1. ndtced

    Lolar P90 Review Request

    I have chance to pickup a set of Lolar P90's. The neck is a regular wind and the bridge is high wind. I'm thinking of putting them in a tele. Has anyone had experience with these? How do they compare to others?
  2. Davono

    The Harley Benton TE 70 (b-stock) thoughts and info.

    Hi all. Just thought I would put this here if anyone was interested. Bought this. Was €116 once the VAT came off. Wilkinson bridge with brass saddles, Roswell pickups and a great looking finish, I figured the rest of the guitar would be dog rough. While not perfect, I have to say with a lot of...
  3. wyclif

    New book by Marc Ribot

    I don't know if there are any Ribot fans here, but here's a great write-up of his new book, *Unstrung: Rants and Stories of a Noise Guitarist.*
  4. mingo1

    NGD Guitarfetish Xaviere PRO840 Tele-style

    Well, actually got this back in December, but finally had time to set up a bit and check out what $200 got me. Overall, I think it's a decent platform for modding. Only big caveat is that the neck plate holes aren't Fender spec, so if you wanted to switch necks around, you'd have to fill and...
  5. aaronlowther1993

    Inauthentic: Reviewing the guitars from the Facebook/IG ads- Hard Luck Kings

    Starting a few years ago, adds for some interesting guitars started coming up in my facebook feed. All of them were in interesting colors, supposedly setup in the US, and priced dirt cheap. Like most of you, I wrote them off without wasting too much time. As the old saying goes, you get what you...
  6. EsquireBoy

    New pickup day: Eric Daw

    I find myself liking more and more lapsteel tones, and I wanted to try a bridge pickup in my Esquire that would be reminiscent of that sound, ie thick but really clear at the same time. Since I play mostly clean or edge of breakup, I thought it would suit my style quite well. I had heard about...
  7. TokyoPortrait

    Andertons - all Vintera Tele models (re)viewed

    Title says it all. Pax/ Dean
  8. wyclif

    Squier Telecaster Custom Review

    "I could write a list as long as my arm on the guitars I’ve owned, so why have I chosen the Squier Telecaster Custom with P90’s as my gigging workhorse?"
  9. C

    BIAS FX 2 cleanish sounds

  10. scooter johnson

    My review Rogue VB100 Vs Hofner Ignition

    Compare the Rogue VB100 and the Höfner Ignition Violin Bass Guitars Early December 2018, My wife asked me what I would like under the Christmas tree this year. I didn't have to thing long or very hard, There was only a small amount of bacon smell in the air. (a private joke between my wife...
  11. P

    Duesenberg Pedals

    I recently checked out the Duesenberg website and noticed that they also make a range of pedals. I like the look of them but have never seen one in the flesh. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of reviews / information on these pedals, so I was wondering if anyone had used any of them...
  12. Guppy

    FGN J-Standard Iliad telecaster review. (with pictures)

    Hello TDPRI. I would like to post a review of my newly acquired FGN guitar. When I was considering buying this guitar (second hand) there where hardly any reviews about this guitar in particular and FGN J-Standard in general. I took the gamble and bought it. I wasn't sorry. Build: The only...
  13. adamlovesgin

    PRS SE 245 Soapbar - Limited edition Spalted

    I'n sure you'll agree the PRS SE 245 Soapbar - Limited edition Spalted Maple top is a beautiful looking instrument. It came so close to being the perfect guitar for me, if only PRS hadn't skimped on the electronics or quality control. Sadly, I sold it on.... Here the full review...
  14. Lukay1994

    Haar Traditional T Thinline Telecaster Review

    Hello everybody! I'm new in this forum and I wanted to share my thoughts about a guitar i purchased recently: The Haar Traditional T Thinline Telecaster. Erik van der Haar from the Netherlands built this guitar and i can tell you, it's an incredible guitar! I bought this guitar from a friend of...