1. zippofan

    Some more 1590A builds

    While waiting for pots to complete my parametric EQ, I got a few more of Madbean's 1590A boards. While I have a Rat and a Big Muff, I don't have miniature ones, so here we go! The "Runt", Rat board, quick stuffing job with a very special IC coming courtesy of a fellow member here, thank you FL!
  2. zippofan

    Phase 45 clone

    In a 1590a, I may be crazy! But given how well Madbean documents his builds, I think it'll be a dandy pedal when complete. I finished the last circuit step tonight by matching pairs of 2n5457 JFETs and actually have a few close matches out of 20 devices. I like the Phase 45 better than the...
  3. Telecaster88

    NPD: Mojo Hand Mister-O

    For a person who doesn't even use phasers that much in my music, I sure am obsessed with them. (Chalk it up to my love for Waylon...) Just got to mess around a bit with my new Mister-O, which is an adaptation of the 70s Maestro pedal. I think it sounds pretty great. Of the phasers I own, I...
  4. D

    Blues Junior sounds like a phaser.

    First of all, hope everyone is having a great start to 2021. I recently bought a Blues Junior III from a local pawn shop for cheap. I’ve had it for months and have been playing it with no issues. I recently purchased a Eminence Swamp Thing and installed it. Now when playing at a low volume...
  5. G

    Waylon's pedals

    I know this is probably a subject that has been beat to death, but what pedals did Waylon Jennings use? I know he used a Phase 90 and a Maestro PS-1a phase shifter. But what else did he use? Here's Austin City limits in 1984. That is not just a Phase 90 and the in amp reverb. It could be a...
  6. 41144

    What next - Octofuzz, Phaser, Looper, another delay or...?

    First World problems I know but.... Basically, having bought a Tech21 Boost-Overdrive pedal I also needed to get a bigger board. I now have room for another pedal, I've currently got a Reverb in there but don't really like/want/use a Reverb. My current chain is... Tuner - Boost/OD - Vibe -...
  7. thefruitfarmer

    Phaser Tap Tempo Boss PH-3 for Reggae?

    Hi Can anyone who owns a Boss PH-3 tell me what happens when you use the external footswitch to control the tempo? Does the tempo of the rate change instantly or is it exactly like when making tempo changes via the treddle, in that you have to depress the pedal for 2 seconds before it enters...
  8. zippofan

    Madbean Phaser

    I've been building a lot of overdrives, boosts, compressors, EQ's, even an analog delay, but with the exception of the Zeppelin Quaverato, not much modulation. Funny since my first ever pedal back in the 70's was a DOD Phasor 201. I love the sound of a 2 stage phaser, but other than a Phase 90...
  9. JayFreddy

    The MXR Phase 95 Club

    Little. Yellow. Different... Lol (/Wayne's World Reference) I've owned several different "Holy Grail" phasers over the years including an old AC powered ADA and a TC Electronic programmable phaser. At one time I've owned both the MXR Phase 90 and Phase 100. I currently own three other...
  10. abunchofpedals

    Glou Glou - Pralines (phaser, vibrato, filering fuzz!)

    I finally managed to get my hands on one of the GLou Glou pedals. I’ve seen all the videos on their other products and this didn’t disappoint. The build quality is awesome and the choices for filtering are pretty extensive. It uses 4 filters, that you can set the frequency of and...
  11. Hades

    Pedal help/feedback!

    so a little background. I am a acoustic guy, I use to play in a band and I did use a electric guitar with a awesome marshal stack, but all that has changed now. I recently moved into a small place and just bought a nice small amp that does not take up space. I have never used guitar pedals...
  12. abunchofpedals

    Spaceman Effects - Explorer Deluxe (Phaser/Vibrato)

    Spaceman Effects - Explorer Deluxe (6 stage phaser/vibrato). I was never a huge fan of phasers but when I got the Midnight, it got me back into it. The Explorer Deluxe sounds awesome as a phaser or vibrato but some of the coolest sounds come from the pitch shifting, sea sick settings. Almost...
  13. abunchofpedals

    Red House Electronics - Midnight ( phaser / vibrato )

    So it’s been a really long time since I’ve had a phaser. I guess I just had a falling out with them for a while but this resparked my interest in them. I’ve really been enjoying having a super slow, drawn out phaser speed with a lot of depth. It sounds good on guitar but I think it sounds...
  14. abunchofpedals

    Matthews Effects - The Chemist (Chorus/Vibrato, Phaser and Octave)

    This is the first pedal I ever had from Mathews Effects and I gotta say, it’s pretty solid. I love the soft, click less switches. It’s got a few different effects in here, Chorus/Vibrato, Phaser and Octave -/+. The cool thing is that you can use the two switches and knob rows to set...
  15. Otis Funkmeyer

    Ibanez PH-7 Phaser

    Does anyone know if this is digital or analog? It's got decent sound, and I like having knobs for blend, depth, and feedback. Anyone else using this? Thanks!
  16. Mr Mxyzptlk

    Question for Nano Small Stone Owners

    I recently ordered an open box demo Nano Small Stone from Sweetwater. It worked fine, except that with the "Color" switch in the down position, when I turned the rate all the way up, the phasing effect would disappear. (This didn't happen with the Color switch in the up position.) I told...