1. E_sharp_its_not_F

    Loose pickups workaround?

    Hi everyone how's it going? Last year I replaced the stock pickups of my telecaster (Squier Telecaster Custom the one with the humbuckers, [no P90, either Widerange]) and after changing them I noticed they're quite loose (At the point that when I play some bass notes they phyisically vibrate)...
  2. Masmus

    Did Dirty Works make more than 2 mini humbuckers

    I have one in black and one in cream and I have never seen any others. Not in the 70's not online not anywhere. I emailed EMG but they had no records They only said they were extremely rare. I wonder if they might even be prototypes.
  3. Y

    How to Increase Inductance / Output When Making Pickups

    As the title suggests, I want to know if there's a way for me to increase the inductance of a pickup without adding extra coils and or adding a baseplate. The goal is to have more inductance to increase the output while also maintaining the capacitance to be as low as possible for the top end...
  4. M

    Pickup advice

    Hi, Advice on pickups would be appreciated. I have a Pine bodied Fender Am Pro II Tele with maple neck and V-Mod II pickups. I've also just aquired a second Am Pro II with Alder body and maple neck with Rosewood board. This too has V-Mod IIs (I know, same guitar but I love the necks and...
  5. WrayGun

    Mustang Transmogrification

    Well, I recently picked up a Squier Mustang for cheap, and I kinda dig the overall petite size for playing in my easy chair, I’m not really loving the preset switching thing. I’m thinking that it would be easy enough to remove the stock wiring harness and replace it with a simple...
  6. itsGiusto

    Strat comparison - Details on '95 MIJ vs 03' MIM pickups?

    I have two strats, a white MIJ from '95 or '96 that I bought used in 2011, and a black MIM from '03 or 04' that was gifted to me a few years ago. I've always liked the MIJ, and thought it sounds pretty good. I haven't played the MIM too much, but thought it was fine. The other day, I...
  7. X

    Why don't any pickups use Alnico 1??

    Seriously, you hear about Alnico 2, 3, 4, 5 but never 1? Is there something about Alnico 1 that makes it unsuitable for guitar pickups?
  8. jrintheemaking

    Texas Special Pickups on Reverb, Scam?

    Hi, I recently purchased some Custom Shop Texas Special Pickups on Reverb. The pickups didn’t come in the original packaging. They do have the “Custom Shop “ sticker on the back. They have the same wiring and have not been used. The pickup values specifications from Fender (6.2k, neck, 6.5k...
  9. A

    Looking for hum-cancelling tele pickups, feeling a bit lost

    Hey everyone! I got my first telecaster (Squier CV50s) a few months ago and I love it to bits but as someone who has primarily played with humbuckers for the majority of my guitar-playing life I'm finding the hum and various other alien abduction noises the single coils pick up a little...
  10. lj89

    Twisted Tele VS. Bareknuckle True Grit

    Hey guys, I have a MIM Fender Baja that I was advised to upgrade the pickups on with some Bareknuckle True Grits. So I bought a set and changed them out and almost sold the originals. Before I did I looked up what the stock pups were in a Baja and realised these were custom shop twisted tele...
  11. Retriarius

    Kinman Pickups + Harness/Switch for Nashvilles

    I'm intrigued by Kinman's harness systems (slanted blade, solderless install) for my Nashville Tele build I'm starting soon. Has anyone used their pickups for a Nashville configuration, specifically with a Kinman harness?
  12. Retriarius

    Nashville Tele Build - Which Pickups?!?

