1. thegaijin

    The agony of choice

    This isn’t really a question. Just looking for thoughts or perspectives to snap me out of my cork sniffing indecision. 4 bridge pickups, but just 3 bodies - The Creamery Custom Vintage - Florance Nocaster - Florance TE-50 - JBE Modern T (4 bodies actually, but my Cavalier Hydra ain't...
  2. V

    Please Help! Bridge won't sit flush on body with new pickup?

    So I've spent all afternoon painstakingly working my way through upgrading the electronics, shielding the cavity, and installing new pickups on my classic vibe 60s telecaster all for the first time. I'm pretty much at the end now, new electronics are in, shielding is done, and the neck pickup...
  3. GreenMagicMan

    Original vintage Seymour Duncan '59 Bridge in the neck. What a pickup! Sure would be nice to hear it and it stay working...

    Hi all: Well, two years later I finally changed strings and did a disassembly of my 'mystery mahogany explorer'. Still no clue what it is. No Identifiers anywhere. When I bought the guitar the neck pickup was DOA - seller said so in ad as well, and hadn't looked further into it. After taking...
  4. W

    Fender Telecaster Elite 2016 Neck Pickup Malefunction Fix?

    I bought this guitar online and it showed up with the neck pickup not working. If I press down on it it might work for a little while. I don't have the money to get it fixed or replace it right now. Does anyone know of a DIY remedy?
  5. L

    T3 Neck Adder Plus Corp question!!

    Hiya all! I opened a box of stuff I haven't looked in since my school days (in the 90s!) and lo and behold I found a pickup I must have bought at my tiny local music shop, and of all things (bearing in mind this was rural England), its a T3 Neck pickup by Adder Plus corp! I understand they are...
  6. ndtced

    Lolar P90 Review Request

    I have chance to pickup a set of Lolar P90's. The neck is a regular wind and the bridge is high wind. I'm thinking of putting them in a tele. Has anyone had experience with these? How do they compare to others?
  7. V

    Planning to upgrade the pickups/electronics in my Classic Vibe 60s Tele; Any suggestions?

    I'm looking to upgrade the pickups and electronics in my CV 60s Tele and was wondering if anyone here has any suggestions? I play mostly classic rock (Steve Miller Band, Skynyrd, CCR, etc) and also some blues along the lines of BB King. So I like a sound that can do well clean and sweet but...
  8. dukewellington

    Grandma’s homebrew straight steel

    A coworker’s grandma passed away a few weeks ago and she was selling her old instruments. A lot of workhorse stuff, well worn, as grandma played country out here on the plains for a long time. I was impressed with how earnest it all was, even if it wasn’t under-the-bed nocaster caliber. She was...
  9. naneek

    simple high quality piezo disc pickups?

    I am looking for a simple well made classic piezo disc. It needs to be as thin as possible, and very good build quality because the installation will be permanent. Does anybody have any suggestions? I could use some help with this. It needs to be a bare piezo disc so I can install it into the...
  10. G

    What P90s Should I Get?

    What title says: currently building a Mustang 90 with a neck + bridge set and the traditional Mustang trem and bridge rather than the Strat bridge, and I wanted recommendations for P90s that are the best bang for their buck. I know Lindy Fralin and Seymour Duncan are top notch, but I'm hoping to...
  11. O

    Jaguar Pickup Question

    Hello all, I have just realized that with my Jag, when all pickup switches are in the down(off) position, there is still something picking up noise from the guitar and pushing it through the amp. It's very quiet. Is this a common thing on most Jaguars, or is this something I need to have...
  12. K

    Alternative to the Lollar CC ($$$) ????

