1. cibelly007

    Mustang GT-100 best settings for pedals

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well! My first time posting here, I was reading some threads about the topic, however some of them seemed outdated and not much relevant to my question. So, I have the Mustang GT-100 (I believe it's the one that came before the GTX-100 that Fender sells...
  2. TokyoPortrait

    What I Learnt in 2021 About… (pedals)

    Hi. I learnt, I have enough. So, when I occasionally buy a new one, they should be something quite different and maybe even a bit silly (for me). :) Hence my last two - a rotary speaker emulator and an auto wah. And that lead me to learn that they can inspire new approaches, or yield...
  3. Activateclint

    Pedal order and buffers help!!

    Hey gang just made a new pedalboard for my single (clean) channel amp and have setup the pedals to what order i think should have them in. Currently the 2 Boss pedals are the only ones with always on buffers (the fuzz can go anywhere apparently being digital). The OCD and Soul Food both have...
  4. Killing Floor

    Should I get another delay?

    What should I get? I have one I like OK but maybe I want something different. Brainwash me. What's good?
  5. heatx

    5F1 Chanp as a Pedal Platform…

    I’ve made a few posts about the ‘57 Custom Champ I picked up a few months ago. I’ve been loving it. Changes to the stock amp are: - Full set of NOS RCA Tubes - Jensen P8R - Evidence Audio Siren II Speaker Cable I know this isn’t common, but I’ve been experimenting with it in the studio as a...
  6. LeftyBlues

    Love and hate with the Soul Food, how do you use it?

    The soul food is an odd pedal for me. I want to like it, and on some days I really do, but I can't seem to decide what it is really meant for. First, it is loud for my home use. Idk why but its either too loud around 9 o'clock or it goes full mute below that, and thats with the drive way up...
  7. Activateclint

    Overdrive troubleshooting? Low in Gain but High Headroom?

    Just something i've noticed is that most of my drive pedals at a medium or even low gain the unity volume is still only about 9 o'clock with a quick onset of volume and therefore TONS of headroom. Also looking at others demos of my pedals, they'd get more gain at a lower setting and have the...
  8. R

    Tele + Vox Brightness Help

    Hi guys! Totally new to this forum, but I've been reading posts as a guest for awhile! So excited to get to know this wonderful community. I’m going to give a lot of exposition to avoid the inevitable “more details needed” replies ;) My main telecaster is the current model Nashville Deluxe...
  9. B

    Preamp pedal into THR10

    Hi - I’m an enthusiastic but clueless guitarist with a THR10 which I love. The “Brit hi” and “modern” channels sound famstacic, even through headphones (which I need playing in a house with two young children) However I’ve got a bunch of ambient delay/reverb/chorus-y stuff which don’t sound...
  10. Klovski

    Chinese Pedal Durability

    I don't know if there was a thread about it or not, but I just wanna know Since Chinese pedals are getting more popular 'lately', from your experience, how long do they usually last? Are they somehow repairable? Thanks n cheers!
  11. Killing Floor

    NPD Clubber Lang

    Just plugged in my new Clubber Lang from Malaise Forever. It's gritty, it's loud, it's as subtle as a hammer and it's pink. Zac Sweeney made this as a MOSFET front end, germanium soft clipping fuzz backside, a modern tribute to the Interfax Harmonic Percolator. Burn is the MOSFET gain control...
  12. B

    Muddy/dull drive

    I play my Tele through an AC15, and it sounds fine clean, but many pedals I try make it sound horrible, and I don't know why. Everyone and his dog raves about the 808 Tubescreamer, but it sounds a bit harsh and nasty to me, nothing like the mild overdrive I hear in demo videos. Same with an...
  13. Festofish

    Your 2 most versatile drives.

    I’m always switching up my drives. I have 12 guitars that I regularly play so versatility is a plus. What 2 drive boxes do you use. Only 2...yeah I know. :D Lately I’ve been using the Old Blood Noise Endevours Fault and a Mojo Mojo. That’ll change soon as it always does. This is all living...
  14. Tele-friend

    Prices of guitar pedals

    I was wondering about the prices of guitar pedals. We obviously have so many different manufacturers, types of pedals... which all come in different price points. Of course there is also the used pedals market and you can buy some really cool pedals in very good condition for 50-70% of the...
  15. 41144

    Aqualung tones?

    So, coming up to 50 years since the first release of Aqualung and I find myself transported back and almost unable to stop playing the album. If you're not familiar with it, give it a go but ignore some of the lyrics on face value ... they're way deeper that first impressions (look it up on the...
  16. punkermd

    A Kids Book About Pedal Collecting!?

    Has anyone else seen this? I stumbled across it surfing Craigslist, seems like it could be funny. The illustrations look hilarious!
  17. KrenarCilku


    Here you go guys, I said this. What do you guys think?
  18. B

    Guitar Center doesn't sell used Fulltone pedals

    Went on their site to check Used Gear and typed in 'Fulltone'. Nothing comes up! I ended up Googling and it does say they won't be buying used Fulltone any longer. It's got to be awkward for people who have used Fulltone pedals that want to sell and they walk in and Guitar Center won't give them...
  19. R

    Mosky pedals?

    Does anybody here have experience with Mosky brand pedals? I just ordered a Golden Horse and a Brown from the Amazonians. I am comfortable taking the gamble on them, but I thought waiting for them would be more fun if I got to read about them.
  20. daveIT

    Pedal storage

    I won't have to dig around in the closet no more...these are just a couple of picture ledge shelves from Amazon. Easy access now for my synths and guitars! Maestro Stage Phaser > Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz Custom > EHX 16 Second Digital Delay > Boss RE-20 Space Echo > Fulltone Soul...
  21. hotairguitar

    Solid state - Constant use of attenuator & pedals

    Dear all, especially tech enthusiasts :) I wonder if this been asked before? (if yes kindly please point me to the thread) Would amp experts please name the impacts of attenuator and multiple pedals (maximum 3 in front or via effects loop) on the circuitry of a solid state amp, namely Roland...
  22. KeepItSimpleTele

    Marshall Class 5 Tone tips

    Recently got a Marshall Class 5 head. Cool little amp. Despite it’s simple’s a bit of a challenge to find the tone sweet spot. I thought I’d start a thread of “tips” to pull tones out of this amp. Feel free to add your experiences here. First...many have realized it sounds great...
  23. G

    Paisley Drive vs Paisley Deluxe

    Okay so now I'm curious. I did a little research and found that there are two Brad Paisley signature models. Looking at the Paisley Drive, I noticed that there are two switches. (Presence and a 3-way EQ shaping switch). Looking at the Paisley Deluxe, there are no switches, but there is a single...
  24. Binx


    So I came across a series the guy from 60 Cycle Hum does called affordaboard. I dont usually watch that channel or listen to the podcast, tried, but something about it didnt work for me, but I thought this little series idea was cool. He does different affordable pedal boards for a specific...
  25. znanjeiimanje

    Pedal as checked luggage

    I intend to have an overseas trip very soon (no matter how crazy that might sound) and want to take 5 pedals with me. I was wondering if anyone has checked in pedals before? Did you get called up by the airport security?