olympic white

  1. yagguh

    A month in the making, Partscaster #2 is finally done! "Moby"

    Build process is in imgur link. General Specs: Wenge Neck ($100) 22 Jumbo Frets - Leveled and Crowned Locking Tuners ($32) Graph Tech Nut ($12) 2 Piece Alder Body ($156) Custom Dual-Tone Relic Poly Finish ($12) Handwound Kiyst HSH Pickup Set ($50) Gotoh EV510 Tremolo ($125) Master Volume and...
  2. rze99

    Build: Aged Olympic White and rosewood board - Rexter / Fender / Gotoh

    Bit of an opportunist build this. And a while since my last. All used but decent parts so it is low cost. Mostly this is an existing parts drawer build with some bits I just picked up to complete. Kind of like a Journeyman light relic '60s Tele 63-64 style Body: Nicely lightly aged thin nitro...
  3. JeremyYappy

    Thinline Jazzmaster

    Finished this one up a couple weeks ago. I know relicing isn't everyones cup of tea so roast away if you must. my computer screen resolution
  4. Killing Floor

    NGD - Baritone Tele

    Ever since I got handed a recorder in preschool I've dreamed of having a guitar that goes "ba-dow-dow-down" like in the western movies or trucker songs. Hey, covid goals, who's with me? Anyone on the fence with buying or making a bari for absolutely no reason...There are lot's of reasons...
  5. Dismalhead

    NGD - Fender Deluxe Roadhouse Strat

    Hey people, Just received my Olympic White Strat. MIM Deluxe Roadhouse; bought it brand new. Been wanting a white Strat for a long, long time now. Gonna be some fun here in a bit.
  6. W

    Help Identifying Squier Japan Precision bass (80s/90s?)

    Hey guys (and gals), I recently bought a Squier mij P-bass on Reverb. I need help identifying it since I'm not going to remove the pick-guard and neck until it needs new strings! The seller said it was a '93 but the headstock makes me believe it's from the 80s. There is no serial number on the...
  7. rze99

    NGD: Fender-Rexter '61 Jazz bass 'stack knob' aged Olympic White

    Hi here's my new Jazz bass :) I do hope you like your knobs stacked. I do. I always wanted an early '60s Jazz bass in Oly white. Oly white + dark rosewood is for me a killer combo and I love my Tele and Strat in in this combo. The Fender early '60s stack knob replicas are really cool but only...
  8. Skydog1010

    NGD... I couldn't pass it up '15 USA Pro

    2015 USA PRO TELECASTER HS, MAPLE one piece neck/FINGERBOARD, OLYMPIC WHITE...sounds so sweet, maple neck plays fast and has an S1 switch too. Feels like compound modern C profile to a slim D, I believe the radius is gonna come in the 10 - 12 inch ballpark. I have not made it upstairs with it...
  9. DaveMorse

    Tele Olympic White '68 help

    Hi to everybody, I am buying the following guitar: Telecaster Olympic White 1968, I need your help in order to be sure that is a real '68 and not a '69. Right now I have the following list of check todo (something done) and the following pictures, all the advices are welcome, thank you in...