1. KikiBanks

    Thoughts on different colour palettes for my build design

    Just tryna see which one will be better. The red one however makes it feel like a red mustang to me, which I don’t really want this resembling something too much. However the control plate would look much better with the pearl pickguard. Maybe meet in the middle with a celestial blue colour with...
  2. KikiBanks

    Second attempt at digital designing, thoughts?

    Got bored and drew something up, so sorry for little detail or scaling of hardware.
  3. KikiBanks

    Thoughts on my new custom design guitar shape?

    First time designing a guitar, I’ve already cut and sanded the body and bought most of the parts. Just want thoughts before I assemble it or any ideas. (First time drawing a guitar and creating a digital guitar design (free handed it)) .
  4. 19sixty3

    Fender's New Guitar Player Landscape Analysis

    Fender and YouGov conducted the "Fender's New Guitar Player Landscape Analysis" study, analyzing who new players were and how they took up the instrument. The study estimates that 16 million people have taken up the guitar in the US over the pandemic. Everyone can draw their conclusions from...
  5. Hey_you

    Three Year Anniversary! Belated

    OK, I forgot about it, but Sept 27,2018 I bought my first guitar. To you that have started recently, Don't Stop! I went through the periods where I didn't want to be heard, to now, I'll play outside. Loud. Where my fingers hurt and I cursed the man that invented Barr Chords. Gluing split...
  6. C

    Hello from Canada, new tele owner

    Hi All, New member from Canada. For years I never considered the Tele, as I always associated with certain music genres. I got watching lots of videos on YouTube of amazing players all loving teles (Danish Pete, That Pedal Show, etc...) I picked up a mint condition limited run American...
  7. LeftyBlues

    Finally Joined

    Hey yall, After lurking for a couple years, finally figured I'd make an account. I'm not very good with keeping up with social media/forums, but was looking for somewhere I can talk about topics in guitar BEYOND just gear. I've been playin since early 2019, so I'm still fairly new, but I put in...
  8. Tele907

    Hi, new here.

    Hey I'm a teenage guitar player from Alaska, can someone give me some info on this forum? (i.e How hostile, friendly, kind of things you really dont wanna post, things that are appreciated, etc.)? Yes I read the info sticky thread.
  9. SomeGuyNamedRob

    New Amp Day: Peavey Windsor

    The photo is not my own (still need to shoot my family photos) but I thought I'd include a reference photo. 100 watts of 6L6 powered goodness. Voicing reminds me of my old Marshall head, but at a fraction of the price of what a 2204 would cost me. My attenuator is going to get some work.
  10. L

    Phone Orders - Cream City Music

    I was on Reverb and saw a BRAND NEW condition fender player strat plus top originally listed as 616.24, the day before yesterday and I asked if it was still available. Yesterday, i got an answer that it was but the price had changed to 725. I called the store and the guy was like there must...
  11. frettchen

    NGD!!! Special Edition Player Series Telecaster in Lake Placid Blue!

    Hello everyone! I've always had guitars with humbuckers, and I used to play a Greg Bennett Ultramatic with Seymour Duncan. I hadn't played for some time, and my guitar remained for few years closed in it's case. For some time now my passion for guitar has returned, and yesterday I decided to...
  12. Underd0gcm

    Squier Starcaster Affinity

    Well yesterday arrived, my new starcaster affinity, what do you think?. I can tell that the construction quality its very good, how fender improve that througt the years, i remember when bullets where mic an had a poor QC. This is made in Indonesia, satin finish on neck, narrow tall frets...
  13. 41144

    What next - Octofuzz, Phaser, Looper, another delay or...?

    First World problems I know but.... Basically, having bought a Tech21 Boost-Overdrive pedal I also needed to get a bigger board. I now have room for another pedal, I've currently got a Reverb in there but don't really like/want/use a Reverb. My current chain is... Tuner - Boost/OD - Vibe -...
  14. 57fenderstrat

    New fender env filter pedal , Josh Smith demo

  15. C

    Best new artists!?!?

    I come here to help me get more knowledge quickly about new original guitar players. I am open to any genre but I am not sure if there are many I have not come about. My favourites at the moment are Plini, Tramaine, Guthrie Govan and Marco Sfogli. It would be great to hear your guys favourite...
  16. Ydwen Jones

    Dutch guy, new on TDPRI

    Hey there, I'm new here. I live in the Netherlands, in a town near Amsterdam. I've been playing and singing for a while. But music's always been just a hobby. I like all sorts of music, but my favorite kind is blues. My current guitar is a candy apple red MIM Tele. I am considering changing the...
  17. Tim Disney

    I recently realized that I must be a tele guy

    I've read other threads about this, so I know it's nothing new, but I've been a strat player most of my life after being given one when I was 14 or so. Last March, something compelled me to get an american special tele and I've been playing and recording with it a lot. On several occasions...
  18. 41144

    Tokai valve amp?

    OK, I've honestly not been at the sauce from early this morning but, anyone got any info. on this? So, the Tokai UK website url is bona fide but is known to be experiencing 'lawsuit' issues again. And, some other pages seem to be 12 months+...
  19. 41144

    New MiJ range - UK/Europe?

    Hi ... Anyone feel Fender are taking the Mickey with their new MiJ offerings ... For example see ...
  20. Fireball519

    NGD! (relic alert)

    So I traded around for a pedal steel. I always wanted to learn to play. I can play a little but what I really need is a tele(at the moment I only own one electric guitar, my strat Lorena.) A buddy of mine who works in a music store bought this Michael Kelly Heirloom guitar and never plays it...
  21. Steve Holt

    NFD ("New" Fiddle Day)

    Okay so it's not really new, nor is it really new to me. This is my Great Grandpa's Violin and it's been in my possession since around 1995. We're not exactly sure how old it is but my dad thinks that he was playing it before my grandpa was born in 1918. And then my dad suggested that my great...
  22. R

    Need advice for a new guitar help

    Hi all, not only have I relatively recently started playing guitar but I am the rhythm guitarist/lead singer of a band. I am in desperate need of an electric guitar that can handle all spectrums of the indie genre, from vibing hooks to thrashing chord sequences and should also look very sexy...
  23. F

    I bought a Cole Clark and I love it! But...

    It's a gorgeous Fat Lady 1, with a Bunya top and Blackwood back and sides. There's one slight problem. The pickup system is wonderful, and I bought this guitar to be gigged, but the piezo is awfully sensitive. I run a looper and there's a lot of handling noise and my voice even gets picked up...
  24. LifeisBeachy

    "Difficult" Amp Question

    I have been on the search for a new amp for months, I am trying to upgrade from a Mustang 1 amp, just tired of the sound. Constraints that I have are: -Can do bedroom volume(built in attenuation or reasonable power), but push some air if wanted -2 channels are ideal -Has great cleans -Enough...
  25. F

    I released my second single today

    I've spent the last few weeks working on this track. I played all the instruments except the drums, recorded the vocals and produced it. Let me know what you think, I hope you all like it.