1. AAT65

    NGD - American Original 60s Lake Placid Blue

    I decided in the end I couldn’t pass it up - I nearly bought an AO 60s Tele when I bought my Jazzmaster, and I’ve thought about it ever since, and said several times here that the AO 60s is the best current production Telecaster that Fender make. Since they seem to have just about dropped off...
  2. birdawesome

    New Tele on the block

    Hello all! Just thought I’d post an introduction, and an obligatory Tele pic. My girlfriend is getting sick of hearing me talk about my guitars, so I needed some fellow enthusiasts to indulge lol. I’ve been playing since I was about 16 but kind of fell away from it in college the first time...
  3. Fretting out

    NGD A.V 59 maple board!

    I just received this bad boy! Just the right amount of fingerboard rolling Look fender! You did it before, this is how a headstock should transition! Has just enough wear to keep it honest and not make me afraid to play it It’s got some nice checking I tried to capture but it doesn’t...
  4. hnryclay

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Special it just feel right

    Sometimes a guitar just fits, this one does for me. Played it all morning, it just screams rock and roll.
  5. bradavic

    NGD - My 1960 Custom Shop Tele is Finally Here!

    Hi, all. Last year, I posted about my experience ordering a Custom Shop Tele, and I'm happy to announce that the guitar has finally arrived (almost 11 months after ordering it), and I am VERY happy with it. I know you'd like to see pictures, but how about a video instead? Cheers!
  6. OmegaWoods

    NGD! PRS SE Paul's Guitar

    It's new guitar day! I've been shopping for a double humbucker for a while and went to GC and played a bunch of them. I really like the PRS Paul's Guitar for its neck, tone, build quality, versatility and price. I didn't buy it because I didn't want another blue guitar. A stupid but valid...
  7. Devanatha

    NGD: Gretsch G5230T

    Good things can be had for little money these days, at least when it comes to guitars. This one arrived today, and boy, does it exceed my expectations! Extremely well set up, low action (almost too low for my taste), no buzz, no sharp fret ends, great neck, excellent playability. And the sound...
  8. marymurrah

    Lite Ash Tele Gang Rise Up! New to TDPRI, showing off the 'twins'

    Hello, I'm relatively new to TDPRI and am here to show off my 'twins'! These are the Fender Lite Ash line, originally made in Korea 2004-2009, Indonesia 2012. I was inspired by a fellow Lite Ash enthusiast who posted to TDPRI their Lite Ash twins. See pic here - I have a long-ish story about...
  9. marymurrah

    New to TDPRI, where to post NGD ?

    Hello I'm relatively new to TDPRI and want to show off my recent tele build. Which board / forum is the best to post New Gear Day posts? Is there a running daily thread? I don't want to appear spammy or n00b. Thanks
  10. no doz

    a sentimental NGD

    2012 USA gibson explorer traditional pro. wine red nitro finish. '57 classic in the neck and a burstbucker 3 in the bridge. only about 85% of the size of a standard explorer, contours and profile feel a lot sleeker imo. it's the first gibson i've ever owned. this guitar is a really...
  11. Wooly Fox

    NGD - Gibson Custom CS 336 Ebony

    As posted in my other thread on semi hollow searching, I today tried and bought a semi hollow. It's a Gibson Custom CS 336 in Ebony. Wasn't intending on trying, let alone buying, such a guitar but it spoke to me and I just had to have it. Got a good deal I think on the price, the finish is...
  12. tiptoploader

    Danelectro U2 Reissue- Wiring Puzzle

    I pulled a Danelectro U2 out of the trash and have been enjoying rehabbing all the parts etc. Now I'm at the wiring and got signal to pass and I know my switch works but for the life of me can't figure out how the wiring works. The front pickup and the series setting works but I can't figure out...
  13. polimacs

    NGD D,Angelico Premier Atlantic

    Two days ago my wife barged in my covid-caused home-office room and started persuading me to get another guitar "since my tele was starting to be not enough for her and she needed me to get that strat I wanted so much". Can you wrap your minds around that? Neither could I. "Woman, do not tease...
  14. JRtele

