push pull pot

  1. T

    Packed- Telecaster Wiring with mixed pickups

    Hello all. Long time viewer first time caller.:) I might be the outlier here. I am a bit of a minimalist. I only want to own one electric guitar, instead of having many for different purposes. I have a SH Telecaster that I am fixing up. Humbucker is in the bridge. I am doing a full rewire of...
  2. J

    Greasebucket tone with switch

    Has anyone here tried this modified greasebucket circuit? I'm trying to come up with a circuit that will allow me to switch between a "normal" tone circuit (with a 50 nF cap; this guitar's stock tone circuit) and greasebucket. The corresponding value of the other cap should be around 28 nF (...
  3. onehorse

    Noob in need of wiring help clone HS offset limited tele

    Hello, Wondering if someone(s) might be able to help me with an offset tele I'm building for my daughter? It is my first build and for the most part, going well. I'm competent with a soldering iron and can follow a diagram. I'm attempting to "clone" a Make'n Music limited FSR offset...
  4. J

    Help with 72 custom RI caps n pots

    Some advice and guidance for a new moder please. This diagram came up from an old thread but there are no comments around it https://www.tdpri.com/media/m86dp.34915/full is this a proven set up ? Anything you would change? Do the cap values make sense? Do the pot values make sense ? I...
  5. ChrisLarcombe

    4 way switch with Strat Neck pickup

    Hey guys, I’m looking to install a 4 way switch for that sweet series mode, and a push pull pot for phasing. I’ve got a 54’ broadcaster bridge pickup and a 54’ Stratocaster neck pickup - viva la Clarence White. (Both reissues obvs) Is there anything unusual that I have to do in order to cater...