1. G

    Most reliable custom guitar neck manufacturer?

    Hi all, as I'm starting a new project, I'll need a neck to go with it. I want to order a custom neck because I like to apply my own Tru-oil finishes as well as painting the headstock, and I can't be arsed to sand an existing neck down to bare wood. I'm ruling out Warmoth and Best Guitar Parts...
  2. B

    Hey fellow Tele appreciating personnel 🙂 advice needed please?

    Hello everyone, some help would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any ideas or info please - I'll put a poll up in case people dont have time to give their explanation but here is the dilemma I face. I own a MIM fender tele player in butterscotch, a fender tele thinline modern with p90s and a...
  3. G

    Difference between left handed and right handed neck?

    If you don't have a nut installed, is there a difference between a left handed neck and a right handed neck, aside from the headstock?
  4. wierzbowski

    For Sale Roasted Tele neck, loaded

    Selling an outstanding Telecaster neck by Best Guitar Parts and Sound Guitar Works. SGW/Best Guitars is a high-quality supplier staffed by former USACG and Warmoth employees and provides OEM parts to many boutique builders. The specs are: 25" PRS scale, flatsawn roasted maple shaft, rosewood...
  5. KrenarCilku

    Neck tints on Telecasters, which one do you prefer?

    Alright, I need to know what the general consensus about this topic is. Do you guys like the vintage amber tint necks on telecasters or the really pale maple necks? For some reason, I just can't fall in love with any telecaster or strat for that matter that has the pale maple neck and...
  6. Don Quixote

    T-master Relic build. Neck questions

    First-time build, and I bought a neck that leaves some space in the pocket. From everything I’ve seen, sounds like a shim is the best option, but how would I go about it? Also, how do you measure and set neck angle and alignment? Forgive my ignorance if that’s a larger question than I realize...
  7. C

    Strat Won't Stay Still

    Hi all, I've got a nice HW1 strat that I've had for a few years and have loved but recently am having issues with it. We all know that when seasons change so do guitars and I did my setup same as any time. The difference is, it refuses to stay how I set it and seems worse every time I redo it. I...
  8. fushifushi

    Neck tinting questions

    Hi everyone, I've got an unfinished maple neck with rosewood fingerboard arriving from Warmoth in a few weeks, so I'm going to test out my tinting/finishing process on a plank of maple in the meantime. Here's the tinting process I'm thinking of: Two passes of wetting the maple with a damp...
  9. fushifushi

    Which dye colors to get vintage amber color?

    Hello everyone, I've got an unfinished maple neck, and I'm interested in using LMI water-soluble powder dyes to give the neck a vintage amber color. I'll give the neck a couple coats of the dye then do Tru-Oil on top. To keep costs down I'd like to just buy two LMI colors and experiment with...
  10. S

    What's the difference between these necks?

    Hello guys, I am new at this page and I have a question. Why do some necks are flat at the point where the neck and the body meet while some other necks have longer fingerboard than the actual neck? And do these things affect a guitar's length?
  11. hotairguitar

    Dead or Alive

    Moderators, is this the right section to post the question? Hi everyone, especially solid body Luthiers and guitar builders. Volume being taken out of the equation and the guitar is not plugged into an amp, based on your experience and knowledge, what makes one neck plays and responses much...
  12. TheBigUmberto

    Silver Sky Owners - Looking for a Tele with a similar neck

    Hey everyone, long-time viewer, first-time poster. My PRS Silver Sky is my number 1 and in fact, it's my only electric at the moment. It's the best feeling and sounding guitar I've had the opportunity to play. With that being said, I've been really jonesing for a number 2. I've tried numerous...
  13. K

    Fender 2020 Broadcaster 1.63 Nut Width. Dealbreaker?

    I’ve got an opportunity to pick up a 70th anniversary Fender 2020 Broadcaster and was getting ready to jump on it but saw the nut width is ever so smaller at 1.63. Any owners out there care to chime in on whether or not it’s noticeable or a hindrance?
  14. G

    BYOGuitar Necks: Buy or Pass?

    I'm looking to buy a (preferably unfinished) Jaguar neck with block inlays, and I know Musikraft may have excellent quality, but I'm hoping I won't have to spend $320 on a single neck. I did find BYOGuitars' custom neck builder to be around $190, but I don't know how good their necks are. Does...
  15. hotairguitar

    Fretboard or Not?

    Hello everyone, especially Luthiers and solid body guitar Builders, I've previously asked this by chiming in a thread started (which wasn't exactly about fretboard) by a member and I for that reason I haven't got the definitive answer. (this was the answer) Please let me ask the question...
  16. D

    Do I need sealer or final clear coats for a maple neck?

    Hello, Quick question on nitro lacquer finishing (on a maple neck). Will I need to apply a sealer coat/final clear coat if I use the aged clear aerosol from Stewmac...
  17. H

    Neck & Neck Pocket

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here and I only have this one Tele. I picked it up years ago, because I always wanted a Thinline. The previous owners had all kinds of stories about it, but I really didn't believe much of what he told me. He tried to 'relic' the guitar, and ended up really just...
  18. D

    How to finish maple neck so that it ages/wears out?

    Hello all, I am very new to finishing. I have just required a 50's spec Musikraft Blackgaurd tele neck that needs finishing. I am wondering exactly how exactly I would go about finishing the neck such that it "wears out" over time with use (see pictures provided if I'm not describing it well...
  19. G

    Super Cheap Necks on Ebay: Buy or Pass?

    As title says, I found a variety of ~$60 necks on Ebay, seems to be from Yinfente: The low cost makes me a little hesitant, but the opportunity to nab a sixty dollar neck with block inlays...
  20. T

    Does the CS nitro age/worn easily?

    Hi, I have a cs nocaster and I'm thinking do the finish worn easily from neck and body? Maybe after years of playing in bars, sure but I haven't seen one.. pictures anyone? :D
  21. K

    Can't intonate USA Tele Deluxe

    I recently bought a new-to-me tele deluxe. I noticed an intonation problem the first time I played it but the saddles had room to move so I didn't think much of it at the time. It was what I was looking for, so I bought it. Now, I don't regret the purchase - and I love the sound and how it...
  22. J

    Am I tripping, or is this neck too narrow?

    Not sure how well these images are going to come through, but here's the situation. On the left is my maple tele neck, and on the right is my bound rosewood board strat neck for reference. I feel like when I play the tele, I'm much more prone to fall off the edge on the high e string. Is this...
  23. Razzle

    Tele with THIN Neck

    I had posted a thread in classifieds but the thread expired (I've not sold/bought here before) so that's cool. I did a bunch of work to get my answers and reply to the posters but it took too long. Doh! I just have too much to do! So I figured I'd go ahead and post my results here. I don't mean...
  24. edvard


    As in, New Free Acoustic Guitar Day. I picked up this beauty from the Craigslist Free ads: A Yamaha F-310. I looked it up, and they are marketed as a full-sized inexpensive beginner guitar, so nothing special, but I don't have a wire-string campfire acoustic, so I was glad to get it...
  25. N

    Acetone to thin down Nitro?

    Hi guys, I just bought an Allparts nitro neck, just wondering how bad of an idea is to wipe it briefly with a cloth with acetone just to thin the nitro down, don't wanna remove it completely. Also I'm pretty sure the Allparts necks are nitro over poly, don't know if that changes anything.

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