the Delta Bombers, some damn fine rockabilly out of Vegas. Next was the Voodoo Glow Skulls and their Ska punk music. Then the Rev played and Big...
  9. dallasblues

    50's rock and roll! Still cool?

    The usual 50's rock and roll mainstays like Elvis, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Gene Vincent are getting some regular play time on my iPhone these days. I love the raw energy of the music and the simple recording techniques used. It's just pure. Anyone else...
  10. fendertx

    Gary Lambert:Rockabilly/Travis Picking Master

    So, I follow Deke Dickerson on Instagram and he posted this morning that Gary Lambert has passed away. I've been a Rockabilly geek for a while and stumbled across Gary Lambert via Glen Glenn recordings a few years ago. He also did some stuff with Eddie Cochran. I am sure there are more...
  11. fendertx

    Brian Setzser 's 14th Annual Christmas Rocks Tour

    Last night was a blast! I caught the BSO at the Arena theater, which is a theater in the round. Best seats I have had to a show in a long time. So, I am a rockabilly guy, but I also love horns. This horn section is fabulous, I was in heaven. I expected Setzer to impress and he did, but...
  12. fendertx

    Nick Curran....7Yrs ago

    The anniversary of Nick Curran's death popped up in my social media feed this morning. Nick was yet another amazingly talented artist I really only learned about after he had died. His style is right in my wheel house, it pains me I didnt get an oppurtunity to see him in concert. with Kim Lenz
  13. fendertx

    Rockabilly on a Wednesday

    The Delta Bombers at the Continental Club Houston So, I drug myself out on a “school night” to see the Bombers. They came through in February with the Shack Shakers but I could not make the show. Hence, my weeknight outing. The crowd was light. Houston is notoriously hit and miss when it...
  14. fendertx

    Documentary: Los Wild Ones

    I caught this film last night and thought it was really good. It's a great look at a DIY label putting out the rockabilly music they love. There is real talent on display, as well as human interest. It's from 2013, I did quick search and did not see a previous thread. I rented the movie...