pickup change

  1. W

    Reverse Telecaster Wiring HELP

    Im rewiring my player telecaster with the SD 1/4 lb tele set and the control plate reversed. The particular switch I bought has a layout that seems flipped from most schematics I've seen, so I copied the Fralin diagram for a reverse tele control plate but remade it for my switch. I'm not certain...
  2. Lord Revan

    SD La Brea Set Review in Lucky Dog

    I live in Cleveland, TN so Lucky Dog is my hometown brand. This guitar has a korina body and a super flamely maple cap neck and came stock with the Lucky Dog UnderDog set which are underwound by design and extremely twangy. I'm talking Don Rich, Pete Anderson twang. That's all well and good, but...
  3. J

    Pots to change squier affinity telecaster? (hot rails)

    Now I am not very experienced with the tech of guitar, only changed a pickup or two, but I got a seymour duncan hot rails to install, but since its a telecaster, I'd need 500k pots? Can any of you link me to some 500k volume/tone pots that are cheap? Thank you.