1. Spox

    What Was The Shortest Gig You Have Been To?

    I am currently digitising my tape collection and I used to record gigs I went to. I have just digitised a punk gig from 2002 and one of the bands did a set which lasted under twelve and a half minutes. What was the shortest set you saw as in deliberate rather than cut short by unforeseen...
  2. Spox

    What was the first 12' single you bought?

    The recent 7' single thread got me thinking about this. What was the first 12' single you bought? I am pretty certain that for me it was these two both of which I purchased in 1983 but there could be something in the vinyl racks which I have overlooked. I don't think I bought anything else by...
  3. Spox

    Which band tshirt are you currently wearing?

    I had the same four or so tshirts on rotation throughout winter because they were constantly under a fleece. Today I went into the tshirt drawer(s) and chose Nile from the In Their Darkened Shrines 2003 tour which I think I bought at their merch desk on the following tour, the sneaks. It has a...
  4. Spox

    Last Song Which Had You Crank The Volume?

    Not long home and this came on the ipod whilst walking and I put the volume to max and when it finished listened to it again. It takes me back almost forty years to when I first heard it. What's the last song which had you reaching for the volume control to turn it up?
  5. Tricone

    Pick Your Band and Genre of Music.

    Ok. If you could put together your dream band, who would you want in it? They can be living or not, famous, obscure, or just a local phenom.What type of band/music would you perform? What would you name the band?Would you attempt to get a "scene" going with your band and music? We talk alot...
  6. Tricone

    Nels Cline and Julian Lage

    I have enjoyed listening to Nels Clune for quite a few years. I just found these today though. Color me impressed. and an acoustic performance:
  7. SymphonyProject

    First little album release after 1 1/2 years of self taught guitar

    Hello all, this is my very first own music project. Since the first Lockdown (April 2020) I have taught myself how to play guitar, because music has always helped me through hard times (I posted a video of my progress a while ago). Since I had no idea about music and especially mixing and...
  8. R

    Your 'Lightbulb Moments' ?

    As someone who is trying to improve (and theres alot of room for it!!) just wondered what other people's 'lightbulb moments' have been re thier level of playing / understanding of guitar? Ovbs we know theres no quick fixes but keen to hear whats brought you on most significantly? ⚡
  9. Skyhook

    Me! Me! Me! Validate Me! (a.k.a: where can I spam about my music)

    Which would be the correct forum on TDPRI to spam about my own music tracks which I have stored somewhere? ... or is this generally frowned upon and has no place on TDPRI?
  10. R

    Sorry this is a strat not a tele

    new tune i done made in my living room on my laptop.
  11. fendrguitplayr

    Christmas Music?

    I like some instrumental Christmas music and some newer but occasionally the traditional song by different artists. I only listen from about now (18Dec through 25Dec). Discuss..
  12. Fireball519

    First gig of the Apocalypse

    Playing 4 sets at Dollywood. Wish me luck!
  13. Northern Tele

    2 Instrumentals

    Soul Blues SG Standard Solo
  14. Fretting out

    The TAMI show on TCM

    The TAMI show is on TCM 8:00 pm eastern Beach Boys, chuck berry, James Brown etc. live 1964 And later an Elvis documentary I know it’s kind of late but thought I’d let those who care know
  15. KrenarCilku

    Greetings! New here and in need of your thoughts and tips!

    Hello everyone! First, I want to say that I'm enjoying all the posts here, takes a good chunk of my free time! I am aspiring to grow a following on youtube as I really enjoy making videos and playing guitar. Until now, I have posted 37 videos on my channel and all of them have been strictly...
  16. fendrguitplayr

    Doing anything special for the 4th of July this year?

    It falls on Saturday this year. Independence Day. I'm pretty sure there will be fireworks (unofficial) and The Macy's Show is on Saturday evening. Maybe a social distanced music jam Saturday afternoon. How about you, any plans yet?
  17. C

    Pedals that are compatible with an expression pedal

    I’ve recently got an Moog ep3 expression pedal to use with my avalanche run and I’m now looking to get other pedals that I could use it with. I’m not looking for anything too expensive, no mooger foogers or anything like that, but some suggestions of a good overdrive or chorus/vibrato pedal with...
  18. Michael Vilogi

    Altec ER12S ?

    Hello there Has anyone ever messed around with Altec ER12S in cab or combo? Im interested in something high efficiency and I used to love my old Altec in my Super Champ years ago. Not sure how this compares, or if its just not applicable. Thanks!
  19. Northern Tele

    Boss Katana 50 Demo Rock Solo

  20. wyclif

    Welp, music is over now.

    Musicians Algorithmically Generate Every Possible Melody, Release Them to Public Domain "Two programmer-musicians wrote every possible MIDI melody in existence to a...
  21. juanmgc

    My Rock Metal Albums regards
  22. W

    Recorded a music video in an abandoned office building

    Hey guys! The band I am in, Underwing, recently recorded a music video in an abandoned office building. We were told that we could basically trash the place. So we dragged a bunch of pinecones, branches and stuff like that into one of the rooms and went nuts. Would love to hear what you think...
  23. TokyoPortrait

    American Epic - music documentary

    Hi. Apropos the Robert Johnson documentary thread (& whether it's a decent documentary or not), I thought I'd post these. American Epic - documentary series about, I quote, "the first recordings of roots music in the United States during the 1920s and their cultural, social and technological...
  24. Fireball519

    Feel so good :)

    Ever feel so blessed that it hurts?

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