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  1. MyLittleEye

    My Pig-ital Modelling Rig

    The stately old Pignose gets overlooked these days for being something of a one trick wonder. However, I would argue that simplicity is its strength! plus it plays well with others... Here's my mini "cab and head" arrangement - The MS-50G brings 172 effects to the sty including a number of 'amp...
  2. K

    Suggestions for Rockabilly - Multi Effect Stomp Box

    I am an intermediate hobbyist, no gigging - I love my Tele and I really like playing Rockabilly. I just find having multiple pedals confusing. There's alway a cable making noise or a power supply causing hum. I'm sure I haven't invested enough in "good" pedals and equipment, however: Can you...
  3. charlieBravo

    Pedal for Multi-Effect AND USB interface?

    I am simple man. I just want a decent pedal that has minimal effects, can be used onstage/studio, and works as a USB interface to my laptop for recording/transcribing/practicing with tracks... Any suggestions? Thank you!
  4. Teletropy

    Boss ME-80 static. Is it dead?

    Hi y’all, Picked up a used Boss ME-80 a few months ago, all seemed fine until a few weeks ago I noticed that at some settings, the sound wasn’t very good, a lot of hiss. Then one day, while playing, I had a big blowout with a horrible sounding static/squawk sound. Went back to playing just the...
  5. Rich_S

    Bill Ruppert makes me wanna do stupid stuff.

    I've been a "Boss" guy for 35 years, but man... Bill Ruppert's EHX demos make me want to buy all their stuff. I've been thinking about expanding my delay capabilities. Instead of just the DD-3 and AnaEcho I have now, I want something with more sounds, expression control, and presets. I had...
  6. A

    Bias Distortion Pedal vs the Strymon Riverside Drive

    Has anyone been keeping track of the the Bias Distortion Pedal or the Strymon Riverside Drive? In a way, they both fit into the same category because they are digital drive pedals I am pretty impressed with Bias' products, but honestly, I have never bought any of them until they started the...
  7. I

    Fender Mustang amplifier and multi-effects pedals

    Hello guys, I've been trying to figure this out for a while now and i can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere. I even tried signing up for the fender forum but since i'm not in the US it seems i can't. Anyways, i got a Fender Mustang II amp (as a gift) and some time later i got a Zoom...
  8. Archtop Bill

    MultiFX: Boss GT-100 vs DigiTech RP360XP

    I never have been much of a pedal guy. I only owned two in my life, a Dunlop Cry Baby and a Boss chorus. I sold them both in the early 90's. I am gassing for a multifx all of a sudden in large part because I think I would enjoy a looper. Since some loopers cost as much as some multifx, I am...
  9. rbnalv7

    A few questions on multi effects and DI recording

    I really want an alternative to micing up an amp to record guitar. I'm thinking of getting a multi effects pedal I can use for DI recording. I'm using a Focusrite Saffire 6 as my interface into Reaper. I produce mostly ambient, post rock, trip hop kind of stuff. Now, if I was to use a multi fx...
  10. 8

    Zoom G3X turns Wah on and off randomly

    So I bought a Zoom G3X earlier this year 2nd hand. It was all working good until this month(been a good 2-3 months in my possession). When I have any kind of Wah in the chain the effect turns on and off on its own, regardless of its position in the chain or if it's one of the 3 effects displayed...

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