1. Don Quixote

    T-master Relic build. Neck questions

    First-time build, and I bought a neck that leaves some space in the pocket. From everything I’ve seen, sounds like a shim is the best option, but how would I go about it? Also, how do you measure and set neck angle and alignment? Forgive my ignorance if that’s a larger question than I realize...
  2. JeremyYappy

    Thinline Jazzmaster

    Finished this one up a couple weeks ago. I know relicing isn't everyones cup of tea so roast away if you must. my computer screen resolution
  3. D

    Heavy relic

    Took a perfectly good guitar and reliced the crap out of it: Squier body, noiseless 4gen pickups, obsidian controls, locking tuners. Next step is a real fender neck. Soon the only thing squier left about this will be the body (considering replacing the bridge too). I’ve never owned a tele before...
  4. medic_90

    57 custom shop strat legit?

    I was browsing the vault at guitar center yesterday when a 57 heavy relic custom shop strat caught my eye. Not a huge fan of the relic treatment but this guitar had a lot going for it. The feel of the neck and buttery smooth frets we’re unlike any other strat I’ve played. I plugged it into my...
  5. JeremyYappy

    Friendly Reminder About Acrylic Lacquer

    A couple months later and some more wear and tear.
  6. N

    Allparts neck fretboard wear

    Hi all, I swapped out the neck in my Road Worn tele for a nitro finished Allparts chunky neck, it looks and plays great. Question is will the fretboard wear down eventually? I know it has a poly coat underneath but perhaps it's a pretty thin one so not quite as bulletproof (that's what I'm...
  7. T

    Does the CS nitro age/worn easily?

    Hi, I have a cs nocaster and I'm thinking do the finish worn easily from neck and body? Maybe after years of playing in bars, sure but I haven't seen one.. pictures anyone? :D
  8. R

    Nitro not checking, help!

    Hi guys, so I have a nitro body but it just seems to want to check at all. I tried heating it with a hair dryer and heat gun with compressed air which didn’t work. Tried putting it in the freezer for 3 hours then hit it with a heat gun, didn’t work. Tried freezing overnight and used heat gun...
  9. T

    Riedell serial# RG001 Custom Telecaster purchased today

    Does anyone have information on Riedell guitars ? I cannot find much with my limited knowledge. I know it has to be special because it is Serial number 1. RG001
  10. N

    Acetone to thin down Nitro?

    Hi guys, I just bought an Allparts nitro neck, just wondering how bad of an idea is to wipe it briefly with a cloth with acetone just to thin the nitro down, don't wanna remove it completely. Also I'm pretty sure the Allparts necks are nitro over poly, don't know if that changes anything.
  11. T

    Fender CS Nocaster Relic 2003

    Hi, Anyone else have one of these? I've seen people talk about Cunetto-era nocasters but not early 2000s. I just bought it but it already feels really GOOD. All original, except there was top hat switch put on it, maybe the former owner.
  12. Grig15

    Help identify stratocaster body.

    Hello friends. I just bought some cool looking relic body. I know that it is not real fender body. But can you please help me to guess what Type if body it can be? Maybe squier, or some kind of other brand. Maybe cheapest cheap china. I need to know, sure there are lot of nerds here!!! Also Im...
  13. AntigonesAncestor

    CV 50s Tele Relic

    Hey all, Picked up a Classic Vibe 50s Tele (my first tele ever!) in butterscotch/blackguard and I've already ordered a new relic bridge and control plate with the components to wire a new circuit (I'm going to do a flipped configuration + broadcaster-style blend circuit with a StewMac treble...
  14. medic_90

    American Special Tele project questions.

    I have this 2010 American Special tele that I picked up used a few years back. It’s been an ongoing project guitar of mine. (Vintage style tuners, resoldering, relicing both natural and fake, pick-guard swap , new input jack, new saddles) The guitar is actually pretty unique now and plays great...
  15. rze99

    Aged Ice Blue Metallic with maple neck and tort guard

    Works for me. MJT based parts build with Oil City handwound pickups.
  16. JRtele

    New Pandemic/Quarantine Build, FrankenRelicTele

    I travel for work quite a bit for extended periods and have left a trail of squires where I go since my custom shop doesn’t leave the house. I decided to throw together this little guy together with the relic look so I don’t care about scratches, flying or my 3 year old driving a metal...
  17. rze99

    NGD: Fender-Rexter '61 Jazz bass 'stack knob' aged Olympic White

    Hi here's my new Jazz bass :) I do hope you like your knobs stacked. I do. I always wanted an early '60s Jazz bass in Oly white. Oly white + dark rosewood is for me a killer combo and I love my Tele and Strat in in this combo. The Fender early '60s stack knob replicas are really cool but only...
  18. W

    The Yellow turned White Stratocaster partsbuild

    I was in the market for a used strat a year and a half back. And I came over a $40 (probably chinese) unfinished body on an online marketplace. Bought the body and the seller also sold me a tinted neck for a couple of bucks more. Figured why not build my own partscaster. This was late december...
  19. L

    How long should nitro cure before installing hardware

    Hello everybody, I have recently sprayed my first electric guitar with nitrocellulose lacquer. I have given it around 3 coats of primer and 5 coats of color. I don't intend to sand or buffer it, as I am happy with the finish as it is - and I kinda like the rough look of a used guitar. It has...
  20. DaveG_NJ

    Weekend Partscaster project...

    This is actually Phase 1 of my first Partscaster. I'm still waiting on my Warmoth Roasted Maple Fatback neck with jumbo stainless frets, but I finished the body today and threw on a Fender thin neck that I had lying around. Fun project. Once I get the fat neck on, I should have the guitar I...
  21. K-Line

    SOLD: K-Line Springfield Firemist Gold Relic

    K-Line Springfield New Relic Alder body, thin nitro, checking throughout. Neck is dark rosewood over maple, back is burnished with new raw feel finish. 10" rad, 1.650" nut, 21 fret 6125 wire, .850C. Pickups are the new hand wound K-Line 60's, low 6K with hot bridge, special formula formvar...
  22. duym

    Hard ash telemaster

    Hi guys! Just wanted to share my current build with you. As I live in europe, hard ash is much more common to get (than swamp ash) This is a 30 years old one piece hungarian hard ash body. I planed it to 1,54" thickness. Routed the shape and it was 6 lbs!! So I decided to make it to a hollow...
  23. L

    Two Tone Relics

    Anybody have a detailed method for how to accomplish the two tone relics ? Such as a solid coler over a sunburst or solid color over a paisley. Ive been hunting for answers but the luthiers and painters Ive contacted are stingy with their secrets, which is simply annoying to me. Share the...
  24. rze99

    NGD: Blackguard build Fender USA + MIM + UK = a '52 mashup!

    Here's my new blackguard type parts build. Built from Fender USA, MIM and UK parts. A real mash-up of Fender and other parts, but actually it really feels like they are all made for each other. Body: a used AVRI '52 Hot Rod from 2007. I have the rest of the Hot rod is married to lovely Lake...
  25. By-Tor

    Tele Pickup Relic

    Ok, I am wanting to relic a Telecaster bridge pickup. I looked all over the internet, but most searches come up with how to relic white plastic parts, and not black telecaster pickups. Here is a picture of what I am wanting: I have watched several videos on relicing hardware, but the actual...