    NGD (last one for awhile…) - Gretsch White Falcon

    Having offloaded a bunch of old guitars lately that I didn’t play to free up space, this should be my last NGD for awhile. In theory anyways. Technically bought this a few months ago but just arrived. Friend of a friend across the country who heard I was looking to buy something along this...
  15. JRtele

    NGD: Gibson 345

    Wanted a 335 for a long time, after a long work trip I played a few, nothing I loved. Got sent out for another couple months follow up, and while there decided I’m past the age of settling for now and continuously trading up to get what I really want. To that end, I found this on Reverb. After...
  16. R

    NGD: Squier Baritone Tele

    I just got this yesterday, and we haven't gotten properly acquainted yet, but here are my first impressions. The initial setup was surprisingly good. I'll let it acclimate for a few days before making any adjustments, but it doesn't need much. The neck is incredibly glossy. I'm not saying if...
  17. TeiscoTheMan98


    It's been a long time coming. I'm the former Johnny Teisco that posted that vintage Teisco ET-200 a few years ago. I came back to showcase the one and only dream guitar that I've coveted for a very long time. The Teisco Spectrum 5. This one's a 90s reissue. I've had this very guitar shipped all...
  18. Tiago

    NGD: Squier Bullet Strat in Lake Placid Blue

    I’d like to thank/curse you all for the Jack Pearson mentions in multiple threads. I have a complicated history with Strats. Somehow, all the ones I had come through over the years never quite clicked with me. A few years ago, a friend of mine with a store tried to sell me a black Bullet and I...
  19. BackwaterJunction

    NGD and Initial Review - Squier CV Thinline in BSB

    OK, it's not technically NGD as that was yesterday, but I wanted to get to know it a touch more before posting. Sue me ;) So I took myself to Andertons yesterday with the intention of looking at the newest CVs. What had particularly caught my eye was the striking Candy Apple Green limited...
  20. 57fenderstrat

    NGD!! / finest instrument I have played

    Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins Vintage select 1959 This is my first Gretsch and one of my first times stepping out of the Fender Strat/Tele world. I have wanted a 6120 for many years now and I decided to use my 30th Birthday as a reason to do it. If you are looking into buying a Gretsch I have to...
  21. Fretting out

    Deja vu NGD “didn’t we just see this”

    I was hesitant to post this already as yesterday another member posted the same guitar (great minds think alike) I stopped by the music store yesterday,tried to talk myself out of going because I knew if this was still there it was coming home, it played great and it was sold The neck is FLAT...
  22. Killing Floor

    Hi, Y'all! And NGD, sort of

    Hi from Austin, I'm new here. Been playing a while, since the '70's. Made my living as a bassist for part of that time but don't hold it against me! Anyway, since I'm a TDPRI noob here's a couple gratuitous pics of my latest friend. Fender Mod Shop 2020 HH. Daphne blue, pearloid, chrome...
  23. OmegaWoods

    NGD! - Silver Sky, Dodgem Blue

    I had developed a serious case of GAS over the Silver Sky (in spite of the funny headstock shape) and I'm happy to have taken possession. Got a great deal from Melody Music Shop in Indiana. The boss said OK and that's all I needed! I really like it, tons of sustain, really great fretwork...
  24. nicknklv

    NGD - Ibanez AR-720

    After nearly 15 days of waiting, it arrived on Friday... the beautiful Ibanez AR-720. This model is now discontinued, but I was attracted by the unique specs and the gorgeous finish! P.S. Thanks everybody who gave me some great feedback on your experience with Ibanez Artists, that thread really...
  25. nicknklv

    The long (?) wait, or How long should I wait to take out a new guitar?

    Heya, hope you're all having a fine day! I am waiting on a new Ibanez Artist AR720 (which I did a thread about not long ago). I ordered it about 15 days ago and it is almost here, awaiting delivery today or tomorrow. I am based in Sweden and it's coming from Italy, and clearly spent a lot of...