    I'm in the process of building a Nashville style Telecaster (3 pickups) from scratch. What do you guys recommend for Tele/Strat, mix/match, stock/after-market pickups? I know I want a great Tele bridge and neck (with a push-pull to put them together), but also a great Strat middle that works...
  13. jrintheemaking

    Fender AVRI Jaguar pickup recommendations

    So, I have a late 90s Fender Jaguar. I love it on a lot of different levels, and it probably has the best neck on any other guitar I’ve ever owned. At one time I even loved the sound of it, but lately I’ve been thinking of letting it go. It’s a great overdub guitar- cuts through the mix quite...
  14. Cosmic Cowboy

    Truetone Lounge Ron Ellis Interview

    Really great interview with Ron Ellis. Super-interesting and detailed interview with the man who so many regard as the premier pickup winder in the business. Very honest. Very good job by Zac just letting Ron talk through his story. Well worth the watch.
  15. smh316

    New pickups for cv tele

    Hello everybody. I'd like explore pickup options for my 50s cv tele. i'd like to put a humbucker/paf at the neck and single at the bridge. Do any of you have experience with this? there are so many companies and so many selections that im lost. What are some good combanations? If i go with a...
  16. flatbushcl

    pickup suggestions?

    I bought this used SG in the mid-90's. I was told the pickups were: Jeff Beck in neck, Super Distortion in bridge. Does this jibe with the photos; or is it impossible to tell? They used to be fine, okay with me. Lately they seem way too hot. I've been craving a much cleaner sound. Any suggestions?
  17. K

    Pickguard-mounted vs. Body-Mounted pickups in a Tele?

    Any guidance on using pickups mounted on the pick guard, vs the traditional way of mounting to the body? I want to do several mods to my cheap Tele - and I think I'd better off being able to mount the pickups to the pickguard (as with a Strat), vs. screwing them into he body... That way -...
  18. jrintheemaking

    Twisted Tele, Texas Specials, Telecaster and Strat

    Hi, I have an American Special Strat that had Custom Shop Texas Specials in it. I especially loved the sound of these pickups as I’m typically not a Strat guy. I also have an American Standard Nashville Tele with a B bender. The middle pickup of the Tele has a Texas Special Special in it, and I...
  19. texasspecial

    Upgrading Pickups And Vibrato

    So I have a 2019 Affinity Telecaster. I am looking to put a b5 type tremolo/vibrato on it but don’t have the money for a genuine bigsby. What are some good alternatives Also I don’t like the sound of the neck pickup it sounds to muddy and unclear, I’ve been looking for new pickups and...
  20. ecnaidra

    Brute Force (Neck) and Cobra-T (Bridge)

    Hello everyone, good day! I've been playing for a year now (very new) and I got this setup on my telecaster. I play blues - Richie Kotzen style. Thing is my neck pickup is high output and designed for high gain rock / progressive/extreme metal. l was supposed to put in the mid output one (True...
  21. B

    Differences between PV 59s and 57/62s

    Just wondering if anyone here has experience with both the pure vintage 59 and the 57/62 and what the tonal differences are to your ears.
  22. S

    Custom Thinline Tele Kit

    Hello everyone! I have a quick question here that someone might be able to help with! I recently built a Tele, and everything seemed to be working correctly, wiring wise. I made sure to test everything while soldering etc. when I actually play through my gear though, the guitar cuts out, cracks...
  23. H

    Chopper T / Area T Combo Questions

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm installing a DiMarzio Chopper T Bridge and Area T Neck into a new tele build. Before I heat up the soldering iron, I figured I may as well ask a few questions here: 1) Are the Area T and Chopper T in phase out of the box, or do I need to swap the red...
  24. The Real Jake

    Separating the Men from the Boys in G&L Bluesboys

    Bastard Sons of Leo Fender, Just got my first exposure to a G&L MFD bridge pickup via an ASAT Bluesboy. I freakin’ love this pickup! I’m considering installing one in a MIM Fender Tele of mine, but I’m also considering the G&L Asat Classic ALNICO bridge pickup for the same Tele. I was...
  25. Steve Holt

    Anyone Know a Good Vendor for Pickup Coil Wire

    Title says it all. If you're winding your own pickups, where do you shop for your coil wire? Looking for 42AWG. I bought some from Tone-Kraft...but they never shipped it and won't respond to my repeated requests to contact me. I have no experience with them so I'm not sure what's going on...

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