1. itsGiusto

    NAD: 1968 Super Reverb

    I've been on the lookout for a good deal on a super reverb for 2 years now, and one finally came up locally for $500. It was selling for so cheap ostensibly simply because the original tolex, back panels, grill cloth, reverb tank bag, and speakers are gone. But the amp is fully functional. I've...
  2. 526THz

    NAD - Vox AC4C1 - Blue

    Hi all, during the last weeks I've started to think about Vox amps. I routinely do this... I see or hear something that inspires me, I start to read, watch videos... and feed my GAS. In this case, I've read Brad Paisley's "Diary of a Player" (that I enjoyed A LOT) and listened back to a lot of...
  3. OmegaWoods

    NAD! Quilter Aviator Cub

    Purchased this Quilter Aviator Cub from GC via the web for easy returns if necessary. I don't think it's going to be necessary. I'm no expert but it sounds really, really great to me. If you have one of these and have any tips, I'd appreciate it.
  4. 0ct0Pr0n

    (Belated) New Amp Day - '84 Fender Super Champ

    I purchased this about a month ago -- I went to my local music shop on a Saturday inquiring about buying a new Champ or Princeton Reverb. He didn't have any of those in stock, but he did have an '84 Super Champ, which I'd never even heard of before. I played a Mexi Strat and Les Paul Special...
  5. El Marin

    NAD... idi, vidi, vinci...

    Well... another topic of those I didn't meaned to get a new amp. I was using a Fender Frontman 212 that I got for nuts second hand (75€) in a Classic Spanish Rockabilly band. I played a Gretsch 6120 with TV Classics and wasn't happy. Yes, it was clean, very clean, cold clean but the...
  6. JRtele

    NAD: Phaez #2

    Back from a long work trip and my first present to myself just arrived. I was very impressed by my first Phaez (the Jackpot-a 2 channel Vox/Dr Z build) that I had him make a matching amp for some 80s high gain rock. The “Dirty Jackpot” is essentially an AFD clone with a boost pedal that takes...
  7. 57fenderstrat

    New used amp day ! (Vox pathfinder)

    Everyday I look on Facebook and Craigslist for amps and gear but I hardy ever see anything cool. Last night I saw a blurry pic of this Vox with no info. I messaged him asking if it was by chance a 15r and was so happy to find out it was ! A five minute drive down the road and 85 bucks on my day...
  8. frettchen

    NAD: Brunetti Singleman!!

    Hi! Today is my new amp day: just came in with my new Brunetti Singleman 16!! I tried it a couple of times in the past and I think it's really amazing. Anyone own it too??
  9. B

    NAD 1954 Fender 5C7 Bandmaster

    Hi all, About a week ago, I started the following thread regarding whether I should buy a used 5B3 Deluxe I walked away from that deal...and ended up with this instead - a 1954...
  10. Cysquatch

    NAD: Mesa/Boogie Fillmore 50

    I've been eyeballing one of these for quite some time and was about to pull the trigger before everything went sideways. Luckily, we've been fortunate enough to be largely unaffected by all this, so I went back on the prowl. Opened up the local CL and, as if a cosmic sign, there sat a Fillmore...
  11. N

    New amp on order

    I have a new 5F1 amp on order. The guy just sent me a pic of the finished wiring. Now just the cabinetry left. I am beginning to build up exitement for a soon coming NAD! (Only one of the two is mine)
  12. flyingbanana

    Yamaha THR10X incoming...

    Waited far to long to upgrade from my little Blackstar Fly 3. It has served my practice needs well for about 3 years now. Gonna be nice to have some better tone at quiet levels.
  13. J


    So I went today to see the craigslist ad in my area for a AC15 with some mods for $600 CAD. Thing played beautifully, and I was walking about the door as the wife comes out and starts having a meltdown about that amp being sold and whatnot. Last minute, to keep the peace, dude cancels the...
  14. M

    NAD 65 DRRI

    The amp arrived while I was away this morning..I came home to find the box up on its side in my garage just inches from the rain falling from the rooftop. As careless of placement as it was, the amp was A-OK. Plugged a strat in and went to playing. The amp pleases me. My skills are quite...
  15. uriah1

    LAD .. dark side

    Last amp day. Here is hoping. I have clean all over the place so I thought a plug and play dark and paranoid type. It does that very well. Orange rocker 15. Better than some other recent Brits I heard. It doesn’t bring back my super lead from way back but it is fun and is pretty close. Also...
  16. nadnitram

    NAD - 1971 Fender Champ - Sustain?

    Until today, I had never owned, nor played through, a tube amp. I scored a '71 Champ this morning for an unbelievable price, so I took the plunge. After playing it for a day, I have one overwhelming impression -- the sustain on each of my guitars is suddenly through the roof. I mean, I...
  17. TickleMyTele

    NAD! [Pro Junior]

    I picked up a used Pro Junior for $275 from a guy on craigslist, it's in excellent condition and I'm in love! Sounds fantastic, love the simplicity, love the dirt I get past 6-7 on the volume! This is my first tube amp, and I have to say.... What took me so long?! This little 15 watt monster...

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