1. Striker Tele project.jpeg

    Striker Tele project.jpeg

    One custom order for brave German sailer.
  2. D

    New tele build, scratching head...

    I've been a strat guy for almost 20 years, but I just built my first tele. Allen eden body, all parts neck, gotoh tuners, everything else fender including twisted tele pickups. The head scratcher though is how it sound past the 12th fret. It's not quite a buzz it's more of a metallic like sound...
  3. DuaneAlmond

    This deal is too good to be true ??

    Hey, I’m a new user and wondering could you help me out? I could definitely use some solid eyes and knowledge on this. I have a chance to pick up a Partcaster Tele for 400e here in Ireland. The previous price for the guitar was almost triple that on reverb. Heres the ad I’m buying from...
  4. JeremyYappy

    1st Partcaster

    Hey all, long time watcher first time poster. Currently in the process of building a '72 Tele Custom style partscaster. Plan is to finish it in Dupli-Color Perfect Match Graphite Metallic Body is from Woodtech Routing over on Reverb: Have fallen in love with the look of Dennis Fano's...
  5. yegbert

    twin sons of different mothers

    The lighter white on the left is my partscaster, an eBay MIM body with a swap meet neck I think is a Mighty Mite. The bridge plate is either MIM standard or Gotoh and saddles are Gotoh, the pickups are probably Seymour Duncan. Pickguard is 3 ply B/W/B. The one on the right is a ‘98 Squier...
  6. Taylorb

    Les Paul jr. Tele conversion

    Does anyone know of any examples where a slab body les Paul had tele hardware installed. I found a used epiphone LP special for cheap that I'm thinking about giving it a shot on. Main issues I might run into?
  7. matman14

    NGD Blue Partscaster Tele.

    Been building this one for about 3 months (thread over in the DIY section). This is my first Tele.. Got strings on it and set up for the very first time today so it's finally a playable guitar. Sounds great through my Princeton. Will try to record some clips once I have it dialed in. Specs...
  8. N

    Any good parts companies in Europe and Asia?

    Hi all, I'm interesting in assembling my own telecaster from parts. I've seen Warmoth but they're from the USA and I'd like to know if there's any reputable parts company based in Europe. Also, any good, cheap parts company? Maybe Asian, but for a less expensive build. Thanks
  9. rokasjmusic

    Help me to find this builder, please! Dutch alert

    Long story short: last year I was fallowing guitar parts builder on Ebay. His page is gone. Thought I am absolutely certain his location was set to Netherlands. The only proof of his works is an email from Ebay I received on August 2019. I'll attach copy of this email. You can see a white and...
  10. verbroman

    1950 Double Esquire Build No Truss Rod

    This is my first Partscaster build and it's been a long time coming. I'm trying to recreate a pre-Broadcaster 2 pickup Esquire that did not have a truss rod. I know I'm taking a risk here and that is why the neck I ordered with the roasted and quarter-sawn option so it would be more stable. I...
  11. punkrockscott

    Help identifying this Thinline Tele...

    Hi! I need help identifying this telecaster/partscaster/frakenstein... Someone is offering it up in a trade vs a banjo I rarely use, valued around $200. Here's the story I have: "I bought this guitar used from (insert local reputable music shop). It's a fender thinline semi hollow body with a...
  12. ieatlions

    NGD ‘Telecaster’

    Just in time for Tele Tuesday. Been on the hunt for ‘my’ perfect Tele for about 5 years. I’ve owned and played a few nice ones but what I really wanted was a hybrid of certain specs. So the brief was fairly straight forward, a classic looking Tele with a few modern...
  13. Sociopanda

    ( To delete) Help! Matching strat pickup with tele little 59?

    Hello everyone! Thread moved to the tele technical forum, thought it was more appropriated.
  14. B

    [HELP] Identifying my Tele body

    Hello folks! I've recently bought a Tele and couldn't identify the body so I need professional help and I believe this is the way! Cost me ~550$. Custom made 7.25 maple neck by Fox (Croatian builder), Bare Knuckle Brown Sugar pickups, CTS pots, 3 way switch, Fender 3 saddle bridge, Kluson...
  15. Sociopanda

    Tele highway one texas neck specs?

    Hey guys, im a bit confused in regards to the specs of the highway one texas tele. Im in the process of gathering some parts to build a partcaster and i just saw a nice used highway one texas neck for sale. I know it has been refretted and i know all the specs exept one thing. Im confused as to...
  16. SC Relics Guitars

    Building a 54 inspired Strat

    Hey guys. I’ve been overrun with work recently (building other people’s nitro finished Guitars for them) but I took the urge to start a new Strat in the middle of it all. This is my first thread, go easy ;) I had a 3 1/2 lb two piece ash body here from the supplier and I thought it would be...
  17. Quacky

    One and 3/4 nuts I am going.

    Hi Y'all, I finally got my Warmoth neck a couple days back and being an old cheap basterd I bought it unfinished and instead of paying 30 bucks for them to cut a nut I shelled out 4 fifty for a blank one now my question is this I read a couple of old posts on cutting a 1 and 3/4 and I'm confused...
  18. R

    NGD! Partcaster

    I love the thought of having a telecaster that would age and show it's use over the years. In addition, I figured hand picking the parts out would make it that much more special so I decided to take the plunge. Just got the last piece in today. Now, I just got to drop it off at the shop to get...