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  1. MyLittleEye

    My Pig-ital Modelling Rig

    The stately old Pignose gets overlooked these days for being something of a one trick wonder. However, I would argue that simplicity is its strength! plus it plays well with others... Here's my mini "cab and head" arrangement - The MS-50G brings 172 effects to the sty including a number of 'amp...
  2. Pignose - Storage!

    Pignose - Storage!

    All in one portable harp rig!
  3. Pig-ital modelling

    Pig-ital modelling

    The pignose may be regarded as a one trick pony but it sure plays well with others.
  4. Pasta Player

    Toshiba / Panasonic Ge Transistor Source?

    Anyone have a good source for Toshiba or Panasonic germanium transistors in the U.S.? Can get them via Little Diode in the U.K. but they’re just a bit pricey. Looking for: 2SB172, 2SB175 and 2SB324’s. They’re for a first-year model Pignose. (Mouser’s a no-go and I'd rather not NTE.) Attached...
  5. Pasta Player

    Pignose 7-100 Fix

    While someone here mentioned “never giving away your secrets”… this might be a big one, to some. Recently bought a Pignose 7-100 (circa 2014) non-functional… and while many attribute the #1 cause of failures to leaked batteries (as these often will work with an AC adapter after battery leakage)...