    I want to drop a Charlie Christian style pickup into the neck of my Tele - the Lollar CC appears to sound like the closest, and it's beautiful. However, it's expensive!!! ($180) Anyone ever use or try or heard an alternative to the Lollar CC for around $75 for the pickup? Any ideas on what I...
  13. riachuelo

    Static on neck pickup

    Greetings. I have an AVRI ‘64 Tele. All stock components, and until now never a problem. It recently started making some scratchy noise, though, and I couldn’t quite place the origin. I tried cleaning the pots and the cable jack and then figured out the noise happened only when the neck pickup...
  14. R

    Upgrading Fender Player Tele pickups

    I bought a Fender Player Tele a few months ago. I couldn't justify the American-made, and honestly liked how it played. But I do want to upgrade the pickups. I wanted to see if people had thoughts/preferences. I play in a country band, so want to keep the "classic" Tele sound. Currently deciding...
  15. Y

    Gretsch HS filtertron fitment in cabronita body

    Hi, I'm building a cabronita style guitar and I sourced a tele body from guitarfetish routed for filtertrons, the cavities measure 73*36 mm which fits most tv jones and the Gretsch hs bridge pickup which measures 72*35mm by direct mounting using wood screws. However, the neck pickup from the...
  16. F

    Best pair of pickups for rock sound

    Hello, I own a MIM telecaster since 2012 and now I think it's time for some upgrade. Although I'm pretty satisfied with the sound, MIM telecaster are good affordable guitars in my opinion, i would like to buy a pair of pickup to make it sound even better. After some searches, I found that a...
  17. G

    Pickups and Their Positions

    After doing some shower thinking, I've begun rethinking my decision to build a Telecaster with the Custom setup (SH), so I'd like opinions on your favored pickups and their positions. I do know that I want to make a 2 or 3 pickup guitar, and my favored styles of music are alternative, punk...
  18. Flip G

    Pickup Not Available

    I was looking at guitar accessories from Walmart Canada of all places and had to do a double-take while checking out a pair of P90s. Alongside the "Add to Cart" button, the page declared "Pickup Not Available". What?!? But?!? Oh no, wait -- I get it. " :) Yibuy Cream Color Pearl P90 Single Coil...
  19. Neteel

    How convert a Neck Tele Tex-Mex to a baja 3 wires pickups?

    How convert a Neck Tele Tex-Mex to a baja 3 wires pickups? Does someone know how to add a third wire on a Tele Tex-Mex Neck pickup to be able to connect on a 4 way switch? Thank you for your help! This is my Pickup Mike
  20. AznGuitarist31

    Amplify the Gretsch Honeydipper

    Hello, it's been a while since I've posted. Not a telecaster question, but I've seen a few posts on resonators here. I just got the Gretsch Honeydipper, I want to learn some things on it before i take it apart lol, but looking at the best way to amplify it. I am willing to drill holes in it, but...
  21. S

    Which Lollar neck pickup to replace a Twisted Tele

    Hi, I have a Baja Tele which has a Twisted Tele neck pickup. It doesn't sound like a traditional neck pickup to me. I'm thinking of getting a Lollar Tele neck pickup, as I'm happy with the Lollar Dirty Blackface set in my Strat. Out of the options - '52, Vintage, Special - which, in your...
  22. Chanan

    How Do Humbuckers Work?

    I must be missing something here, I just can’t quite wrap my head around it... If a humbucker consists of two coils with opposing polarity, shouldn’t they just phase cancel each other entirely? Or at the very least sound ‘out of phase’? Usually that sound is associated with being thin or...
  23. V

    Neck pickup guidance (Q pickups)

    Hi there, I have a Donlis bridge pup that I really like, A2, around 11k, see Antigua's post below https://www.tdpri.com/threads/donlis-telecaster-pickups-analysis-and-review.734657/ But didn't have the same luck with the neck pickup. It's slightly microphonic and lacks clarity. Maybe it's...
  24. znanjeiimanje

    Guitalele + K&K Pure Mini

    I have a K&K Pure Mini brand new in the box laying around the house since I got a good deal on it but never wanted to make a permanent installation on my D28 (and now I'm waiting for a decent price LR Baggs M80 to pop up). Now I'm considering putting it on a Yamaha Guitalele since I would love...
  25. S

    Bridge pickup not working when ground touches backplate

    Hi everyone, I am currently installing a new bridge pickup to my Schecter PT (T-style guitar). Had no issues with previous pickups (duncan designed pickups that look like the EMG active pickups, but these are passive). Im installing a Pearly gate bridge pickup (the one that looks like one...